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Register at Loopmasters and download over 2GB of free samples and loops!

Dear Audient Customer,

Loopmasters have teamed up with Audient to bring you an exclusive selection of over 1GB of free samples! To download your free samples (Audient Essential Sounds) simply create an account below and download the Loopcloud application.

In addition to this custom content, you'll be able to enjoy a comprehensive feature set when you create an account and download Loopcloud. 

Loopcloud gives artists the power to be original. The revolutionary app and plugin lets producers slice, edit and pitch millions of samples. You can also audition loops, making crucial edits in real-time. Musicians can organise and analyse their own sample collections, alongside sounds by Loopmasters and their partners. Importantly, these features allow producers to do everything in one place - the music never has to stop. This software is designed to make writer’s block a thing of the past. 

  • Loopmasters 1GB Welcome pack (inside your Loopmasters account)
  • Bonus Loopcloud registration pack (only available inside of Loopcloud)
  • Free weekly sounds (inside of Loopcloud)

For more information, tutorials and forum please visit www.loopcloud.net

1Register your account

*In addition to your custom Essential Sounds pack, you will find a 1GB+ Loopmasters welcome pack in your Loopmasters account area. 

Once you register you will be given a FREE 1.09 GB download

You will receive an email with an activation link. Click in it to complete registration process.

IMPORTANT: Our email might get caught in your spam folder or email filter. Please check these if you don't receive our email soon.

2Download Loopcloud and Get started!

Click on the appropriate download below, and install Loopcloud to your machine, where you will find the Audient Essential Sounds pack, a bonus Loopcloud welcome pack!

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