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Chris Cowie

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Since his first dance release “Rise’ in 1992 on ZTT,  Cowie now has over 180 separate releases under his belt. His DJ career has seen him perform around the world and receive a nomination for a BBC essential mix of the year. His records have been played by just about any major DJ you can think of and not just from the dance genre. The labels he launched became one of the most licensed indie dance labels to emerge from the UK  securing in the region of 700 separate licences. In 2009 he relaunched the labels after a five year break beginning with a series of four compilations highlighting some of the labels releases.  Cowie had a major hand in almost all of the labels releases using up to twenty aliases including, X Cabs, Vegas Soul, Deniro, Canyon, Scan Carriers, Third man, and Dawn Treader.  He only began using his own name when he released his critically acclaimed Best Behaviour album, voted as Muzik magazine’s sixth best album of the year sitting in the top ten next to such luminaries as the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.


  • Power House Chords

    Rating: 9/10

    A bunch of chords many not seem the most exciting part of your sample collection. However I can safely say this would undoubtedly be one of the most useful packs in your collection (if you used it properly and spent time with it). In this collection of chords you have so many possibilities and variations of chord sounds you can use in your productions. Simply listening to a few of the chords should start firing off the imagination and in no time you could be making this years biggest hit. Excellent quality through out. Time was taken to layer patches together to get the sounds just right. And one little note I must mention. I was glad they didn't add delay on every chord. Only a few chords have delay added which can sometimes be a problem when your trying to slot a sound with precision in to your track. I like specialist packs which do just one thing and dont try to be everything to everyone. I thoroughly liked this pack because its extremely useful for so many genres from Tec House, Electro, RnB, Trance, Hip Hop, and Techno. Just drop a few of these chords in your sampler or sample drum player and you will be coming out with riffs in no tine. Add a filter here and there, a touch of delay and reverb (your own FX) and it should all sound pretty damn good. You would be daft not to buy it. Cheers Chris Cowie

    Deep Melodic Techno

    Rating: 7/10

    The thoughtful and moody ones that really get you inspired. Theres a little to cross border trance type style for my taste but I can forgive the producer for that on account of the really tasty, genuine melodic techno ones. Just a little bit more real early Detroit/European type Techno sounds would have seen me give this a 9 or even 10. A great job all round and care has been taken with producing the sounds. Even sounds like some expensive toys were used/

    French Electro House

    Rating: 8/10

    I had just completed an album which had all but consumed me for over a year and was about to start a remix of Photomatcs Why Dont You Go. I was in need of some inspiration as my musical battery was rather low after working on the album so I popped over to the Loopmasters and decided on UKTU French Electro as the candidate for silent musical partner for my remix. Photomatic being half French and his music having a French flavour I thought the sample pack appropriate I quickly set up a loop using phrases from the original track I knew I would use and then began checking out the drum loops first. Its very rare I would use full drum loops in my music but what I will do is chop up a loop and use the individual hits so I can sequence and process the sounds individually. I find Loops great for quickly checking outing the sound of the kik and snare together in the context of the tune. As I auditioned loops I found my self nodding my head to a considerable amount of candidates which was a good sign as I can be very fussy. I eventually narrowed it down to a loop that had the right kik and snare for the track. I did end up sticking with that Kik and snare but layered them with a couple of my own sounds later on which is usual for me. I fully intended to use a bass line I had already programmed for the remix but never the less I had to check out the bass loops section of the pack. I must say there are a number of gems here which I was sorely tempted to use but in doing so I felt the remix was slipping away turning in to a different song. This is not a negative reflection of the sample pack. On the contrary it means the sounds are very strong. The packs loops had distracted me (in a good way) so I decided to put the remix on hold for an hour or two and started to really delve in to the packs contents. Over the next couple of hours I began to get a good feel for the pack and its possibilities. I felt the sounds were made by someone who knows their stuff and there's some excellent production tricks going on which might make you wonder - how the hell did he do that!. There's also a raw musicality about the phrases and sounds which scream made by musician with Mega Mojo Groovy Head. That's good for you! overall this is an excellent sample pack which in the right hands can be a serious weapon in the armoury. The pack doesn't have to be used to make French Electro House. You could use the sounds within any genre you care to. But it will lend its self best to Electro House, Tech House, Prog, Techno and pretty much any style that's 4/4 floor dance - electronica. Genuine thought, care and attention has gone in to the making of this sample pack from someone who understands the genre. I highly recommend it.


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