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Wavefront: NI Massive Marauder
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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Hard Dance

Industrial strength samples is ready to Ransack  your studio :  We introduce Wavefront’s: NI Massive Marauder, an all-purpose patch pack ready to roam in all styles of Electronic Music and beyond.

We always look to give you more value for the buck in our packs. This time : we are not kidding around. Industrial Strength answers your quest for sonic plunder with this quarry of 169 versatile patches for the mighty NI Massive soft synth.

Uncover a scope of sounds inspired by multiple strains of Electronic music.. The loot is brimming with powerful Leads, Synth Bass, Nutty Fx, Pads, Atmospheric Sounds, Arps, Noise LeadsStabs and more.  The amount of patches in this collection is staggering.

These trusty patches contain loads of macros and can be applied as-is---though with plenty of headroom, you can easily take things into your own hands and create signature sounds in no time. This pack is a tweaker’s dream come true.

Flawlessly produced by French sound designer Wavefront, this electrifying preset pack can kick off in Techno Edm, Electro, Dubstep, Dnb Experimental and Hard styles of music. The Wavefront collection offers endless possibilities for productions and remixes in all Electronic music styles, so get ready to discover what this fearless designer can bring to your next production or remix.

Dig into Wavefront: Massive Marauder and stir up some sonic mischief.

+ You must own the latest copy of Native Instruments Massive to use this pack.

  • 169 NI Massive 1.5.1+ Presets
  • 36 Bass
  • 38 Leads
  • 23 Pads
  • 15 Perx
  • 20 Seq
  • 37 Fx

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