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After debuting back in 1995, Aquasky spent 7 years creating Drum & Bass for many key labels including Moving Shadow, Reinforced & Good Looking. In the late 90's they were hooked on a new sound, a breakbeat sound that reminded them of their old days raving at the free parties. Over the last few years Aquasky found they had exhausted what they were able to do within the remit of 'breaks', after 5 strong years of pushing the boundaries of all the styles found under that banner and a release schedule un-matched by any other producer within that scene. Combining bashment rhythms, 4/4 beats, old school vibes, trademark bass and classic breakbeat... yet to be branded but much discussed.


  • Rawstyle Massacre

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really heavy stuff in here.. huge synth sounds ! some proper banging beats, great dirty FX and loads of other sounds. Exactly what you would hope for. This collection nails it and there is plenty to choose from. Always great quality from Singomakers.

    Really useful set of midi loops, really well programmed. Great vibes and plenty to choose from. Load in a loop and swap out the sounds for ones you like and you are away. The included sounds are fat and there are plenty of options. This pack is just a really useful tool kit for the studio!

    ITs a generously BIG pack, Loads of fat usable out of the box sounds for programming Trap and hip hop a lot of ready to Rock Midi files are really useful for getting vibes down quickly. Some great sounds to bolster your productions and add vibes Nice touch to add a few serum and massive presets too, always nice to have them for added flexibility.

    EDM Vocal FX

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack, busting with sounds and FX. PBB stuff is always dope and this is quality as always. Huge choice of vocal snippets to choose from all with key sigs. This is basically a huge load of cool sounds that would have use in many styles of dance music production so well worth a look

    Three Zero Three

    Rating: 10/10

    You can definately tell these are taken from real 303's they have "the" sound. Best thing with this pack is the range of sounds , its not just bog standard samey , think a bit of time has been spent getting interesting sounds .Will be sampling some of these Multis and using them as bass sounds ...there DOPE Fat Analogy Goodness. If you need 303 or even some fat bass tones then this is well worth a look

    Trap Vocal Drop

    Rating: 7/10

    Nice collection, there's loads of different types of sounds in this pack, from melodic vocal chops to straight out crazyness. Personally I was most into the clean loops. I think they're actually the most usable and there are some really decent ones here. Overall worth checking as there's gonna be something you would want.

    Trap Ultra Pack 2

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a huge set of sounds, pretty much everthing you could want for making some trap. Also nice to get midi files and patches as its always handy if you want to mess with things. Theres a lot of stuff in this pack !

    Great set of sounds, always with PBB the content its top notch and exactly what you're looking for. Everything in here is bang on the money soundwise. Some great sounds / hits and loops. Pretty much does everything the title says!

    Maximum EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Faaat sounds by the bucketload , nice layout of the parts so you can deconstruct stuff and also having the midi is a bounus , somre really decent synth presets included too ...crisp Clean production so you have a bit of headroom to mash things up if you choose ...

    Huge collection! Loadsa fat riffs beats and fx... can't really go wrong, there's deffo gonna be something dope in here you want!

    Euphoric EDM

    Rating: 9/10

    Brillant pack, found a lot of this useful in productions, its all superclean so you can mess with it and get the sound you want. Deffo some heavy ammo here.

    Dope, some very useful starting points to get you going or even just use them striaght off. Nice quality sounds and lots to choose from

    dope pack ...loving all the stab samples , essential to have in your crates for all kinds of electronic productions ! and loads of classic jacking beats ...great pack and captures the vibe of this sound

    Trap Ultra Pack

    Rating: 7/10

    loads of good quality loops in here to choose from if you want that specific trap sound then this is the right pack to look in .

