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Jay-J is undoubtedly a legend in House Music. Spanning a career with over 150 releases, he's won a Grammy® nomination, had his own Coke® bottle for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, DJ'd the 2006 MTV® AVMAs and launched two comp series for Defected. Jay-J's syndicated radio show, "Live From…", allows fans to "join him live from" his gigs worldwide, showcasing the latest tracks from his signature, Funky House/West Coast sound. As a producer, you'll see his name on the biggest releases from Moulton Studios, OM, Naked Music and Defected. He's remixed artists from Jill Scott to Joss Stone and has collaborated with producers from Kaskade to Miguel Migs.


  • Ambient Moods 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a great pack for various textures and pads to layer underneath your tracks. Works well with downtempo and lo-fi. Subtle little under loops that you can sneak in to make it feel more full. Lots of deep cinematic sounds as well! Whenever I have the main part of my track going, I often turn to this pack to see if there are tones I can use to enhance the over all sound.

    Coffee Breaks Six

    Rating: 9/10

    What can I say that hasn't been said before about Raw Cutz? Always coming through with the solid hits and stabs. They've perfected the "sample" sound. Lots of other packs feel like keyboards, where as these feel like you chopped it right from the record!

    Lofi Melodic Beats

    Rating: 10/10

    Supreme Embodiment of the Lofi vibe. Lofi - so many chunky, warm, vibey elements. Packed with content across all formats, hits, loops, midi, one shots, instrument presets and instrument samples. The bass samples bring analog sample instruments to the DAW sampler. Complete with the Moog like Bite and fatness helping basslines cut through while moving the subs.

    Tropical Storm

    Rating: 9/10

    Solid selection of inspiring sounds. It fit's the genre descriptions perfectly. Contains plenty of tropical, vibey, soulful, melodic and groovy - all the boxes ticked! Plenty of inspiriting loops and one shots to add to your project. Really enjoyed diving into the midi files and manipulating the rex files. Great job!

    Loaded with Vibe and some crazy funky warm analog tones this pack is *0's electronic funk at its core. The parts are played with a lot of feeling and are extremely funky. The collaboration spans a wide range of content with many many options but held together with the same respect of the synths and grooves of 80's and 90's funk. Real players and real synths and you can tell they put a lot of work in and should be proud.

    Loaded with vintage drums and analog synths all put together with a contemporary feel. If you love the vintage sound of Disco and 80's Disco Electro, this will have all you need. Tasteful, vibey, and sophisticated even when conjuring up the early days of disco. Faze Action does it with style and truly understands the sounds and vibe.

    There is some great loops in this indie dance pack. Loving the vibe of pianos and warm chords! Super solid one shot drums to lay down the groove and topped off nicely with some presets to apply to the midi!

    Frame Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    I looked around for a frame / medicine drum for a while, then found this pack. Theres lots of options and the sound I chose fit perfect in the mix, has a round low end, and clear attack. Well recorded and nice rich texture and there are good options ranging from small thinner frame drums to bigger ones.

    Smokers Blend

    Rating: 10/10

    RV is always at the top of the game! This is a sick pack to have. Dope drums and one shots. You can make some serious heat with Smokers Blend! Anything from dreamy 3am vibes, to that nitty gritty east coast feel.

    Raw Cratez

    Rating: 10/10

    Raw Crates is about as good as it gets! Always the freshest sounds. The chord hits are always such a great tool for that extra layer. The drums are already prepped with that grit texture to make your beats more authentic.

    Future Bass Generation

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is definitely riding the wave of this genre! This Future Bass is the new Generation! All multi-million viewed tracks have used these sounds for sure! Whenever Loopmasters comes out with a new pack, no matter the genre, they nail it! From gnarly synth loops to ultra perc layered drums - if you can't make a banger with this pack then you should pick up a new hobby :)

    Enormous Digital House

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is up to par with today's charts.. If you're going for that deep, future, or nu-disco sound then this pack is a great addition to your collection.. Singomakers has yet to let me down! The only hard part is to focus on the part you need without getting inspired to start another! The crisp drum loops, dope melodies, one shots etc. are easy to layer for a strong track!

    Raw Skillz

    Rating: 9/10

    Whenever these packs come out - GET them! They never fall short of dope quality.. Always inspirational for hip hop but also perfect to layer other tracks too! One shots for days! And the love they put into each sound is heard with the warm delays, panning and subtle noises. A+

    Lots of cool elements in this one.. They definitely capture each era! The drum loops have that old school vibe that are a perfect layer to your new school track! A large guitar pack and perc loops are the ultimate topper.. This pack is a perfect way to bring the early 2000s into today!

