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Scott has ploughed a wide and all encompassing path during his 10 years as a DJ and producer, playing and producing right across the spectrum of house. His influences range from disco and funk right through to deep house, basslines and mid-90’s US & UK garage, taking in all that’s great about modern house music. Scott's energy and vibe as a performer has been winning him fans worldwide, and his reputation as a DJ and standout producer is one of the fastest growing in the industry.


  • A simply brilliant collection from one of the UK's most influential and important artists over the last couple of decades. There's tons of great material in here - piano loops, Rhodes, strings, synths and more. This pack contains a great spread encompassing the evolution of MJ's different sounds and touches on 2-Step & 4/4 garage, house, classical and even some UK funky and bass elements. The drum hits and oneshots are plentiful and really nicely processed which means you'll be able to get a groove going in no time at all. One of my favourite folders is the reverses - great for adding tension and emotion and for injecting that MJ Cole vibe into your productions. The musicianship on the piano and rhodes loops is, as you would expect, first class and there are some beautiful cinematic, movie-score style riffs as well. Not to be missed!

    Some great vibes in here with an authentic, freeform jazz feel. The loops, inspired by a selection of jazz greats, are well recorded and well labelled with key information. What's handy is that there's a choice of variations on each theme which gives tons of flexibility. My personal advice would be to to cut these loops up into single hits and span them across your keyboard. There's loads of fun to be had, with the potential for literally hundreds of new progressions - this collection is especially suited to MPC style hip hop and classic sampling techniques, as well as house and the more musical end of drum & bass.

    This is a really excellent collection with plenty of content to keep you busy. It's neatly divided into 5 folders - bass, drums, music, fx and tops loops and whilst there are no oneshots it doesn't really matter too much because the material is so strong. What I like is that there's a good variation of tech house inspired vibes; the bass loops folder is bulging with 125 loops - everything from analog basses to organs acid-style lines and subs. The drums have the right amount of skip for me, and there's a good variation here too, so you should find what you need. My personal use for the drum loops was hipass filtering them and using them to fill out the drum groove. Top loops are also really solid and interesting - 134 of those, so this pack represents great value for money as well.

    First of all, the musicianship on this collection is outstanding and when you add that to the flexibility of the included Kontakt instrument then you have a perfect product. There's loads of versatility within the content - covering guitars, keys, basses and more, so there's lots of fun to be had re-grooving the parts or mixing and matching them. It's nice to see a pack in this genre done well, and it's really not a surprise that F9 have nailed it once again. Highly recommended for house, nu-disco or pretty much any genre that needs a bit of funk.


    Rating: 9/10

    Some seriously good vibes in here. as the name suggests, the soundworld is dreamy and soulful with nice, detailed melodics. The whole pack has an organic flavour to it and what really stands out are the musical parts. There's a healthy amount of matching bass and synth loops if you're just looking to get something down quickly and there's loads of additional scope for chopping these up and making them your own. The midi is an added bonus.

    A great selection of vibes here covering the more slo-mo chill type styles as well the more common house tempos. Great mallets, blissed-out chords, pitched vocals and caribbean-influenced sounds mean that the choice of sounds is really on point. Definitely nails the genre and because of the kit format there's loads of scope for working the kits and making them your own.

    A great selection of vibes and the soundworld is deep, as you would expect. The kits range from Anjunadeep style deep cuts, right through to tech house rollers and upfront square bass jams. It's all really well produced and nicely balanced - the kits have enough to sound great already whilst still leaving you some room for additional processing to make it your own. Definitely nails the genre and because of the Niche format there's loads of scope for reworking the kits and making them your own. Recommended.

    Utah - Complete House

    Rating: 9/10

    Not the largest pack in terms of content, but there's a focus on quality with the bass loops and melodic loops. Bass loops are strong and on-point for the current musical trends, and there's a bunch of useful vocals hits and loops. What's great about this collection is that as the name suggests, it nicely straddles a few genres and so is useable in a wide range of house including the more bass and tech-led styles.


    Rating: 8/10

    This is a pretty cool collection. Lots of vibes and a great palette of sounds to pick from if you're after atmospherics and cinematic stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

    Ministry of House

    Rating: 7/10

    Some vibes in here and some really useful bits and pieces. The sounds are nicely processed and well produced. Overall there's a nice palette of material which could find a home in most areas of house.