    Lovely sounds... lots of FAT and lively sounding precussion, no problems slotting these into tracks to give a bit of the live vibe to your productions.

    really nice sounding, tight bright and crisp, makes it real easy to fit into the mix and add some decent live sounding loops to a track, the ensembles are dope... cool pack for sure

    Afro Cuban Percussion

    Rating: 9/10

    great sounds super vibey and really well recorded, loving these soo much. Great to add a bit of live flavor to a track or chopped up and messed with for a more processed sound, either way theres loads to choose from

    very authentic sounding ,definately has the big bold carnivaL sound, lots to play with , i think with this pack you need to be prepared to do a bit of work, its not just a grab a loop and go kinda thing, but saying that the results would be much more real sounding , you can fully create the sound that you had recorded live from this ,or go in hard and process the raw loops into somthing really cool and original, PPB packs always seem to have a real "pro" feel with there products and this carry on that quality .

    really dope! all the parts sound properly real and full of vibes, this pack definately captures the essence of this sound , lots of other packs sound ok , but this one is really on point in my opinion , some great loops and lots of interesting and quirky bits that make it special , would have given 10 if it was a bit bigger !

    some decent sounds, the kinda stuff you expect but also a few nice surprises like the string loops.. some good percusiion and percussion ambience sounds in there, all usefull stuff , loads of guitars too ..good pack for sure well worth a look

  • House Vocal Sessions

    Rating: 9/10

    awesome, great singer and has the pack has that proper "house accapealla " feeling, bit like digging thru the old accapealla albums back in the day to sample a snippit ...lots of gems in here and the sound is lush on the production front just how you would want it, well worth checking this one out

    Trap House

    Rating: 8/10

    great hybrid of the 2 genres , nice to have some original content and ideas put out there ..rankin always hit the mark ... great sounds .lots of fun can be had with this pack !

    Deep & Jackin Garage

    Rating: 9/10

    dope set of sounds , the chop up vocals are really on point and give the jacking garage flavor...deffo gives the style of the genre right off the bat .all the sounds are quality .

    some decent sylenth presets included here which is always nice , loadsa cool midi riffs all uesable as changing key of a track with midi makes them really flexable. all this is good for many diff music styles.

    Nu Jack House

    Rating: 7/10

    solid stuff , found the vocal loops dope, deffo some nice uesable bits. beats are solid too, nice and clean so you have scope to mash them up if you like

    Mega! lots of dope ammo, liked the beat loops , some pretty creative percussion in there. Always nice to have a few sytnh presets to mess with also . solid pack all round with all the bits you need to add some flavor to a big room tune .

    great set of presets... some real classics and some interesting sounds in here. Plenty to use straight off or to mess with to inspire some dope new sounds from Massive..NICE ONE

    nice pack, really well put together. everything's split as you would hope with individual stems of each instrument and a mixed stem of each phrase and its all nice and dry so you can add your own sound. Theres lots of simple but effective pad phrases that are very useful for building up tracks and with the riffs as well you can get pretty deep into arranging your parts plus nice to have the score and midi info too

    super is deffo the key word here, if you cant find a decent sound for a tune in all this then there,s something wrong. spoilt for choice theres a lot to chose from . beats are swinging and have the authentic sound you need . literally loads of music loops, all very different and exciting but throughout the pack theres always a really cool vibe to each loop that instantly adds the magic

    beautiful programming and manipulation of sounds to make some really vibey beats , the loops deff get the ideas flowing.Really worth a look . nice to have all the loops and then the individual sounds , prob my only criticism would be nice to have a bounce of the full loops without the vinyl crackle on a couple of them that have that sound pretty loud in the mix , but saying that you can re-program it without from the stripped down parts if need be so its not a big thing . deffo a dope pack. hope they do a few more of these !

    Junkyard Percussion

    Rating: 8/10

    some really interesting sounds and loops, nice to have things like this to look at at times when your getting ideas together as it can take you on a whole journey you didnt expect. nice to be able to load the sounds into a sampler as patches and make up your own loops from some pretty out there sounds

    yes yes , this is dope , really useful multi sample of a great sounding kit , captures the real nice funk kit sound. easy to use really well set out and most importantly some variations so you can get as the sound of a real drummer as possible which is so important to get the nuances that make it sound real. really nice to see a pdf of the kit and the mics etc used with a list of the layout on the keys .. deffo recommended

    Atmospheric Pianos

    Rating: 8/10

    Great pack , really useful to have the midi parts also so you can use it to help shape your ideas but not be set to having to pitch shift or timestretch if you want to flip tempos / keys etc. awesome set of riffs and clean sounding giving you loadsa room to mess with stuff.

