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Brighton based CAPSUN is known as a singer, producer and DJ. Combining classic songwriting with forward thinking bass music he has established himself with a prolific output of originals, remixes and bootlegs. As a sound designer he has produced best-selling sample packs and heads up his own sample label CAPSUN ProAudio.

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  • Hip Hop Shadows Vol1

    Rating: 9/10

    Another awesome atmospheric and soulful hip-hop pack by Chemo. Lot's of lo-fi warmth and great natural processing. Some crisp drums and layers that are great for most genres, especially cool for adding some analogue vibes. Recommended

    A great representation of 2 of the most iconic drum machines of all time. Excellent quality recording and well thought out samplers. This is about as near as you're going to get to the real thing and the Maschine kits make getting started quick and creative. Recommended!

    A really useful collection of field recordings and found sounds. Good for adding texture and atmosphere to your productions and everything is clean and well recorded. Big respect on the time and effort it takes to create a solid library such as this.

    Fantastic real strings that are split into many useable sections. Perfect for hip-hop & rap but also great for chops in disco/house. Easy to get that classic Kanye sound (who Pete Whitfield recorded for!) but I'm sure also just as at home in high end pop production or lo-fi experimental with some re-sampling. A gold mine of real, high quality strings.

    Excellent collection of Thos patches for Reason users. Also includes the midi and wav loops for every sound making it easy to navigate and use quickly. Really good retro sounds but perfect for future bass, tropical house, chillwave etc and Thor is still a beast!

    Stunning collection of vocals. Should be a go to for producers looking for raw vocals to chop and twist. Kate Wild's vocals are perfect for forward thinking electronic music and everything from full acapellas to one shots are provided, dry and ready to process. A voice that's made for dance music. Highly Recommended.

    2 Step Garage

    Rating: 10/10

    If you're looking for samples in the style of 2 Step, UKG, Oldskool Garage and Bass House then look no further. I was blown away by how legit these sound sets are, sounding more like they're lifted straight from white label dubplates than put together in Maschine. Speaking of Maschine, the formatting is bang on and instantly useable. Great projects and kits giving lots of hints and tips on how to put it all together. Top work from Scott Diaz and Niche Audio.

    This is next level. If you want to inject some funk elements into your production, you can't do better than this pack! With one of the best players in the world doing the live work and the production coming from James of Freemasons, this collection from F9 is as high-end as it gets. All analog gear, all analog processing and modern innovative formatting for Kontakt, NN-XT and more. Honestly just check out the demos and hear the difference in quality. Highly recommended.

    A strong collection full of inspiring warm and rich ambient tones and textures. Great for song starters and layering. Lots of hints of classic retro soundscapes whilst keeping up to date with modern hits, fx and glitching. Perfect for downtempo and atmospheric production but useful for lots more.

    Planet 808

    Rating: 10/10

    Not just another 808 pack. This has been lovingly sampled from an original 808 and then perfectly formatted for use in Maschine. Just enough processing to add some unique character to the sounds without taking it too far from what makes the original great. Each of the kits has a different vibe. A well put together, high quality pack that's a real weapon for any producer using Maschine.

    Liquid Trap

    Rating: 7/10

    A solid compact set with some strong, punchy Trap drums and deep 808 bass. More of a construction layout but with plenty of ideas and foundations to add signature Trap elements to any production style.

    Awesome collection! A must have for house producers. Every sound is well crafted and true to the genre, giving you all tools for Bass House and beyond. I especially enjoyed tweaking the Macros giving you a wide range of sonic possibilities with each patch. Top work.

    Fans of the first 2 volumes, like myself, will not be disappointed. Another highly thought out and inspiring set. The drum loops come loose and crunchy and hits are appropriately 12bit and oldskool. Melodic elements range from dirty synths to interesting washes and warm basses. Recommended.

    Hip Hop Horns

    Rating: 8/10

    A strong collection, packing a multitude of very well recorded horn phrases and hits, plus a surprising amount of extra loops. Good fun to work with. The horn loops are just right for that commercial RnB and Rap sound of right now but as always, they can be easily edited and played with to fit most genres. The main horn loops have been left dry and are only played on sax but for most that's a great starting point.

    The Raw Cutz Super Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    An absolute monster of a pack! All the chops and cuts you could ever want for classic hip-hop production but look a little further and it has elements perfect to layer into any production style. This is one of those collections you will keep returning to over and over for inspiration. High quality and highly recommended.

    Future Beats And RnB

    Rating: 9/10

    A solid representation of the Future Beats sound. All the signature elements are here - pitched vocals, wonky drums, retro filtered synths and interesting melodic layers. As usual Rankin Audio comes up with the goods. Strong instrumentation and ideas without a generic EDM preset in sight. Recommended.


    Rating: 10/10

    Blown away by the scale of content in this pack. Everything you could ever want from Robot, to vocoded to bit-crushed. The loops are great, particularly the more melodic ones, which are well crafted and easy to fit into any electronic production. The one shot vocal hits are perfect for drops and hooks. Double thumbs up!

    Trap & Twerk

    Rating: 8/10

    A really solid Trap pack from Singomakers. Great for any producer that makes Trap infused bass music. Strong drums and all the defining signature sounds!

    A great pack from Tom Middleton, inspirational whilst being ultra useable. The drum loops are tight and there's loads of interesting hits to play with. An extensive palette for any House producer to work from but with much further reaching uses in other genres. Recommended!

    If you're looking for some one shot inspiration like I was, don't overlook this pack. Sprinkled with the usual Singomakers quality shine, this is a great selection of fat synth hits and basses which are great as song starters and for layering. I particularly found the ready made samplers really useful and a quick way of getting started. Recommended.

  • Another great pack from RV. They pick a specific creative element and get it right. High quality evolving arps and sequences ranging from simple layers to complex patterns. The inclusion of all the loops in MIDI steps it up a level. Highly useable and highly recommended.

    A really enjoyable pack with a keen eye on quality. I was particularly impressed with the drums which are ultra current and ready to drop straight into your track. Add to that some inspiring music and vocal loops and it's a great start point for Trap, Rap & Hip-Hop producers. Good job!

    This collection from Wideboys is exactly what you'd expect from names synonymous with the sound. Great song starter loops, inventive samplers and classic UKG drums, amongst lots more. Really solid pack and a great palette to work with.

    Such a well put together pack. The sampler instruments load up perfectly and straight away you can add some authentic oldskool flavour to your production. All the sounds are high quality and instantly useable. Great job, highly recommended.

    One of the classic vintage synths, the Korg Monopoly, multi-sampled at high quality and ready to use in the sampler of your choice. I really enjoy the fact that it includes samples of the raw oscillators to use as start points for further tweaking in my own DAW. A big kick of vintage fun in an modern digital package.

    Sliced EDM Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Great high quality chopped vocal loop. Covers the tuned and chopped style right from daft punk to skrillex and all those in between. Will drop right into most electronic styles. Also having the loops tagged by bar length is really useful. Great job!


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