    Dope Wax Beats

    Rating: 9/10

    Once again Loopmasters come correct! Loving this pack! Super crisp drums that pair nicely with everything! All the one shots and loops are well made with great depth and character.. They captured the vibe perfectly! You can easily make some dope tracks cause everything just falls right into place..

    Deep Impressions

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is pretty sweet.. The loops have an old school vibe to them with some nice stabs and smooth pads.. The drum layers are super convenient as well! If you lay some of these music loops on some of the shuffling drums you'll have a chart topper in no time!

    Soul Jazz Piano

    Rating: 7/10

    This pack has some nice sounding chord progressions.. There's some great stuff that can be applied to your soulful grooves.. Quite the selection of chords as well as clean processed loops that are BPM matched..

    Hip Hop Ultra Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is in the majors! Loving the feeling and vibe of this one! The loops are super ill and the drums are crispy! Singomakers usually makes massive hits for big room & electro, so it's quite a pleasure to hear the talent put toward this vibin' pack!

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 9/10

    Absolutely love this pack.. So much you can do and so many layers you can add especially since every thing is key labeled! Crisp and and raw sounds ranging from the 80's until now will make your track more relevant than ever.. Super dope selection!

    Here's a solid pack at hand.. This pack nailed it with the pitch bent vocals and tropical hits to set the mood for your 116-120bpm track! The loops are processed perfectly to match the melodies that are provided.. Tons of inspiration! (Does not include sunscreen or mimosas)

  • Classic Hip Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Another solid pack from Singomakers.. Very period correct! It's got some strong drums and some really dope chords and hits! That's always my favorite because it gives you the chance to chop it up however you like.. Everything is key labeled too which is great!

    Summer House Sessions

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack has some sick melodies! The basslines are heavy and the drum samples are crisp.. I'm loving the midi option too! This pack definitely provides some heavy grounds for your next track!

    I've always dug The Nextmen so this pack was an easy decision! It's hot with fresh synths and crisp drums with a great blend of old school and new.. A Perfect pack to pick from!

    They nailed it on this series! I can't get over the raw feel and vibe they were able to capture! Nothing better than chillin on your porch in your rocking chair sippin' on some sweet tea.. Such an awesome element to bring to your track!

    The Blues Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    The Blues Sessions are insane.. The authenticity and culture are screaming right out of the speakers.. You can feel those true blues as if they were playing right in your living room.. The sounds are bar none with the perfect fx and distortion.. Wicked series!

    This pack is great if you're looking to add that live feel.. The soul is definitely there! Every sound is super clean and processed well as if you were in the room while they were recording!

    You can't go wrong with this bundle! These are the perfect things for vibe and texture.. And if you're a turntabelist, then it's a must have! I'll be using these quite a bit for my downtempo releases on my new label Downshift ;)

    Awesome pack! My only complaint is that there wasn't more! All the loops are fresh and current sounding.. The top loops are fire and the ability to chop up the musical rex loops are endless.. Definitely a pack for the arsenal!

    This pack is fresh! Tons and tons of great drum and synth one-shots to pair up with some quality loops.. So much inspiration in these folders! Dope chord progression loops are a huge plus and are also offered in REX to chop up even more! Niche definitely came through on this pack!

    Bust out the unitard for this funky pack! Loving the vibe on this one.. The drums are on point with huge snares & toms to compliment some nasty synth basslines to take your nu-disco track to another level.. F9 always brings the heat so I was looking forward to this one!

    I can't get enough of this pack! Every time I strike a chord it gets me pumped.. It's unbelievable how many tracks I have used these in! Perfect for main grooves and amazing for big breaks.. Endless possibilities with very minimal effort! Just hit the keys and go!

    G-House 2

    Rating: 8/10

    With this genre getting bigger by the day you're gonna need packs like this! Singomakers has what it takes and the sounds that the dance floor requires! G-House 2 has the perfect combo of funky and dirty which is a requirement for these charts!

    This pack covers all grounds for the house head.. The loops are dope with such a true feeling to the deep roots of house.. I've already been rockin a few of them for my upcoming single! Add to cart!

    This pack is HEAVY! Every time I see a best-of I snatch it up.. Especially when it's from Freakyloops! This pack has enough ammo to bust into every chart on Beatport! The sound quality and attention to detail is bar none!