    Ultrasonic Complextro

    Rating: 7/10

    loadsa fun fatness and some ridiculously mad loops . some great parts to mess and mash up, nice beats cool music and fx and great bass bits , pretty much all you need is in here , and useful in multi genres , worth a look for sure !

    Laya Project

    Rating: 8/10

    theres no way you can get hold of this kind of material unless your up for traveling the world with a bunch of recording equipment in your bag ! bottom line is its loads of great authentic world music at your finger tips really great vibey recordings that can add something special to a piece of music.

    great concept for a pack ...some of its a bit out there , but then thats the idea ! theres always something in this pack that you can fit into a tune, its sometimes more fun just previewing the sounds.

    Designer Dance Kicks

    Rating: 7/10

    pretty simple ! big bunch of kick drums..yay ! , cant go wrong really always nice to have a decent choice in the computer to switch up your mixdowns and programming

    awesome loops from an outstanding player, beautifully recorded,and saved us the job of trying to get a dude to come round with a massive instrument ! nice to have some bowed bass, and the slides are really useful to make any programming sound authentic ..great pack

    big pack of bassline goodness loadsa great fat bass sounds deffo a goods addon to your sound library. Some decent massive presets also , nice to have a mixture or audio and presets in one pack , deffo adds an extra dimension

    huge presets , nice mixture of sounds too , bass ,subs , leads etc so a real nice add on to massive to give you some straight out the box sounds or a solid starting point to twist up your own sounds from them , the bhk stuff always seems bang on for drum and bass type tunes

  • big bold in yer face ! loads of decent stuff here to mess with on massive , even if you wanna use them as is ,or tweek away theres lots of scope with these presets deffo some big sounds in here

    awesome set of string loops here , adds instant emotion to any thing you use them in , really well laid out too so you can easily find what you need handy to have all the parts in midi so you can add in your own instruments easily and mess with the sequences

    its sooo useful, weather your just doing a dj mix and want some drops and builds of if you looking for a good rise / drop for a track these are great , you can either use them straight outta the box , or have a play with them and mess them up a bit :)

    faaaaaaat lots of big mentalist bass patches !! really good to go to to get a vibe patches with lots of care taken when making , there not just run of the mill blaaaaaaahhhhhhrrrgh bass notes theres lots of cool automation in there ..well worth a look

    SOOO coool ! massive pack , full of top quality analogue recorded fatness. you can tell these guys know how to play. the stuff in here can really give you the funk/ soul vibe to a tune, from authentic soundin breaks to full horn sections. but usefull for other genres too like drum and bass , hip hop and house ..awesome x

    great set of presets , not just for drum and bass and dub step tho. worth adding them into ya massive presets to give you a good staring point for some massive madness !

    BHK S.E.4 Drum Step

    Rating: 7/10

    lots of dope beats ,and bits in this one, all useful for not just drum step but straight d and b as well as other genres . would have liked a bit more musical content an a few more bass sounds would have been nice , but its all about the drums on this pack !

    high rankin smashes it with lots of bassline madness ! pretty much does exactly what the title says , some great stuff if ya wanna tear out the wobbles. lots of wicked vibey leads and other sounds in there as well to add atmosphere. over all a really useful current sounding pack .

    lots of heavy sounds, some really useable bass stuff if your looking for the fatness , nice reese selection and you can never have too many of them ! loving the shuffle beats tho, defo some great useable roll out D&B beats in this pack

    Drum and Bass legends !! quality form the boys, gives you what you really need to build solid tracks from the ground up. also nice to have some really useable musical elements not just tearing bass. this pack def has vibes about it, and all the good stuff you need is in here


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