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One of the most eagerly anticipated and prolific producers of the moment, Glimpse is a true innovator who is able to explore and master various genres in his own inimitable style. Few artists have managed to truly captivate diverse audiences in the way he has over the past few years. The London-based producer is blurring the distinctions of traditional genres, appealing to even the most obstinate listeners through his tireless dedication to continual reinvention.


  • This pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. If your looking for big big brassy house sounds to give your productions some extra ooooomf. Huge sounding weighty noises also great for sound design. Lots of builds and falls ect ect you know the score. Very useful stab pianos that can also be edited and dropped straight into samplers. ;-)

    This is a very very useful package if your making harder edge dance music of any genre from drum & bass through to techno. Great industrial sounds with lots of weight behind them. Lots of individual kits and loops that can be edited and sliced to really make them your own. This is not for deep house producers ;-)

    Though this is not my style of music I still found this to be a very useful pack. Obviously the production is fantastic with lots of of great strings and textures that can be utilised in any genre. The loops and sounds are also not over developed so you can easily manipulate them in a way that makes them your own. Great package !!

    Mash Up Electro

    Rating: 7/10

    Great pack full of raver sharp beats and narly bass lines. Lots to choose from texturally. From heavy hitting dubstep grooves to syncopated distorted melodies to lush pads. The sound design is also brilliant.

    Great pack for using to make music of all genres. This is the kind of pack that is not covered by other packs. It does not have the generic loops / bass lines ect. It can be used to make drum & bass, dub, techno ect and the sounds are rich and loops are far more well developed and full than your average sample pack/ Very pleased with this purchase.

    BHK SE Vol3 Dubstep

    Rating: 7/10

    Wicked distorted selection of uber heavy dubstep here. If thats the kind of thing your after this is completely on point. Lots of different dubstep textures to choose from here as well. From melodic flourishes to stabes to acidy squelches. Not for the faint hearted.

    Dubstep Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    This package is very diverse and can be used for many different genres outside dubstep. I found the sounds to be very well produced and sonically dynamic. There is also lots to choose from. Synths and heavey full sounding drum hits. Over all very impressive.

    Dub Tech

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great pack for music of all styles. Lots of play with here and very open to interpretation. Great standard of production with a broad range of sounds ranging from subs to really nice pads and hits. highly recommended !

    This is without doubt my personal favourite pack so far from Loopmasters. So much useful material here. Fantastically produced and full of texture. There is also a wide variety of sounds from single shots to atmospheric loops. The pack is also open to interpretation and the loops are not overly developed with to much percussion so can be used in many different ways.

    Deep Dub Tek

    Rating: 8/10

    Really great atmospheres here and high quality loops for making a wide variety of genres. Very well produced and hugely open to interpretation. Thanks

    Garage and Bassline

    Rating: 8/10

    If your looking for some seriously heavy bass sounds of all types look no further. Very broad selection of bass to suit lots of different styles of music from Garage to dubstep to techno. This is the kind of pack that you can use again and again.

    This pack can be utilised in many way and is great for cutting up and re sampling. It is also very varied in terms of content. Thanks X

    Two of my personal favourite producers delve into there hard drives to give us a slither of the magic that make their shimmering warm sound. This is literally top top top notch stuff from one of house music best duo's. You can not do any better than this if you looking from decent house loops. End Of !!

    A very very useful combination of loops and hits here. Perfect for giving your productions that extra edge. Lots to choose from and fantastically produced as expected from Alex Niggemann.

    This is a great package for producers of all genres. Lots of great raw patterns that you could not really emulate on software. These loopps can really give your production a loose live feel. Over all fantastic package !!

    Wicked midi patches here. Great for running through hardware or software to add that extra bit of substance to your production. The chords are really great and would be especially useful to people who are not natural at keys.

    I really enjoyed this sample pack. Despite not being a drum & bass producer there is something here for every one. The samples/loops are of the highest quality and can be manipulated within any genre. Thanks Charlie

    Great great package here. Top quality samples that can be used in so many different ways. These guys have years of top productions under there belts and it really shows in this package. I found the loops to be warm and original. Thanks Chris


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