    Hip Hop Shadows Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    Sweet pack.. It's not the biggest pack on the site but this is definitely where quality over quantity kicks in! All the sounds are very well made and can provide a great layer for your downtempo track..

    The title explains it all! Super dope breaks in this pack that aren't your typically loops that are recycled time and time again.. They have a nice live feel without the cheesy live drums.. They're rough, ruggged and raw! I've already used a few myself!

    If you're a hip hop or downtempo producer - this series is a must own! I always look forward to digging in this one for drums and stabs with that perfect gritty texture.. The quality from these guys is bar none so that will make your track stick out that much more!

    Great sounds to have for Reason.. I wish there were more! They are all up to par with today's top 10s! I definitely am looking forward to their next pack!

    Not much to say other that WOW this collection is dope! Singomakers always come thru with whatever genre they are making.. Too much to list and I need to get back to producing with these ;) All of the sub folders have their own style with loops & hits for days! Of course all top notch! Tons of live elements too which takes your track to the next level! Must have!

    House & Nu Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Here's a great pack to have around.. Tons of stuff to pick and pull from that can help beef up that nu disco track you're working on.. The drum loops are dope and have a bit of a jackin' swing to them which I dig! The melodies are super solid as is but also offer the midi which is nice to add your own touch.. Add to cart!

  • Funkified Guitars

    Rating: 7/10

    Strong pack here.. It has quite the array of licks that are a perfect addition for that extra layer you're searching for! Super clean quality that makes it cake to drop right in!

    Sax House Riffs

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a dope little pack here.. You looking to spice up the track with a live sax? This has it! Tons of funky little riffs and all key labeled with the bpm.. All your sounds too - Alto, Baratone, Soprano, Tenor and Section!

    In. Sane. You can do 4 entire albums with this humongous pack! So many good things to choose from! 1 pack from Singomakers is good - but 30?? You'll spend days upon days getting inspired with the quality sounds these packs have.. You wanna shove all Top 10 tracks all into the one?? Then download this collection!

    If anyone knows about the Freemasons then they know they have chords for days! This pack is dope to have especially when you're stuck and need those extra 2 chords to set it off! I like that the wavs come in their version with good sounds and effects as well as midi files for you to create your own.. My only complaint is I want more! :)

    These cats bring the heat once again! Always something funky and groovy in these packs and are a must to own.. Basslines are insane and the drums always provide that "real" live sound to change it up.. Plenty of extra goodies to chop up in the pack as well like the guitars and horns.. Love it!


    Rating: 9/10

    Man, what a GREAT pack! This pack has great melodic sounds and basslines that have just enough filth and rumble to take that track to the next level! It's the perfect blend of dubstep and downtempo.. Solid drum kits, and amazing clarity and depth in all of the loops.. I'm having a lot of fun with this one! HIGHLY recommended!

    Vintage Rhodes

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow.. There is no other Rhodes pack out there that can compare! The chord progressions are amazing and literally every sample can be a hit.. Brings me back to the early 2000's and yet still fresh and current with the sound of today! MUST have!

    Trap Ultra Pack

    Rating: 8/10

    Talk about boom! This pack has some heavy hitting subs to match those crispy hi hats and snappy snares! The bass loops are super growly and the drum loops have a the rolls you'll ever need! If you're trying to get recognized in this genre, then this pack is the way to do it!

    Love this pack! So much to work with in here! Pretty much everything you click has huge potential.. All the melody and drop loops are super sick and are layered with some great sounds and fx.. Goes perfect with the one shot drums they hand selected or even the loops! Many weapons to choose from in this one! Synth patches, vocals and even video tutorials are a huge bonus!

    Definitely some cool material here.. The sounds are all over the place from funky to tech just like I imagined.. Some seriously sick and useful loops I'll be incorporating!

    The talent and quality shows in this series! I'll be getting some good use of this one! Tons of loops upon loops that are hard to not use all at once.. This one offers quite an array of styles which is perfect for that little twist in your song!

    Ultimate Deep House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nailed it.. Great drums along with heavy bass hits are what I'm digging.. The rex files are a nice touch in the package.. The music loops are inspiring and could be a nice addition to your track!

    Trap & Twerk

    Rating: 7/10

    If you're looking to produce trap then this pack has the necessities to begin.. A ton of one shots for those hard beats and some loop layers that fit quite well.. Lots of drums to pick from and some serious basslines that will get the point across!

