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In the last decade Andy Whitby has blazed a trail of show-stopping performances, jaw-dropping productions and numerous best-selling Ministry of Sound Euphoria albums, contributing to him becoming one of the most popular and downloaded artists on the Hard Dance Music scene. From sell-out tours of England, America, Australia, Russia, Canada and Spain to name just a few, he has become known for his love of complex three-deck mixing, gorgeous vocals and monstrous basslines; ensuring every mix is heavily layered with FX, chops, loops and acapellas. The winner of Best DJ, Best Resident and Best Album numerous times at the Hard Dance Awards, Whitby has also recently been made Hard Dance Music Editor for the World’s biggest clubbing magazine Mixmag, reviewing the hottest new HDM content every month.


  • If you are looking for a massive range of aggressive vocal hooks, bars or full tracks for ideas and insirations in your productions - this is the pack for you! Huge range of content, perfect for using a few bars before a drop or for your full song. Incredible flow and perfect clarity. Great pack.

    With Summer just round the corner, you need to be heading into the studio with all the weapons you can find - and this pack delivers! From insane leads, crystal-clear percussion, monster basslines and whatever else you need to smash together that next floor smasher - Singomakers have got you! Great range of styles and sounds, not just Melbourne Bounce, this is fresh-as-it-comes electroic dance music chaos!

    A monster pack of elements, parts, samples and sounds for when you need inspiration on your latest dancefloor destroyer! This release is stacked with goodies to ensure you can take your music in whatever direction you wish, from midi to perc, sound banks to actual synth and bass loops - its got it all. Solid release from one of my favourite production sample companies.

    Ultimate Garage Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Good vocal packs are hard to find at the best of times but when a label like Soul Rush steps up and smashes together all their biggest in one big pack you know you will find something for your latest project. Different styles and vocal types are all present, from soft-sided love songs through to the more street-edged themes - 'something for everyone' is an overused term but applies perfectly here - invest!

    House Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is everything I expected it to be - big, original, royalty free vocals, perfect for several styles of writing. There is a massive amount of content available, over 1.5GB of big vocal action - must-buy for those wanting a hook on their next anthem.

    Heavyweight Trap

    Rating: 9/10

    It was expected as Trap rose up and became the 'in' sound of the moment that production packs and kits would start being available - Monster Sounds, as always, have absolutely nailed it with one of the best of the bunch. Huge range of sounds and ideas for your tracks, from monster bass and riffs through to big vocals and FX. If you are thinking of writing Trap, this pack is essential.

    An absolutely amazing pack – we definitely need more of these; strong MC samples are hard to come by but this one is perfect for several styles and genres of production. Lots of choice in both sample length and BPM – hopefully in the second edition we can see the addition of some female shouts too? A must-buy for producers.

    Harder EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    1.25gb of big sounds and content for your productions – what more could you ask for? Hitmakers have done it again – this is a brilliant pack of multiple folders, sounds, fx and loops to help beef up your music and contribute to your next tough smasher. Bass and drum loops, FX, synth lines and even full construction kits are included in here for a range of genres and styles; club, big room, electro, progressive and more – there really is something for any fan of electronic dance music.

    It’s great to see more and more sample companies jumping on the Melbourne bandwagon of late, mainly due to the diversity and energy in this particular style of music. MEB by Singomakers is a little different than the rest as it contains sounds and elements to help producers who want to bring ideas across from other styles; trance, electro, house and many more are all featured in this 1.37gb pack, split into folders of twisted drop synths, straight basslines, epic breakdown themes etc – it’s a very across-the-board collection of great additions to your sample, percussion and VST bank collection.

    I love vocal packs where the vocalist puts that extra effort into her performances, letting the passion, grit and emotion of her voice carry a potential future anthem – Kate Wild brings all this and more in this release and I hope it’s the start of a series of releases from such a talented woman. Everything you need to add some vox magic to your new track is here, clearly key and BPM labeled. Gorgeous sound quality adds to the package, making it an essential addition to any producer’s library who loves to work with vocals.

    Miami Rap Acapellas

    Rating: 10/10

    As soon as I saw this land in my inbox I knew it would be a great addition to the previous releases in this style – I wasn’t disappointed! This pack is absolutely top notch for those who need either full length vocal lines or short bar-length hooks before a drop or change in their track. High quality as always and in a rage of BPMs, packs like this are an essential purchase for producers.

