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Hook City: Urban Vibe Edition

Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Hip Hop

Hook City: Urban Vibe Edition from the VIP Sound Design team and Big Fish Audio is nothing short of amazing! It contains 10 construction kits all enhanced with radio-ready vocal hooks which are all royalty free. Our team was the first to put full hooks on construction kits, so you know that we do it best. You will find that the kit has been formatted in Acidized WAV, Apple, and Rex loop format for ease of use. We have included individual loops, drum one-shots, chopped samples, a full mix, drum mix, vocal mix, and music mix for maximum flexibility. Additionally, we have included keys and tempos. Whether you like to produce using loops or you want the chopped up samples to create something on the fly this product is for you.

If you are a beatmaker, producer, or composer you should know that you get more placements when vocals are included in your submission. This has always been the goal of the Hook City brand since it started over 10 years ago. Hook City branded products have literally seen thousands of placements in major films, tv programs, and on top 40 artists projects.

This kit represents the modern style of Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and many more urban female industry leaders. The vocalist on Hook City: Urban Vibe Edition is Divynah, a leading music industry writing and vocal guru based in Los Angeles, CA. Divynah not only is a major force in the writing world in Los Angeles behind hits you hear streamed and played on major platforms daily but she is also a vocal coach responsible for getting your favorite singers ready for rigorous touring seasons. Basically, the vocals are modern, sung with precision and swag, and executed perfectly to mirror the current styles of today. Divynah has a huge vocal range and can mimic the best singers in the game, and we are proud to offer you this product featuring her vocals.

Who is VIP Sound Design: VIP Sound Design is a collection of Grammy nominated producers, engineers, beatmakers, and musicians that have one goal in mind, helping you get more placements, and earn more revenue from your music. You can not listen to Billboard’s top 100 without hearing our sounds there. Our history in sound design stretches over nearly 20 years, supplying all of the hottest producers and composers for the last 2 decades. Our sound design credits include Apple, Ableton, Akai, Native Instruments, Presonus, Mixcraft, and many more. Our music production, beat making, mixing and mastering credits include: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jodeci, Flo Rida, Herbie Handcock, Mariah Carey, Leanne Rymes, Lil Wayne, and many more.

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  • Apple Loops 244 Files
  • Acidized WAV 244 Files
  • REX 163 Files

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