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Brad Baloo

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Brad Ellis is one of the UK’s most exciting and diverse songwriters and producers. Most people know him as Brad Baloo from legendary DJ/production duo The Nextmen who are world renowned for their 4 artists albums and jaw dropping mash-up filled DJ sets which ave taken them from the best clubs and festivals over the globe to parties for the Branson family and the MTV film festival to name a few.


  • Ultimate Dub

    Rating: 8/10

    This pack is great value. Overall it has an authentic sound. I especially like the drums. Firstly the one shots. These are all nicely done. They've even thrown in some beatbox sounds which is a nice touch. There kits are nice too. Thought has gone into the way these are grouped together. Let's move onto the loops. There are heaps of good drum loops/fills etc.. Some of these are broken down into separate stems for ease of programming. It's really easy to get things moving quickly if you need something to write over. Alternatively you can cherry pick individual sounds a build a beat the old fashioned way. I love packs like this one. Good value and great sounding! Go forth and make dub!!

    These presets are great. They are both a great starting point but also great to use as is. They seem to cover a wide range of applications and styles. Everything from Tropical to DnB.. Serum is a serious synth and these sounds take full advantage of its power. I also like the fact that a lot of the sounds here are quite dark. Great Work! Cheers!

    Chilled Trap

    Rating: 7/10

    Overall this pack is extremely useable. However, it's the drums and percussion that really shine for me. And the top loops. I'm quite frequently looking for an extra bit of flavour to add to a drum arrangement and cycling through these folders was quite inspiring. They've achieved a great overall sound. It's an extremely nicely processed pack. If you're into trap or general modern pop production this pack is a must have.

    Hip Hop Horns

    Rating: 7/10

    Perfect for use in modern R&B/Hip Hop/pop production. Sax driven. Well played throughout. Good audio quality. Easy to chop up or loop. Samples not heavily processed so need a little love and attention to get them to sit nicely in the mix. Good to base tracks around. Catchy melodic phrases. Would have liked some Trumpet/Trumbone in there too for variation. Good stuff! Thanks

    Hip Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Perfect for budding 'Boom Bap' Hip Hop producers. Also good for R&B production. The sounds have an authentic sampled sound. Probably best used when combined with other sounds from alternative sources. Great if you like to piece samples together in a 'DJ Premier' style. Great to layer with virtual instruments. Overall a very useable and well recorded/processed sample pack. Cheers

    Swiss Chris Breakbeats

    Rating: 8/10

    A varied selection of high quality breakbeats. Well put together and easy to use in modern or retro productions. Organic and live, but also good to chop for Drum and Bass/Breakbeat. Good solid pack. Cheers

    This is a pack full of very well recorded useable sounds and loops. Perfect for those who want a quick beat to get them up and running. Lots of the loops sound new but are underpinned with vinyl crackle so the name might be a little misleading to some but there is plenty here to keep you going. It's a great value collection with good sonic quality and lots of character.

    What a great pack this is. Full of very useable drums and synth sounds. All beautifully processed. Some of the drum loops are extremely nice. If you want a no fuss quick, easy and vibey sample pack to get you going when writing at house tempo this could be perfect for you. Nice one guys!

    Although this is not the most comprehensive of sample packs, there are still plenty of patches that are very useable. Lots of dusty samples and loops. Often good to base a production around. Please don't expect subtle playable patches but, instead, one shot samples that might spark inspiration and get you going on a backing track.

    This is simply the best collection of Dub Reggae drums I've ever come across. Very authentic and very nicely recorded. The dub FX patches are also very good for adding flavour to all kinds of electronic music. I've used these in several tunes so far. Amazing pack! Cheers!


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