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Zenhiser - Cello
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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Brass & Woodwind and Hip Hop


One Shots

BPM: 13 - 160

Sometimes you need to think outside the box, give your tracks an edge and use alternative sounds to forego the norm. “Cello” pushes those boundaries with an absurdly good collection of Cello samples ranging from classical to future proof concepts.

The brainchild of one of the worlds leading Cellists used a purpose built Cello by Malcom Healy to give these samples a warm, very rich sound, perfectly suited to a multiple of genres within the music realm. Ideally suited to just about every genre including Chillout. Downtempo, Electronica, House, Hip Hop, Pop, Trap, Trance and even Techno when used in an alternative way. This beautiful palette of sonic  wizardry works its way through various options including layered and dry, layered  and wet, plus individual lines both dry and wet too. This culmination of options offers the ability to drag and drop straight into your next project with effortless glide. Plus, coming in at over 790 samples means this think tank of string instrument goodness should last you with new ideas for a very, very long time.

You can rest assured there is no other Cello sound pack like this one, to date.

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  • 792 Total Samples
  • 2.1GB Zip
  • 99 Dry Cello Loops
  • 99 FX Cello Loops
  • 297 Individual Cello Parts
  • 297 Individual FX Cello Parts

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    • 792 Total Samples
    • 2.1GB Zip
    • 99 Dry Cello Loops
    • 99 FX Cello Loops
    • 297 Individual Cello Parts
    • 297 Individual FX Cello Parts
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