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Headliner: Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, and Post-Punk

Genre: Rock

Additional Styles:


One Shots

BPM: 91 - 140

Headliner: Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, and Post-Punk from Sample Factory and Big Fish Audio is a celebration of groups and artists like U2, Oasis, R.E.M, Keen, The Script, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars, the Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Ryan Adams, and many more.

This vivid collection of sounds characterises the best of the '90s and '00s alternative era and will instantly teleport you to the main stage of your favourite rock festival. The audacious anything is possible mindset is readily apparent in the distorted electric guitars and powerful drumming.

Headliner comes with a ton of 100% real, live-played electric guitars using real amps and effects pedals. Each guitar has an amped and DI version included. These two options give endless possibilities in shaping your tone palette into a sound that is radio-ready.

This library comes with every track broken out into song sections (intro, verse, pre-chorus, bridge/breakdown, solo, and outro) giving you the ability to mix, re-arrange, and tweak endlessly. Stick with the song form we’ve laid out or mix and match the sections to fit your production.

Each drum kit contains full beefy tracks with various mic positions and one-shots, allowing you to get the mix just right. There are tons of different grooves to choose from. Don’t settle! Real, raw, and organic tracks always add authenticity to your production!

We have also included handwritten charts so that all you pro cats can feel at home while singing along with them.

Quickly generate tracks that challenge the mainstream and put it in its place!

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  • 32.3 GB
  • 15 Construction Kits
  • Acidized WAV
  • Apple Loops
  • REX2 Files
  • RMX Files

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