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Stereo Mcs

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Friends from Nottinghamshire who moved to London and discovered hip hop’s liberating potential during rap’s mid-to-late-’80s ‘golden age’, Hallam and Birch became Britain’s first global rap stars, paving the way for the Plan Bs and Dizzee Rascals. The first rap group to play at British rock festivals, they managed to fit everywhere and nowhere at once: appearing live with everyone from U2 to the Happy Mondays, from Living Color and Peter Gabriel to Jane’s Addiction and De La Soul, the Stereos were exceptions to every rule – the rap band rock fans could dig, the dance act it was cool for indie fans to groove to, sought-after as remixers, producers or collaborators by everyone from the Jungle Brothers to Madonna


  • cool spectrum of sounds and textures although the loops lacked a little diversity in movement . Excellent notes accompany pack to help .


    Rating: 9/10

    Well crafted atmospheric and organic yet still modern sounding.I put the pack into exs 24 and it was instantly useable ready to go ….really good pads and textures and some nice bottom end also.Some of the patches are really long so its worth being patient to see what is coming as they change and vary quite a lot.

    Stripped Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Depending on what you want the pack for ,this works in two ways-cool loops to vibe on and get a groove going-and the best thing I found was top notch drum hits that work to bring tracks to a competitive pressure .Usefull pack.

    EDM Energy Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    I reckon if you can find 20 sounds out of a 100 that work for you in a sample pack its worth it- in edm i found just about that -some good functional sounds ,surprisingly , the percussion pack had plenty of unexpected textures which were not the usual conga bongo jobs but more electronic/tom tom vibes so its a useful pack once edited

    Dubstep Drums

    Rating: 7/10

    NICE DRUM LOOPS with some cool sounds and the bonus bass loops were convincing although generic one downer was that there were no single shots hence 7/10

    Atomic Dubstep

    Rating: 7/10

    User friendly effective sounds and loops easy to cut up and blend with your own grooves and some beats with dimension.

    An array of cinematic textures and drones and glitchy drum sounds- good for boosting atmospheres and linking film scores including a battery starter preset for those who are savy to it.

    this pack is like having a percussionist (with a shed full of drums and things you can bang and shake from all corners of the globe) in your studio waiting for instruction. Nice sounds and textures with organic loops in purest form.

    Afro Tech Percussion 2

    Rating: 8/10

    hard in your face live and electronic grooves in percussion, sounds easily extracted if you want to edit and customise-very useable.

    great sample pack very useful--I used it within 3 hours of downloading. Real strings,assorted textures,easy to cut up and manipulate,nice arrangements-augments your own ideas and when added to plug in strings it gives them an edge of realism.Cool.


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