    Heavy sounds to have on your hard drive! Tons of wobbly growling madness that you can have a lot of fun with.. Lots of one shots that are perfect for some insane chops and arrangements.. Perfect to piss off the neighbors!

    Funky and far out stuff here! This pack has some really unique stuff that fill in that extra layer you were looking for.. The loops are dope and have a wide range from funk to nudisco to house.. Definitely a fun pack to have!

    Great pack here.. Some nice sounding top layers and the stabs are old school which is perfect for the new.. The drum hits are crispy and go well with the music loops.. The bass loops alone will keep you inspired for days! Drop those chords in and you have yourself a solid groove! Great job!

    I'm a fan of this pack.. This style is so big now and the options are endless and this pack will definitely help you beef up your project! It's a great combo of funk and new wave.. Super clean guitars, melody loops and course dope one shots! I'll take it!

    Yeah, this is pretty much all you need to get the party started! The loud, obnoxious & rad distorted basses are perfect for that filth your looking for.. Or head into dreamland with those short subtle leads to create some nice melodies! Definitely a must have!

    Sylenth EDM Superstars

    Rating: 8/10

    Sylenth just got better! You wanna make the charts? Then grab this pack because they nailed it.. Great tones and quality.. These sounds are necessity for the music of today.. Play your cards right and they can also send you into tomorrow!

    Really good stuff here! The drums are on point and the drum loops are perfect for that extra layer! All the sounds open your mind to other possibilities and are well made.. It's kinda hard to create your own track when these dope loops are all you use! Score!

  • Very unique! Didn't quite know what to expect here but I'm glad I went for it! Some sick sounds and loops.. Tons of dope percussion loops as well as live instruments.. I could spend all day in the REX folder alone! Got some good use out of the neosoul drum loops as well!

    Diggin' this pack! TONS of dope drum loops.. Also love all the one shots and synth stabs/chords.. Very moody and deep! The drum hits are on point as well.. If you plan on going deep, then I would recommend adding this to your arsenal..

    The Funky Underground

    Rating: 10/10

    WOW!! These are probably the best packs yet! Every sample in the this pack is almost too sick to use and the amount of funk is almost unbearable.. All the drums and filtered bassline are insane and the jackin' chops are top notch! I highly recommend this pack and Vol2!

    Funky Underground Vol. 2

    Rating: 10/10

    As I mention before - The Funky Underground packs are the cream of the crop! It doesn't really get much better than these! All the sounds are top notch and very inspiring.. It makes you want to filter everything! Two thumbs up to Daz!

    Definitely some cool sounds here.. Always key to include some live instruments if you can! The vocals are super unique and piano chords are very authentic.. The great sounding brass and slappin uprights automatically give you that groove that keeps you separate from what everyone else is doing but yet keeps it funky enough to make the floor bounce! I mean, who doesn't like jazz?!?

    With this genre on the up and up it doesn't hurt to own a nice pack like this! Good combinations of old and new sounds make this pack very current with what's on today's charts.. I'm pretty sure the who's who are laying down some serious heat with the loops provided in this pack! Great to have in the arsenal!

    Deep House Generation

    Rating: 7/10

    Groovy little pack here.. I particularly like the top loops.. Crisp sound and EQ'd just right! Slap that on top of some kicks and snares and you have yourself a solid foundation.. All the loops and melodies are up to par with today's deep house scene.. The REX files are legit and the tempo driven effects are the perfect addition.. A great pack to pick and pull from!

    Two words sum up this pack - IN SANE!! These sounds are so intense! The quality of the loops, chords and melodies are simply amazing and doesn't get much better.. This entire pack is arguably the best one on the market.. The sounds will keep you at the edge of your seat and the volume knob at MAX!

    Heavyweight Funk Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack has some serious heat! Love the fact that it's live because you can't beat that raw slap and fret movement! The folders are broken down by bpm which is cool but it also includes REX files which is dope because you can layer in those basslines for any style track! Highly recommended!

    What can you expect from a great producer? A great pack! Just the loops alone are worth it! This pack has tons of folders from multis to drum hits, and music loops to sample patches.. The quality of this pack is what stands out for me.. The sounds are very true and authentic for the underground! There is much to made with this pack! Excellent job!

