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Martin Dawson

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With the arrival of 2011 Martin Dawson can reflect back on the past few months and definitely feel satisfied. Having just started to release tracks under his own name at the beginning of 2010 – in just 12 months he has had some very successful releases and worked with some of the best labels in underground house including Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, 2020vision, Off recordings and Moodmusic. The move to work under his own name came off the back of a very fruitful career working under his alternative guise – King Roc – for which he released his debut album in 2009 to critical acclaim from the international dance music press including album of the month in DJ Mag and 10/10 by IDJ Mag. He was nominated by DJ Mag for best UK producer and best artist album 2009 along the likes of Jamie Jones and Skream. Also well known for his work as Two Armadillos with studio partner and good friend Giles Smith (secretsundaze), Martin is a producer that has the ability to steps out of the box of just one genre and can turn his talent to anything that takes his fancy... but with a deep rooted love of house this is where you will find most of his work residing.


  • When Chris told me he was doing this sample pack the first thing I told him was I can't wait to get my hands on it. He gave me a couple of these style of recordings a year or so ago. Since then I have gone on to start recording my own. Have these sorts of samples is invaluable for making unique sounding music. ON almost all of my productions you will find a noise loop side-chained against against the kick to add some analogue grit and hiss that is missing in so much of today modern music due to the use of software over hardware. If you listen back to any of the great recordings in the world you will hear this sound is there. The ambient white noise although extremely subtle helps to add a lots of depth in the over audio perception. I cannot recommend this pack enough. I would have happily paid twice the price for it. ps. This is not a biased review. I am purely stating facts here.

    Nu-Disco House Edition

    Rating: 8/10

    I wanted to check this out for the drums as I was looking for some nice bongo and conga loops as I have found a lot of the other sample instruments have a lot of tribal sound drums and I was looking for some more simple pattern and this pack was bang on the money. Really good quality. I will use these a lot :)

    Atjazz Deep & Analogue

    Rating: 9/10

    Wow if you are looking for quality deep house drum samples then this is the one for you. There are some nice bass one shots that I have already used on tracks and remixes. I found the melodies a bit twiddly for me but nice in texture. However its the drums that really got my attention. Top class!

    I like a lot of the sounds here. They sound good in the mix and definitely have a nice edge to them. This is more the kind of sounds I will look for in my alternative productions and not so much for the club stuff I like to do but they are nice and atmospheric. As with a lot of the sample packs available I maybe not be a standard set of drums you do go for regular productions, certainly not with house for example but it very useful to have this stuff in your library.

    If you know anything about house music right now then you will have heard of Alex. His amazing track 'Deep Down' on Supernature was a huge hit and his sound selection is as good as it gets.


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