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Combining his deep passion for funk, rock, soul, jazz and world music with the technical ability to realise his ideas, Lynx's music comes from the heart whilst standing out from the rest. Always one step ahead of the herd with a selection fresher than most, Lynx continues to set the pace. Look out for his new label Detail Recordings in 2010 and forthcoming releases including collaborations with Kemo, MC Sense and more.


  • Another good pack from Loopmasters, I did find this pack a little harder to use that the original Radiophonic pack. This is mainly due the fact that this pack contains only ‘textures’ (1-3 minute mini-songs comprised of two or three separate sound sources) which are a little trickier to use than individual sound sources. That said, the quality is still very high and the material covers a range of tones from warm and intriguing Vangelis style soundscapes to dark and unsettling Boards of Canada-esque analogue electro noodling. A pleasure to listen to (as a standalone music collection) as well as work with, this works best as supplementary to the original pack.

    This collection of BBC inspired, sci-fi-esque sound effects nicely emulates the analogue sound of the now legendary and highly influential sound department there. The Loopmasters pack updates the sound quality making it cleaner than the originals although with perhaps a little less character. However, any producer who knows his stuff should be able to easily add a little ‘dirt’ to the mix to bring that colour back to it and the cleaner sound quality adds to the overall usefulness of the samples. As always from Loopmasters the quality is high and due to the source material that inspired this collection, I would say Radiophonic Workshop is an essential buy for any music producer.

    Warped Beats

    Rating: 8/10

    Warped beats - A collection of glitchy and wonky beats that can be used as a jump-off point for a left-field hip-hop track or ambient electro. The overall sound quality is, of course, at the high standard you'd expect from loopmasters and should make a welcome addition to your sample collection.

    Severed bits: Buffered Repeats - This collection of bit crushed and retriggered nuggets of sound is hard to describe or define but is unique enough to provide some inspiration when stuck on a tune or as a starting point for an idea. A little difficult to use in their entire length, in my opinion these samples are best chopped up and used percussively to add a little spice and flavour to an existing beat.


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