Hector Romero

Hector Romero

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As an A&R exec for Def Mix Music and Saw Recordings, Hector works closely with his Def Mix counterparts and Saw’s Satoshi Tomiie to sign some of the finest Dance Music around. With 30+ years of experience as a DJ in addition to his experience as a label exec, Hector is now throwing his musical diversity and eclectic taste into the remix/production arena. Collaborations are in the works with Satoshi, Quentin Harris & his idol David Morales. Expect to hear musical productions that will cement his legacy in Dance Music.


  • Planet 909

    Rating: 10/10

    This kit captures the drums sounds I grew up on. Going to Todd Terry's studio as a teenager the TR909 was one of the machines used to create some of the House classics that still sound fresh to this day. This is a pure unaltered 909 kit that captures the essence of 90's dance music


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