    Some great vocals in here - super soulful and brilliantly sung, as you would expect from anything associated with Reel People. These would undoubtedly be useful for pretty much any kind of house/dance as well as downtempo and hip hop stuff. There's also plenty of fun to be had by using a bar or 2 of the ad-libs creatively or by chopping/pitching the loops. Great royalty-free vocals are hard to come by so this is recommended!

    Soulful Hip Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    Wonderful set of kits here, very much on the organic soulful tip. Niche products usually give you a whole lot of freedom because of the kit format and this is no different. This collection would work well in downtempo/chill genres as well as housier vibes too.

    PURE 909

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastically well recorded loops and sounds here. Ultra flexible due to the stem format and they just sound great. Single hits are also provided. I personally would have liked some rawer types of vibes but the processing is spot-on and so allows for you to imprint your own sonic flavour in any case. Would recommend.

    Analogue Hip Hop Cuts

    Rating: 9/10

    A fantastic collection with a focus on all things dusty and organic. Personally I'll get the most use from the oneshots and chopping up the drum breaks for some all-new grooves. The soundworld is mostly jazzy, textured and mellow and there's enough here to keep you busy for a while.

    A solid and comprehensive collection. The focus is on funky material but this pack will no doubt find it's way into deeper productions and tech house tracks too, as a result of the excellent percussion loops and tops loops. Overall the drum loops are varied and plentiful, and they're the star of the show here.

    Future Soul Presets

    Rating: 8/10

    A great spread of all the elements you'll need to create this sound. Well programmed and versatile. This collection would also work well with garage, deep house and other downtempo genres. Recommended.

    Some nice stuff here, plenty to keep you busy and it's upfront and on point for the genre. As with the first volume a lot of the lyrical content is similar across the samples, which is actually is a good thing since it increases your chances of finding exactly the right tone and delivery that you're after.

    There's a lot to like about this pack. Leanne had huge success with the UK Garage anthem 'Flowers', and so it's obvious that her voice is going to be well suited to dance music. This should suit anyone making house, garage, drum n bass, electro and so on. All of the singing is solid and there's loads of scope for chopping and pitching the most expressive words in any given phrase. Good vocal packs are hard to come by so make sure you grab this one!

    Real Deep

    Rating: 9/10

    This is a great pack, and another welcome addition to what is already a solid catalogue from this label. As the title and demo suggests, the soundworld is on the warm, organic, lush tip with the emphasis on 'real' deep house. This collection would probably work well in downtempo and chillout productions too.

    Sub Loops 5

    Rating: 8/10

    Some cool vibes all round here, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Tight, punchy sub loops that should play nicely with any drum groove. These are more on the jackin/tech side with some that also be suitable for more techno influenced productions.

  • Awesome sounds, brilliantly processed - a fantastic concept. Lots of sound shaping options in the Kontakt version and this is absolutely essential for producers making any sort of dance music that needs the upfront piano sound.

    Quality is the focus here, and there's more than enough to keep you busy. Really well processed loops with just the right amount of swing and bite. Perfect to add vibe to any sort of production, really.

    Quality is the focus here, and there's more than enough to keep you busy. Really well-processed loops with just the right amount of swing and bite. Small selection of one shot drums, which actually, are all really useful. Overall this pack is perfect to add vibe to any sort of production, really.

    Some cool vibes all round and this is definitely on point for the genre. There's a good spread of all the bits and pieces you'd need to make a full on tech house production. Good value for the money, I'm certain some of these sounds will be popping up in many a production in the months ahead.

    Pretty cool spread of sounds here for 2 popular soft synths that definitely have their place in today's production arsenal. The patches are nicely programmed and on point for the genre. These will work well in any chilled genres, as well as tropical and deep house, etc.

    A nice focus on quality in this pack - the bass multi-samples are spot on and really well processed. Drum hits and chord stabs are great too. You can also have some additional fun if you chop up the drum loops into individual hits and reprogram them. Overall, plenty to fun to be had with this collection.

    Future House

    Rating: 8/10

    Some cool bits in here and overall, a strong palette of upfront sounds. I really liked the vocals and drum hits which are well processed and easy to work with.

    Fantastic pack, this is. Just what you might need for that drop or finishing touch. Loads of little vocal snips that can be used in all manner of ways. Super authentic and well recorded.

    Solid stuff here. The music loops are great as you would expect but the real standouts for me are the drums and percussion loops - really nicely processed with a live, organic feel.