    Attitude, passion and a unique tone to her voice makes the Kele Le Roc vocal pack a great addition to any sample library. It’s always exciting to see a vocalist who has had so much success put out a product, which lets other producers use her talents in their productions, and this one has something for everyone. As expected, the recording quality and after-production on the vox is of the highest order, make this an addition to your samples folder now.

    I absolutely love this series of vocal packs – each one has some of the best MC and rap royalty free samples you can find – with this bundle not being any different. Crystal clear and perfect for using as full multiple bar samples or just the odd word, they can be used in a range of productions, styles and genres. I advise any producer who needs vox samples to grab the whole series.

    EDM Power Pack Vol. 3

    Rating: 9/10

    The latest addition to the Power Pack series and it’s more of the same; high quality, big sounds perfect for those who want their tracks to sound fresh and in-your-face! As always it’s a mass of folders and choices, from percussion and riffs all the way through to bassline and FX stabs – I always advise producers like this to grab bundles of this quality because it adds to the choices you have while writing. A big release.

    Melbourne Bounce

    Rating: 10/10

    Great to see Loopmasters joining the Melbourne Bounce side of things – this package is huge; monster elements for making your next MB banger – from premade riffs and leads through to huge synth patches, perc, FX and all the elements you need to fill out the track. More of this please guys – absolutely love it!

    Melbourne Bounce Attack

    Rating: 10/10

    Melbourne Bounce is the sound of 'now' with artists like R3hab, Deorro and VINAI all smashing up the Beatport charts with huge bass and monster bend-heavy leads - so if that's what you are after, you've come to the right place with this pack! As is always the case with Singomakers, this release is jam-packed to the brim with big sounds, midi, loops, riffs, basslines and much more - if you want to bring your tracks into the style of what is selling BIG then grab this audio delight of a bundle!

    Over 1GB of fresh and exciting content is packed into this release - showcasing the hottest new styles and flavours of EDM, including trance leads, electro basslines and monster drops to rock any of your new productions. Split into a massive of folders, including drop & bass loops, drum fills, drum loops, FX, melodies and the all-important midi files - this pack is another notch on the belt of one of the best production sample-pack companies. If you need inspiration this is the purchase for you! Essential!

    Deep Analogue House

    Rating: 8/10

    Something a little different here, but when it comes to RA you know whatever they put out is going to be of the highest quality and perfect for producers to use in any direction they wish to take their music. This bundle includes some really strong vocals, not just for house but useable in any genre - something I wish more sample companies would offer. A massive range of folders awaits you; bass hits, drum loops, ethereal voices, music loops and much much more - it's a giant collection of non-mainstream sounds for those who like things a little less obvious than big snares and bendy drops. Worth a purchase.

    EDM Revolution

    Rating: 10/10

    Singomakers have become one of my favourite sample brands in only a few releases due to several factors; the quality of their content, the amount of bang you get for your buck and the diversity of sounds and styles. Folders within folders of content, from bassline loops to full riff ideas and one shots or VST sound banks, everything you need is here to make a new banger!

    Bass Heavy House

    Rating: 8/10

    This release does exactly what it says on the tin; struggling to find the right bass pattern or drop loop? Look no further – this has what you need and more. Everything from full basslines through to percussion and one shots – the only downside is the limited amount of vocal loops but if that’s not your thing this is a perfect package for when you need some heavy house bass in your life.

  • EDM Hooks and Drops

    Rating: 9/10

    Big packs featuring huge amounts of high quality content is what Loopmasters are about and the reason they are the industry leader for sample and production parts – EDM Hooks & Drops is one to add to that collection! This is a monster package with over 1GB of fresh loops, sounds, stabs, percussion, FX and much more – add to the mix a huge range of sampler patches and you have total control over your next big production. Don’t let the title fool you however, this isn’t just for EDM, with most of the content being useable in almost any style of dance music – the only thing holding you back is your own creativity!

    Summer EDM Festivals

    Rating: 9/10

    If you are looking for inspiration for your next big summer smasher this is the perfect pack – there is SO much content packed into this release! Everything from bass loops and FX through to drop loops, percussion and VST patches – all riffs and patterns come with midi counterparts to make things even easier. I love packs like this as there is always a magnitude of content that can be used in any style of music.