    Yep, Scott does it again! This pack is solid and funky! Wouldn't expect anything less! The amount of groovyness in this pack will keep you busy and entertained for weeks.. So much stuff in here for that deep or jackin' house track you're trying to give that extra pop too.. Slap on a few top layers and lay down some drums and you have yourself a promising project.. The quality and crisp sounds definitely remain consistent with his other packs from Loopmasters so I highly recommend it!

    Trap Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    Legit.. I personally would have liked more longer 808 kicks but otherwise that pack is cool.. Good hi-hats, snares and such with some trippy kicks to change up the game a little! You can definitely bring the heat with this one!

    You can freak out with this pack! Love all of the live elements involved! The REX files are dope! The funk sounds are as authentic as they can get.. All these pieces can be used to create a live jam session or chopped up for some funky tracks! Fantastic purchase for the arsenal..

    Ultimate Bass Shots

    Rating: 8/10

    This can arguably be the only bass shot pack you need! You can get inspired by every sound as well as identify what today's chart toppers are using.. You can cover just about every genre too from electro to deep and dubstep to trap.. A great release to produce a great release!

    FAT indeed! You wanna make that chart topping club banger? Well you need these sounds to do it! Super clean, inspirational one shots and very filthy synths.. Me likey!

    Swedish EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    Wow! Great sounds, and awesome REX files! Great combination of heavy, and dirty! Their swung folders are really cool for that other option to take your track to the next level! You can become an overnight superstar with this pack!

    Classic House Keys

    Rating: 9/10

    Pure dope! Love this pack! The chords are fantastic and the rhodes are very clean and are very inspiring for the deep house producer! Every loop is absolutely on point! A+!

    Ultimate Drum Fills

    Rating: 8/10

    You can never get enough fills of any style! This little pack offers some heavy ones from acoustic to electric.. I found it very useful right off the bat! They're very well put together with some being simple, and some being massive with sweeps, filters, and huge snares.. Good stuff!

    These packs are so cool and inspirational that I had to come back and get the whole series! Such a perfect addition for that timeless funky, pumpin' track.. All the samples are key based so it's easy to mix and match and get creative.. The effects on all of them are very well done!

    A+! Up the tempo, add a few of these dope samples, and a fat bassline and your looking at an immediate chart topper! This whole series is so powerful and you can't help but think how the heck did they do that? Well thank god they did because now I can make some serious bangers! Thumbs up, guys!

  • Once again, these packs are sick! This pack in particular has a few more folders than the rest with some really dope sounds! All the chops are done just right, and the layers and filters on them are top notch for that heavy track you drop at midnight! Such a simple concept and makes you realize how much less is more!

    Good stuff here.. Drums are crisp and unique and the bass is sick! Definitely a great pack to have for D'n'B production.. The drums are solid and not so typical or what you would expect to hear.. The pack also allows you to open up other avenues with all those jazz slappin' uprights! Very well organized too.. Thumbs up!

    Bounce House

    Rating: 8/10

    Nailed it on the head with this pack! Melbourne is much closer now - on your hard drive! These hard kicks, fat & simple basslines, and gnarly synths are exactly what you need to achieve that thumping track.. It's amazing how sometimes less is more! Your ears will be happy with this pack!

    Fantastic sounds! The drums are ridiculously insane in this pack and it all reminds me the LTJ era.. Very melodic with heavy, wide panning tones.. The depth of the loops have so much life.. Even the demo of this pack is solid and should be on charts! This pack definitely wants me to speed things up to 170! Big ups to Nu:Logic for these gems..

    The best part of this pack is the way they created unique loops out of tons of sound fx.. From household items, to clicky-clankety, to metal bins, & hair combs- this pack is definitely something cool to have especially for the producer who takes on various creative projects that require quirky grooves or something out of the ordinary.. It's jammed packed with single-hit sound fx that allow you to go even beyond just loops..

    One word.. Inspiring! The guitars in this pack were not what I expected! The quality and clarity of the guitars are very dreamy, melodic and interestingly effected.. Having hundreds of sample collections which contain guitars that are mostly funk, jazz or rock based- the guitars alone in this pack make an amazing addition to any library.. The loops are very 80s influenced so I think they nailed it with the title.. It's almost like Human League & M83 got together and said "Hey, let's make a film soundtrack"

    Fresh!! This pack is super dope.. Smaller, but practically every sound is choice.. These guys nailed it on the drums! Pair that up with some of those raw basslines and you got an immediate neck breaker! This funk pack will bring the best out of you..

