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About Soundsmiths

Soundsmiths is a close-knit family of award-winning sound designers, music producers, and composers working on international projects for record labels, production companies, animation studios, and advertising agencies. Our team have been pioneering music and sound design for over 8 years and we have no plans to stop any time soon! 

We like to think of ourselves as sonic chefs. It all starts with an idea. Once we have the idea, we can start to think about the ingredients we could use to bring the idea to life. The ingredients are locally sourced, blitzed, mangled, filtered, chopped, and finally all thrown in a pot to simmer. After what can seem like a decade of reduction we add a hint of our secret sauce and a new product is born. 

The products are created primarily for us to use as ingredients in our own professional works for our friends in London, LA, New York, Shanghai, and Auckland. You will most likely hear our collaborations with global brands such as Nike, KIA Motors, Pepsi, Vans, Go90, Levis, Activision, and KORG on radio, online, TV, and film screens around the world.

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