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Basement Freaks Funk Legends
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Genre: Funk

Additional Styles: Brass & Woodwind, Instruments, Live Music, and Vocals

Dust off your afro pick and get ready for an absolutely legendary collection of funk samples by none other than the Basement Freaks.

This collection is oozing with funk gold including live recorded brass, flute, vocals, guitar loops, funky clavinets, pianos & more  Many loops have been provided both in dry and with their special blend of fx for ease of use. The tempos supplied range from 90-119bpm to ensure the maximum spectrum of funk is covered. These samples will fit right in with other genres such as glitch hop, hip hop, and chill out. Stretch the loops a bit faster and voila – a funky house producers paradise. The element of live instruments can inject life into a dull track so don’t miss out on this royalty free collection by one of the industry’s best.

So whats included?

  • 96 Bass Guitar – Groovy bass loops in both dry and secret blend of funk wah and distortion. Supplied in 92 – 114 bpm loops
  • 14 Drumloops – Obnoxiously funky beats full of punch and tight drum hits.
  • 184 Brass – An abundance of deliciously recorded brass loops including 70s funk flute a la Ron Burgandy, reggae Brass, sexy sax loops, trombone & trumpet loops in the style of Miles Davis and more.
  • 3 Full Kits – Want a quick start to a funk groove? no problem with these 3 kits containing 41 loops you’ll be grooving in no time.
  • 76 Guitar Loops – Chicka wah wah loops, crunchy stabs, disco chunks, gritty solos. Ranges from 95 – 118 bpm.
  • 32 Keys – Soul Clavinets, Stevie Wonder style grooves, and Jamaican style reggae stabs.
  • 35 Percussion Loops – Live maracas, congas, shakers, and hand drum patterns.
  • 18 Synth – Ghostbuster style synth licks, Resonant Moog style, and dirty bass.
  • 63 Vocal loops – Female soul licks and backing harmonies. Male James Brown style adlibs and of course some absolutely crushing talkbox riffs.

Produced by Basement Freaks (Giorgos Fotiadis)

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 809MB
  • 96 Bass Guitar 92 to114 bpm loops
  • 14 Drumloops
  • 184 Brass Loops
  • 3 Full Kits
  • 76 Guitar Loops 95 to118 bpm.
  • 32 Key Loops
  • 35 Percussion Loops
  • 18 Synth Loops
  • 63 Vocal loops

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    • 96 Bass Guitar 92–114 bpm loops
    • 14 Drumloops
    • 184 Brass Loops
    • 3 Full Kits
    • 76 Guitar Loops 95–118 bpm.
    • 32 Key Loops
    • 35 Percussion Loops
    • 18 Synth Loops
    • 63 Vocal loops
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