    Vintage Keys

    Rating: 8/10

    If your looking for some cool, nitty gritty licks, then this pack should go in your bin! I would say this pack is more geared towards your tracks that have soul with a little bit of funk.. The Rex files give you crazy freedom to chop up what you like, or the loops provided can give you what you need! The speed limit on this pack I'd say is around 100bpm.. Perfect for a smooth groove on a Sunday afternoon!

    Cool pack.. Very organized and easy to get something going.. The sounds are dope and perfect for the world of deep! Tons of the old school techno stabs people are using today can be found in this pack.. I was hoping for a few more one-shots, but there is still plenty to offer!

    Always expect the best quality in sounds with Loopmasters.. This pack is sick.. A little bit of everything from Jackin, Deep, Dubstep, & Electro all stuffed in the folders and ready to use from great one-hits, to wav & rex loops.. Tons of inspiration! The only negative thing is I wish there was even more!

    Movie Dialogue Vol 3

    Rating: 8/10

    I dig all these raw, vintage dialogues.. They are perfect for that extra layer in that break you were looking for! The quality is dope because they maintain that rough, dusty, mid heavy sound of the 50's! Definitely a must have in the collection!

    Movie Dialogue Vol. 6

    Rating: 8/10

    These dialogues are so cool and take that downtempo track to the next level.. The words can translate the mood of your track! You can have some serious fun chopping them up into phrases as well.. A very cool pack to have for your production!

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Once again, just when you think it can't get any fresher.. Bam.. Here's 4000 more sounds in case you were looking! So many dope selections and inspirational sounds.. The right sample always needs the right drums, and Rawcutz is the place to get it! Excellent job..

    Everything Rawcutz has put out is extremely solid and inspiring. And this pack(s) is dope. Great sounds and organized folders make it easy to dive in and get down! It captures the dusty boom baps that are a necessity for that golden era sound! Definitely a must for the collection.

    Be A Pro: EDM Producer

    Rating: 8/10

    INTENSE! Freaky Loops knows what it takes to make those monster tracks! The sounds in this pack are perfect for those floor filling, colosseum packing, chart topping hits. Whats best is their attention to detail for the quality of their sounds. Great to have in the arsenal!

    Such a usable pack. Really well put together. The samples are cut up so dope. its ready to get loaded up and Freaked! Just grab a bunch of the short samples and load em into a sampler or Maschine or whatever and have fun. The overall sound quality and the effected samples are tops. Really wide sounding and very consistent. Fun to play with.

    Not a ton in this pack but the strings are Very Real and I'll take quality over quantity any day. Well recorded in a nice spaces and very nice melodies and voicings. Uplifting and Cinematic is a PERFECT name for the pack. Although it can also be very dark just by loading some of the stripped downs and playing like a polyphonic instrument I had some very interesting and cool progressions happening really quick. For something as complicated os string sections it was really great to quickly have moving progressions just from the stripped downs loaded in a sampler.

    Live Bass Grooves

    Rating: 9/10

    One word - WOW! Very funky playing with lots of syncopation. Great live sounds that capture the attitude of the bass guitar. It's nice to hear a little growl and slides with some heavy slappin! The REX files are super fun to play with and allow you to take it a notch further. This pack is worth every penny because it nails that feel for the track that you're missing sometimes with keys. It's the in between notes that make it funky!

    Helps make a great sounding synth with tons of presets even better!! So many usable sounds that its actually hard to stop checking out patches and get back to work... Great Job.

    The pack is loaded with usable sounds! Just going through it and listeneing I found myself saving out so many bits either for the songs I was working on or something in the future. The pack sparked creativity, even just programing drums I found the sounds gel together effortlessly. I've been a HUGE fan of Inland Knights' records for many many years so peeking into how they do it was rewarding and inspirational.

  • Funky is an understatement. The bass grooves, guitar, rhodes, horns... man, everything just jells. The easiest way for me evaluate to get to know the content for future reference is to just open a session and start playing around. Long after my evaluation was done I found myself still creating with this inspiration pack. The vintage sound quality, stellar groove oriented elements, and tasteful licks have pulled me in. Everything else I have to do today is on hold cause I jumped in the Baker Brothers time machine and wont be back for a while.

    Being a fan of the chunky, funky, glitchy style these guys do I decided to give this one a go. I appreciated the rich color of the sounds. Warm is certainly the right word to use here but not at the sacrifice of presence and smooth brightness. Some useable stuff for sure.


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