    Outstanding pack, some really beautiful textures and loops in here. The vocals are worth the price on their own and I think pretty much any producer making any style of electronic or downtempo styles could get some serious use from this collection.

    Haven't gotten to mess around with all of the patches, but the ones I've auditioned are really very good. On point for the genre and designed to fit nicely into your tracks. This can be a sound that's quite hard to nail so the guys at Samplestate have done well here.

    Outstanding drum samples, beautifully processed. Lots of professional, precision channel strips and for the price point there's a ton of great content. Highly, highly recommended.

    Outstanding samples and patches that really bite (as house pianos need to!) and fit perfectly into the mix... Another excellent collection from F9 Audio.

    Uk Garage Vocals Vol1

    Rating: 8/10

    Some cool vibes in here, all very much on point for genre. Loads of bits and pieces to chop up and mess around with.

    An all-round standout collection of all the bits and bobs you could want for your percussive needs. The quality is high and producers from pretty much any genre could get plenty of use from this pack.

    Fantastically well put together pack. There's real quality in here and the vocals are the standout element for me. Literally every type of electronic music producer could get use from this product. Highly recommended.

    Some really nice vibes in here. Very much in the Sante style, as you would expect, and really useful for layering underneath drums to build a solid groove. Almost any type of producer making electronic music could get some use from these.

    Zuess FX Vol 1

    Rating: 9/10

    Wonderful selection of FX in here covering a nice range of all things you'll need to add those finishing touches. I like to look at FX as kind of the glue that holds the record together when it's done and if you're making any sort of dance music you'll definitely need to add interest to breakdowns and builds. This pack makes all that effortless - well worth the money and should keep you busy for quite some time!

    Ultimate Garage Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Great selection of vocals as usual, don't let the name fool you though - these are suitable for much more than just garage, and will work nicely for all kinds of house as well as EDM and dubstep etc. The pack is presented in 4 keys should you should easily be able to find something that fits.

    Vintage Rhodes

    Rating: 9/10

    Fantastic pack all round, well recorded and captures the classic Rhodes feel brilliantly. I highly recommend getting creative with it and chopping up the excellently played loops to make something with your own twist.

  • Thought I would check this out. A nice selection of varied vibes, oneshots are great but beyond that there is a really wide range of material in here, enough to keep Future House & EDM producers interested for ages.

    Modern Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    Firstly - excellent vocals which will fit pretty much any kind of house track and are worth the full price on their own. When you add that to a wide range of drum loops, all presented with their stripped variants, then this pack becomes very useful indeed. The bass loops are pretty on point too and as added bonus there's a lovely range of well recorded analogue drum machine hits to go alongside the main drum hits. Definitely recommended.

    The Blues Sessions Vol2

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolutely brilliant sample collection that can't be faulted really. Authentic, lovingly recorded loops and the I think the vocals are the standout for me. So much to choose from in here, there's plenty of scope for slicing and dicing these sounds way beyond their original form. With the current trend towards blues and jazz influenced house tracks I'm sure these will find their way into any number of house and techno productions.

    Some solid stuff in here, pretty authentic all round and ideal for chopping up for those one or 2 words you might need as a part of a drop. It's all fairly similar in terms of lyrical content but that isn't really a problem as that increases the chances of finding just what you're looking for in terms of delivery and flow. I'm sure all kinds of electronic music producers could make use of this product.

    Authentic, fat, warm and easy to use.. This ticks all the boxes if you don't have access to the real thing. Thoughtfully put together and this series is a great introduction into learning about different synths and the unique sound of each one.

    Authentic, fat, warm and easy to use.. The 101 is a certified bass monster and this ticks all the boxes if you don't have access to the real thing. Thoughtfully put together, the patches sound great and this series from Loopmasters is a great introduction into learning about different synths and the unique sound of each one.

    Great stuff as usual with a nice amount of variation in the types of sounds which is always helpful. Samplestate doesn't disappoint and this pack should give producers plenty of inspiration.

    Classic 90s House

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really nice stuff in here, nails the genre perfectly and there are plenty of bonus little bits and pieces to keep you occupied, all presented with MIDI files. A really nice job overall and musically a good foundation for all sorts of dance music, not just house.

    Some really really nice stuff in here. Soundbeds and atmospheres suitable for all kinds of music. It's nice and easy to drop into track but at the same time isn't too clean.

    These packs are wonderful for chopping out small phrases and vocals to create a vibe, or placing at the end of 4 or 8 bars as a fill. Definitely recommended.