    Ultimate House

    Rating: 8/10

    Something for everyone in this absolutely MONSTER bundle of over 2GB of content!! Packs like this are perfect for stocking up your sample library, even if this particular style of music isn’t your thing; there is literally something for everyone – with many perc, bass and synth loops being perfect for other genres of music. Full construction kits are including to round off this mega package – grab it and enjoy using the mass of music available!

    Big Bad EDM 2

    Rating: 9/10

    After the success of the previous ‘Big Bad EDM’ release I knew this was going to be something special and wasn’t disappointed – 10 massive full kits covering all the big genre flavours of house/electro/progressive, each kit comes with full midi, parts, stems and loops – you can do whatever you want with them, all clearly BPM and key labelled – Famous Audio have delivered again, a brilliant release!

    Supercharged EDM

    Rating: 8/10

    Another huge release from one of my favourite production companies REZONE – this is a monster package coming in at nearly 1GB of content, aimed at those who love EDM but a lot of these samples and ideas can be used in several genres and styles of dance music. The addition of the sampler patches is a huge plus as it lets you really tweak and work on a sound you like but want to make your own. Lots of midi, riff loops and insane bass finishes things off nicely; worth a buy!

    Big doesn’t always mean better, and when a 1GB package lands in my inbox I expected a little higher quality from a label who is usually bang on point. There are some super cool sounds you can build into your productions but overall I was struggling to find something that really jumped out and smashed my speakers. Disappointing but don't let that put you off this company as their past releases have been on form.

    Essential EDM Presets

    Rating: 7/10

    With everyone jumping on the EDM bandwagon of sample and preset packs it’s easy to get lost and waste your money on the wrong choices; this one is certainly worth checking out. Big bass or huge hands in the air moments are all catered for with over 100 Massive and Sylenth presets to load in, f**k with and make your own! Even if you don’t own these VSTs they supply the wav loops of the sounds taken from them so it’s a win win situation, lovely!

    Firstly, understand that this pack is HUGE – with just under 1.5GB of content to get your musical minds around, it’s got everything from basslines to chopped-up vocal loops through to nearly 150 synth patterns and so much more, it’s a beast! Everything is split into 3 different BPM folders, meaning that, no matter what you choose to write or what direction you want to take your productions, there is something in here for you. I always find it’s worth checking out all genre-style packs and not just the ones based around the style of music you are writing; you never know what brilliance you will find!

    Twerk It Out

    Rating: 8/10

    Something a little different this time from Quantum Loops and it’s safe to say if you are looking for insane leads and bendy noises in your tracks you have come to the right place! The ‘lead loops’ folder is rich with samples that can be used in several styles of music, whatever level of ‘crazy’ you want to take things! Coupled with the percussion and midi folders allows you to have total control in producing a solid dance banger. Certainly worth a purchase if you need pitch-changing sounds in your productions or want to stock up on solid trap sounds.

    Serious Electro 3

    Rating: 7/10

    Famous Audio have been firing out some amazing packs of late, and although this isn’t my favorite of their recent releases it’s still strong enough to warrant a listen if you are on the hunt for fresh forward-thinking samples in your productions. Lots of content in this one, from full construction packs through to perc and bass loops and some stuttered chopped-up vox for good measure. A cool addition to this release are side-chained samples in the bass folder and percussion in several parts; layered or split into multiple wavs. Although controlling your own side-chain parameters is important in production, it gives you a better idea of if a bass can work when you can hear an example of it dipping where the kick might be – making your choices easier. Hoover loops, bleeps and risers finish things off nicely to make this an all-round decent purchase but not the best from FA.

    Big Bad Trap

    Rating: 8/10

    On the hunt for samples and new sounds it’s always cool to check out different genres you might not consider for inspiration, you’ll be surprised by what you find! ‘Big Bad Trap’ is the latest release in Famous Audio’s ‘Big Bad’ series, focusing on the biggest genres and offering a helping hand to get your tracks sounding like you want. As always from FM this one has lots of content (folders within folders of fresh sounds) and is split into several categories, from drums and percussion through to synth and bass loops. Upon digging a little deeper you’ll find hoovers, vocals and amazing bleep loops perfect for taking your music from ‘standard’ to ‘special’ – just what we all want! I wouldn’t use this to make trap productions myself but the samples are versatile enough to be used in most styles of dance music – which is what I love about Famous Audio, they always deliver.

