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Techno Essential Bundle

Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Melodic Techno


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BPM: 124 - 160

Introducing Loopmasters’ electrifying Techno Essential Bundle – 6 top-tier techno packs from industry-leading labels like RV Samplepacks, Beatport Sounds, HY2ROGEN, Unity Records, and ZTEKNO, all bundled together for only £50! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to transform your techno productions with exhilarating synthesizers, uplifting beats, rumbling basslines, and more. 

Hard Techno Darkness

Hard Techno Darkness is a dynamic collection full of elements that are designed to provide you with a powerful, energetic sound for your music. With loops that play at a range between 145-160 BPM, the aesthetic in this pack adds to the edginess and rawness of the techno genre. This sample pack features complex drum loops, dark atmospheres, heavy basslines, fierce lead synthesizers, immersive pads, and an assortment of effects like downshifters, risers, and sweeps. With the inclusion of mixed percussion such as bongos, triangles, claps, and electric and foley percussion, you have complete control over your track’s rhythm. Additionally, Hard Techno Darkness also boasts captivating male and female vocals, adding a human touch that truly sets it apart.

Melodic House & Techno Inspirations

Melodic House & Techno Inspirations carries an abundance of melodic elements that shatter limitations and empower you to create the next dance floor hit with ease. This collection is anchored by deep synth basslines and a wide assortment of synthesizers including intricately woven synthesized sequences, complex arpeggiated synthesizers, as well as lush pads. Please note that Melodic House & Techno Inspirations does not include drums, as its primary emphasis is placed on delivering captivating melodic content.

Umek - Techno Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Techno is the work of pioneering DJ and producer UMEK. If you can trust any artist to deliver with a pack entitled ‘Techno Fundamentals’, it’s UMEK who is considered to be a staple of the international club scene for nearly thirty years. This sample pack is packed with his signature kicks, as well as dystopian rave sounds, intense jacking beats, urgent trance-inducing melodies, and piercing acid basslines. Techno Fundamentals promises to deliver the euphotic and smooth sound UMEK has come to perfect throughout the years, making it truly timeless. 

Future Techno Universe

Future Techno Universe is inspired by the headliners of peak-time techno such as Maddix, Will Sparks, Umek, Hardwell, and Lister, along with the other chart-topping visionaries. It features 10 pro-level complete track-starters, meticulously designed to captivate you from the very first beat to the exhilarating drop. Each song-starter kit is unique and comes equipped with an intro section and drop. Also, each idea is served in complete form with stem files exported as loops, one-shots, MIDI files, and synth presets, providing unparalleled flexibility to sculpt and personalise these construction kits and make them your own. In-depth, you’ll be met with filthy bass rollers, 303 acid-infused lead loops, spine-tingling stabs, ethereal melodic plucks, thunderous drum loops, mesmerising AI-generated vocals, and mind-bending LFO effects. This pack is simply a sonic universe waiting to be explored. 

Unity Samples Vol.26 by D-unity, Marck D

This techno sample pack consists of over 300 samples targeted toward your layered loop creations, enabling you to start making fat-sounding techno tracks in just minutes! Dive deep into the kits consisting of both loops and one-shots. There are ready-to-go synths, drum loops, arps, FX drones, hypnotic vocals, and more. You’ll find influences from record labels such as Drumcode, Intec, Terminal M, Tronic, and Suara. 

Techno Pulse Lab

Techno Pulse Lab is a sonic journey into the heart of cutting-edge techno production. The sample pack is brimming with a plethora of effects, atmospheric sweeps, vocals, powerful basslines, and synthesizers. These elements were designed to inject originality into your creations and offer you creative freedom by providing MIDI files for the melodic sections. And that’s not all– Dive into a world of sonic innovation with patches tailored for Pigments 5 and Avenger 2, providing a dynamic range of textures and timbres to explore. 

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