    Some good vibes here, I particularly like the old skool sounding one shot stabs and chords which fit the genre perfectly. I'm sure a lot of producers will find use for the drums too, which are conveniently broken down into individual elements. A solid pack all round.

    Lots of great musical hits and stabs, perfectly on point for the genre and adaptable to house, drum and bass and even breaks, I would imagine. Drums are well processed and have a nice organic feel. Another very good product from RawCutz.

    Lots of great musical hits and stabs, perfectly on point for the genre and easily adaptable to house and drum and bass. Drums are well processed and have a nice organic feel. Another very good product from RawCutz.

    As expected, really great stuff here. All of the samples are authentic and there's plenty of inspiration by way of the musical one shots. In addition to hip hop, this pack would be perfect for the current trend towards more organic house sounds and jazzy drum and bass.

    As expected, really great stuff here. All of the samples are authentic and there's plenty of inspiration by way of the musical one shots. In addition to hip hop, this pack would be perfect for the current trend towards more organic house sounds and jazzy drum and bass.

    Super solid, really well programmed and on point for the genre. I would expect nothing less from the ever reliable Samplestate. Money well spent.

    Nu Jack House

    Rating: 8/10

    A really nice selection of vibes here. Everything is provided in both MIDI and audio formats so you'll be able to get a groove running in no time. The drum loops and drum midi files are on point and full of all the swing and bump you would expect from jackin' house pack. In addition there are some seriously rockin' vocal loops and playable bass patches that are essential to getting that Chicago house sound.

    There's a real focus on quality over quantity in this pack, which I think is nice to see and the result is that pretty much every musical loop is useable as are the bass loops. There is actually a ton of drum loops too, all with an authentic sound - really on point for not only disco house styles but also the more organic styles that are popular at the moment. Although it's all funky material, There is nothing cheesy or contrived in here. Recommended.

    Essential Bass House

    Rating: 7/10

    Overall the standout aspects of this product are the tops loops, which have a nice amount of variation and swing, also there is a cool selection of one shots which should appeal.

    Some decent stuff in here, it's mainly on the 'harder' side, meaning the synth sounds and riffs are more aggressive sounding than I would usually associate with the usual Nu Disco and Indie Dance styles. However, the MIDI is very handy and allows for all types of possibilities in reworking some cool songstarters.

  • A really solid pack, I found these grooves and the general feel of the pack to be more on the chilled side - perfect if you want to make actual deep house. The 5Pin Media packs are always very well put together and this is a great addition for helping to get those vibes and ideas down quickly.

    Some nice ideas and vibes in here. Working in MIDI is of course super flexible and I can't think of anyone who does it better than 5Pin Media. The packs are always useable and interesting and this is no exception.

    This really is a great pack, right on the money in terms of vibe and musicality. The Nu Disco style patches in particular stand out in the best possible way and they're programmed so well that using these are very enjoyable and instantly inpsiring. Highly recommended.

    Deep Tone

    Rating: 8/10

    I was impressed with these. A nice all round selection of kits with lots of sounds spanning drum hits, basses, chords and more. They're all nicely processed and great for getting a solid idea going. It's the best of both worlds - the flexibility that MIDI would give you with the quality and the punch that WAV samples provide. There's a lot you can do with this and Niche Audio looks to be another great concept from Loopmasters.

    Great pack. Firstly, there's a lot of choice and flexibility because there are many bass and music loops which work together. These keys are pretty much spot on for the genre. Secondly, the multisamples are a great touch and allow you to dig a bit deeper alongside the MIDI you're provided with. Easy to use and highly recommend.

    Future House Vocals 3

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really cool little vocals in here sung in a range of keys, which means you should easily be able to find something that fits whatever you're working on. Also, with the current trend for pitching vocals even if one isn't the exact key it's simple to change it to fit. Nice lyrics that fit the genre pretty well and a good standard of recording. I personally found this most useful for extracting a 1 bar hook line and with around 6 or 7 vocal loops per singer per key there is some variation to keep things interesting.

    Nice solid pack here from my mates The Wideboys. Ed & Jim have been doing the business for quite a while now and this pack has some great grooves and samples. I will personally get the most use from the individual drum layers but actually all of the drum loops are solid and instantly useable. The stabs and hits are on point, and the construction kit format of this product means it provides instant inspiration to help you build a vibe quickly.


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