The Nextmen

The Nextmen

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This eclectic production duo continue to carve up shiny gems from London's lovely low-end underbelly with albums, singles, mixes, remixes, podcasts, DJ sets and live shows, blending anything worth listening to from all electronic music styles. Making this connection between music they love be it dancehall, drum'n'bass, dubstep, reggae, roots, instrumental and actual hip hop, soul and soulful low-end boomp, funk & (UK) funky, indie, leftfield, ambient, pop and straight-up party jacking pleasers, is something Baloo and Search always strive to achieve, weaving their way on 4 turntables with mastery and abandon, all laced up with their own sought after mash-up edits, bootlegs and specials.


  • Very nice. Was getting a bit frustrated with a house track and a couple of the loops here got me going again. Very tight, very deep and pretty varied for the genre. I'm not sticking to one sound for house production and it's packs like this that help me to overcome little stumbling blocks with a simple hit or loop that I can either build on or decorate a track with. Will be keeping this on-hand.


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