    EDM Power Pack Vol. 2

    Rating: 7/10

    I really enjoy getting packs like this; content rich and with multiple parts to really help productions. This bundle contains 9 folders of EDM elements, from bass loops through to percussion and synth patches. Although the amount of content is high, the quality isn’t the best I’ve heard from these guys and it might take some trial and error before you find something that might add that ‘extra’ to your tracks. The melody folder is probably the strongest of the bunch, with some really exciting and fresh ideas to base a track around. Everything is clearly key labelled and rendered at 126bpm and sound quality is, as always, of the highest form. A good addition to a sample library but worth looking a bit more if you need a particular sound or style.

    Explosive EDM Arsenal

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack is huge – with over 1.2GB of content it’s perfect for a producer wanting to get a boost in their dance music productions. From EDM through to Hard-dance and everything in between, this pack is an essential addition to your sample library as it has something for everyone. From percussion loops through to riffs, stabs and synth pre-sets – if you can’t find something that works well in your dance music track from this pack then you have a problem, it’s that versatile. The pre-made riffs and synth loops are superb, you can easily use them as a base of an entire track if you are struggling with inspiration, it’s that easy – just throw it in there, everything is cleared label by key and bpm, chop it up and do what you want with it. Hopefully this will be the first of a series in this style by these guys – they might be a little more expensive than standard packs but you get exactly what you pay for; a huge package of elements to contribute towards making your music better.

    I'm a massive fan of this series; making high-quality royalty-free rap acapellas is something I wish we'd see more of and although this pack isn't the strongest of the previous 'New York Vol.1 & 2' and 'Deep South' packs it does carry some weight when looking for something extra to add to your track. Be it either a full 4-bar line or a simple hook before the drop, this pack has something for everyone. Samples are available in 3 speeds; 96bpm, 127bpm and 140bpm, although the faster ones do sound a little too quick for what they are saying. I much prefer it when the vocalists go with rhyming at half the speed for the higher bpms so they fit nicer and don't make things sound cluttered. Sound quality is, as expected, perfect; loopmasters never disappoint on that side of things. Overall a nice addition to your sample library but nowhere near as useful as the other releases in this series.

    I love these packs, together with ‘New York Rap Acapellas Vol.1 & 2’ and ‘Real City Rap Acapellas’ Monster Sounds continue to supply amazing, royalty free rap packs for producers who need a full verse in their track or a cool hook before a drop. The artists featured in this pack say their lines with attitude and aggression, making them perfect for any style of music. Super clean and gorgeous quality comes as standard with all Loopmaster products, you can hear what the MCs are saying perfectly. The great things about sample packs like these is they are incredible versatile and will stand the test of time – this pack is already a little old but the samples stand up in today’s productions fine. Definitely worth a purchase.

    My first review for Loopmasters and I wanted it to be a pack that I think is perfect for any style genre of music - obviously certain vocal packs are focused towards particular genres but with this one you can use it's stems for whatever direction you want to take your productions. From electro through to Hard-dance this pack is perfect for adding something extra to your ideas. Samples are super clean and come through in the mix perfectly, you won’t have to spend hours EQing and tweaking to try and make them work. I really hope they release a vol.3 as both 1 and 2 are great additions to your sample database and I shall be using this pack in a number of my forthcoming tracks – definitely worth a purchase.

    It’s rare to come across a vocal pack that contains both female singers AND original high quality male MCs – this has both in bunches! It is perfect for anyone wanting a big vocal hook on their future anthem, or something a little more groove based; the selection and styles of the rhymes have been catered to fit over anything from house through to HDM and everything in between. My only criticism would be vocals that reference a genre style (in this instance ‘garage’ is mentioned a few times throughout) means you can’t really use that particular vocal stem in other style tracks but that’s just me trying to find a tiny fault in an otherwise incredible package. If you need original royalty free vocals this pack is certainly worth checking out – it’s got something for everyone. Love it.


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