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Mark Breeze is an original in every sense of the word, his latter day tours around numerous venues across the UK and abroad - be they rave based or of a more commercial and international nature are widely documented across the raving community as a thing of legend. In essence, Mark’s work as both DJ & Producer on many of today’s more successful clubland creations is recognised not just by this present following of the art of rave, but also by the old school generation that came before it.


  • Grey Area - Drill Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    Been teaching a lot of drill and trap to my students more recently, and this pack has been so useful. These loops are so musical, and just fit straight into the project with ease. The 808's are warm and deep, giving a full feel in the mix. It's my go to Drill / Trap pack.


    Rating: 10/10

    what a pack! , from booms to hits and atmospheric reverses this nails it ! hard productions to drone film capture, these samples are amazing! recently been taking drone footage for short music videos and these samples are just what i was looking for ! creating tension and drama!

    Massive X: Reese

    Rating: 9/10

    Good Drum n bass sound sets for Native Instruments Massive X are hard to come by, but this pack hits it right on the nail for me. 50 presets, 50 Midi and 50 bounced audio loops to match, its a steal ! The Reece sound you need!

    Lovely warm bass sounds in this Serum pack. Dealing with the low end for me perfectly ! Easy to install and get straight into the production. Clean recorded loops and hard hitting basses, 64 presets and cheeky midi files

    Trap House

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolutely perfect for Trap & House !! the right snares the right kicks and plenty of inspiration for making trap house !! another Rankin killer !

    Look no further is you want the right sounds for Deep House ! No brainer with using a Wideboys pack !! go to pack for this genre !

    Just what i needed .. clean well produced and tight breaks, loops, hits .. Very impressed with the authenticity of the whole pack. Very clean and useable for a lot of genres.

    Trap, Drumstep and Dubstep sounds all in one pack ! .. yes sir take my money ! along with tear up baselines, this make this a complete must !

    Clean hits and tough snares, this pack is very well produced. very useable riff lines and baselines make this very inspirational.

    Ableton Live Projects

    Rating: 10/10

    everyone needs a basic start to get totally creative, and here you have the tools to milk creative part of you as soon as it loads .. High Rankin products far excel see he's comedy persona , and cheeky chappie he is ..

    since The David Carbone pack i've not heard such punchy drums .. this is completely up my street :)

    sometimes and inspired idea is all you need to start your way on to that one mega track, midi focus brings the dubstep beats of now to your projects !

    Dubstep Mechatron

    Rating: 8/10

    looking for that one dubstep stab or hit you hear in major records but just cant get it .. well this is the one, stabs and synths a plenty cut and edit till your hearts full of dubstep love !

    its not just electro this pack is good for .. check out the awesome sounding snare hits .. dubstep killers!!! .. side chained basses and synth stabs a plenty .. love this! and it will be used to its max !!

    some really dark textures to harder hitting bass stabs are in this FM8 preset pack, FM8 is a beast of a synth and quite a complex tool, these presets bring you not only great sounds but an insight to a much overlooked vsti

    good clean samples, some great 200hz hitting snares in this pack too .. every format you can think of to load into your sampler which makes difference :)

    Dark Dub 2

    Rating: 7/10

    clean tidy and wide samples here, with good sounding snares and shuffles .. i found the rhythm fx loops to be very useful as you don't find many good ones in most sample packs :)

    These days vocal packs are not just there to use the complete accapella .. they are there to be mangled and pitched about to make your own rhythmic patterns ... this pack does both and supplies a great quality recurring to work with !!

    great go to sounds, and not just for Dub Step / Drum & Bass ... great for dirty electro and hardcore :) even a great starting point to see the inside info on creation of patches to adjust to your productions !! a must buy !

    Dirty Dutch House

    Rating: 9/10

    Dirty Filthy Dutch :) .. it does what it says on the tin .. from bass filtered loops to high pitch bent leads, its the shizzle for a dutch house banger of a track .. even some chuggy electro stabs and house pianos !! hands in the air !!

  • Serious quality patches that can only be expected from High Rankin, if you haven't got the sample pack, it's an absolute must for any producer who makes bassline music. these patches now open up the Massive into the beast of a synth that it is !! ...

    You know if you buy a pack from Total Science you are getting only the best drum hits and bass loops .. there are some great patterns in the drum loops.. and the construction kits are a must.

    High Rankin Dubstep Tearout is the freshest sample pack around from loopmasters to date! ... even lending itself to electro, house , hardcore and drum & bass .. its a complete must for all music producers ..!


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