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Mumdance, or Jack Adams, a 26-year-old producer and DJ from Brighton, whose trademark raw, riotous rhythms - drawn from Grime, UK funky, Brazilian baile funk, Caribbean calypso, American Baltimore Gutter, Afro-beat, High life, and Latin ghetto music such as tribal guarachero - have been electrifying dancefloors worldwide over the last couple of years, providing him with a hectic DJ schedule which criss-crosses the globe from Australia, Mexico, North America, Europe & all over the UK.


  • Pop Piano

    Rating: 8/10

    Really big & immersive pack. Loads of variation & different keys which is very useful. Really big selection of moods and vibes. Nice to have the midi too for tweaking and editing. pianos can be really hard to process sometimes, so natural sounding samples are a must. Excellent

    Pop Culture

    Rating: 8/10

    loads of great samples for tropical pop, synthwave & reggaeton, really nice Kontakt instruments, everything feels really punchy and useable, especially the drums. The loops also felt really usable to chop and layer up


    Rating: 10/10

    Another excellent pack from Cinetools Loads of great material in this sample pack. Exceptionally useful for trailer work & soundtracking. I thought there was a really great selection of hits and risers especially. I really liked the mood / them of 'hope' High quality all round

    SOR Transformation

    Rating: 10/10

    Loved this pack, granular nastiness, aggressive hits & and an overall futuristic feel to the whole pack. Useful for layering up for sound design purposes & also using straight out the box. I found the hydraulic movements particularly useful.

    For fans of foley based sample packs and this was a real treat. Very useful for sound design and audio for video applications. I found it to be well organised and everything was recorded really well. With some other foley packs I've found the sounds to feel quite 'thin' it hasn't been the case with any of the Junkyard Percussion series.

    Really liked this pack & the concepts behind it. a nice mix of organic & machine. I found it well organised and good for real world application. I especially liked the glockenspiel sounds. The percussion loops were really useful too. Would recommend.

    A really well thought out and useful selection of samples, all with a really unique feel. Some really nice dusty an weird kits and hits & a multitude of analog synth niceness. Boxcutter smashed it

    Northern Mix FX

    Rating: 8/10

    A ton of huge reverbed out hits and drones. dark, atmospheric and perfect for adding ambience and mood to your productions. really usefully right across the board, not just for house based genres.

    Total Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    Very useful selection of percussion hits which all sit very nicely in the mix. not only your standard bread and butter hits, but also a nice selection of more abstract percussion to set your tracks apart from the norm.

    A really useful selection of sampler fodder. Perfect to twist an modulate, as well as a really nice selection of ambiences and drones, all sorts of real world sounds & field recordings which provide the perfect foundations for adding mood and vibe to your tracks.

    Future Garage

    Rating: 8/10

    Really nice swung out set of loops. The loops come in REX format which is great as you can get an idea of how to construct garage percussion if you are new to the genre & allow you to put your own stamp on things. There is also a good selection of bass & tonal hits. Its a great set of bread & butter samples to use as the foundations of a garage track


    Rating: 10/10

    All these sounds are very useable! Really complex & well recorded hydraulics, robot sounds & industrial noise. Kinda sounds like the foley sounds on the transfomer movies. They are really nice to layer up an add to the mix to add to bring some extra textures & nastiness to the proceedings. Deffo a worthwhile & handy set of samples

    This is a one stop shop for all things low end. Ital Tek hit the nail right on the head. Everything sounds super fat & warm & there is a sub for every sort of mood an genre, from real soft to loud & growling. Some real nicely treated 808 subs in there too which i will deffo be reaching for. Perfect for bass music in all its various strains.

    MASSIVE SAMPLE PACK, I basically came here for for the kick drums and percussion & it 100% doesn't disappoint, there is all sorts of crunchy & distorted niceness. There is a great selection of synth sounds too, all sounding rough an nasty, but pleasing on the ear. If you are after some heavily processed, huge sounding drum hits then this is your guy

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