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The Machine - Hardstyle Essentials
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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Hard Dance

Industrial Strength Samples is back with another Hard-style Synth pack which is sure to be your go to sound set for Synapse Audio Dune 2.

This amazing collection is produced by none other than The Machine. Recognized as one of the early pioneers and the Raw Hard-Style Genre. He has released loads of banging floor fillers such as Place Of Terror, Audiobot, Mosquito, Rollin, Godcore, Apocalypse and Head Shot. His music has lead him to Djing some of the hottest parties such as Ground Zero, Dance Valley , Dominator, Loudness, Defcon1, Wish Outdoor Decibel and many more.

The Machine has brought his studio production skills to this pack in a huge way. This must have 100% License Free sound bank was designed from the ground up and features The machine’s signature design style on each patch. Like all our sample packs, everything you here in the demo is included.

Hardstyle Essentials offers you a wide selection of Pads, Arps, Plucks, Drums, Fx, Bass and of course heavy Screech sounds to rip thru your next production or remix. The Machine even included 4 signature Bass Drums to get you inspired right away. These kicks come from his heavy hitting tracks, so now you can get that super heavy Kick drum sound in your track in no time flat.

The Machine’s collection of presets gives you the power to create authentic sounding Hardstyle and Rawstyle riffs for your productions or remixes while using this amazing soft synth from Synapse Audio.

If your searching for some of the best sounding Hard electronic music production packs, We have to say, one of them is right here. 

+ You Must own a copy of Synapse Audio Dune 2 Version 2.5.01 or above to use this sound set.

NOTE: Some presets use Analog Envelopes & Filters that were introduced in version 2.5. + Before using this Soundbank Please make sure to download the latest version from the Synapse Audio user area.

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

  • Synapse Audio DUNE2 V 2.5.01+ Presets
  • 92 Presets In Total
  • 4 ARP
  • 4 Bass
  • 2 Drum
  • 3 FX
  • 33 Lead
  • 4 Pad
  • 7 Pluck
  • 35 Synth

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  • DUNE2 V 2.5.01+ Presets
    what's inside?
    • Synapse Audio DUNE2 V 2.5.01+ Presets
    • 92 Presets In Total
    • Presets List:
    • ARP Acid Journey
    • ARP Acid Trip
    • ARP Bass Cherish
    • ARP Strongsaw
    • BS Brass 01
    • BS Brass 02
    • BS Brass 03
    • BS Typical Bass
    • DR Distorted 01
    • DR Distorted 02
    • FX Just An Impact
    • FX Ordinary Soundspace
    • FX Ordinary Uplifter
    • LD Big Hall
    • LD Big Room
    • LD Blade Runner
    • LD Brass Lead
    • LD Buzzy Leader
    • LD Chemistry Of Sound
    • LD Da Goose
    • LD Divious Lead
    • LD Elektronish
    • LD Fast Like A Superman
    • LD Fat & Mono
    • LD Feels Good
    • LD Fusion
    • LD Guitar Hero
    • LD High Dose
    • LD High Lead
    • LD Infekted By Virus
    • LD Infekted
    • LD Just Goose
    • LD Lost Connection
    • LD Lush OneLD Melow
    • LD Modern Saw
    • LD Oldschool Organ
    • LD Orchestral Hit
    • LD Raw Saw
    • LD Square Saw
    • LD Squarish
    • LD Strongsaw
    • LD Sweet Dreams
    • LD Trapy Synth
    • LD VIbrosaw
    • LD Warm Saw
    • PD Epidemic
    • PD Just for Background
    • PD Synth Strings
    • PD Superpad
    • PL Bellstack
    • PL Marimba
    • PL Ocean Pluck
    • PL Super 9
    • PL Sweet Pluck
    • PL Prophecy
    • PL Tuned Prophecy
    • SN 1 Osc Screetch
    • SN Accelerate
    • SN Apocalypse
    • SN Badass
    • SN Bulletproof
    • SN Clubs & Pubs
    • SN Creep Sound
    • SN Crush Those Waves
    • SN From Bottom To The Top
    • SN Gabber Me Up
    • SN Grindin
    • SN Hard FM
    • SN Hard Sync
    • SN Yolo
    • SN You Will Like This One
    • SN Just Brutal
    • SN Just Hard
    • SN Metalizer
    • SN Modern Screetch
    • SN Only Clubs
    • SN Only Pubs
    • SN Ordinary Screetch One
    • SN Ordinary Screetch Two
    • SN Pierce Your Ears
    • SN Ramp Down
    • SN Ramp Up
    • SN Scream Your Name
    • SN ScreamSn Screetch
    • SN Static Interuption
    • SN Unfinished Buisiness
    • SN V12 Diesel Engine
    • SN V12 Engine
    • SN Wait A Second
    • SN White Christmas
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