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Beginning his career as a DJ, Sonny first gained recognition by winning a DJ Mag mix-tape competition for Renaissance; it was this breakthrough that gave him a prominent start within Ibiza's club scene, leading to high profile slots across the major clubs with a weekly residency at the infamous Manumission. Sonny has received regular support from house music heavyweights Pete Tong, Armand Van Helden, Steve Angello to name a few, but most notably, Fatboy Slim, who proclaimed “I’m devouring everything Sonny does right now, my producer of the year”. Being a regular artist on Brighton based Skint Records and with releases on the likes of Size, Toolroom, Spinnin’ and Material, Sonny also runs his own successful label Whartone Records which celebrated its 5th anniversary year in 2014.

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  • Breaks House & Techno

    Rating: 10/10

    Fans of Bicep and Dusky are in for a treat with this pack! A super strong selection of emotive and ravey breaks drawing nostalgia in a really authentic way from the old school rave era! Love the breaks in this pack particularly though also impressed a lot by the array of melody on offer across the synths and the attention to detail with the atmospherics and textured vox too. A very versatile pack this and something will be drawing on a lot no doubt!

    This pack does not disappoint! An incredible selection of sounds on offer here - rolling basslines, driving percussion and all incompassing those classic drum sounds throughout! Another one stop shop for that tech house sound that would also work well on any house music tip in the studio!

    This pack certainly stands up as an instant go to pack for that rolling and percussive Tech House sound that is dominating productions right now though could easily translate across a multitude of genres in the house spectrum. Great selection of bits across this pack that compliment the drums on offer - some great basslines, fx and strings. A superbly produced pack and even more proof Max why Max dominates this sound so well!

    Neon Nightride

    Rating: 9/10

    A HUGE selection of elements to choose from in this pack that beautifully capture the synthwave/nu disco sound! Particularly love the drums and synth loops available here and finding it interesting to incorporate these into a variety of other house style productions as well! Perfect for those Miami Nights vibes and fast becoming a new go-to pack for me lately.

    Speakin' & Preachin'

    Rating: 8/10

    Some really nice delivery in this pack with a real authentic 90's feel. Although not a huge pack there's still alot to work with and a nice split of both male and female voices that can be used in a variety of applications on all sorts of genres... excited to explore these on some forthcoming projects!

    This is an absolute gold mine of sounds that can be utilised in so many different ways across multiple genres. Maribou State have really delivered on this with a wealth of musical elements and some brilliant field recordings - a real breath of fresh air and a pack i'm really enjoying digging through right now! :)

    Already being a big fan of his productions i was really excited to see this loop pack arrive and boy does it not disappoint! Chunky drums, killer basslines and a whole heap of extras to boot - this could fast become an instant go to pack for me! :)

    Really really impressed with selection of vocals on offer here. There's pretty much something for everyone in this pack and several great hooks that can be utilised across all genres. I've no doubt this is a voice that we'll be hearing for many years to come!

    Three Zero Three

    Rating: 8/10

    Awesome selection of all things Acid in this pack and i'm sure there's plenty to keep producers in all genres pretty happy! Really impressed with the huge selection of immediately usable loops and in particular there's some great go to multi-samples & hits that allow you to make something of your own from scracth. Defo a great one-stop shop for all your 303 needs!

    Carnival House

    Rating: 8/10

    A really fun array of Carnival themed music to work with in this pack with the scope to use across many different projects. Aside from the atuthentic melodies on offer here its really the drums that drew me in and this huge selection does not let you down. From hits to loops there's pretty much every brazilian base covered - for Salsa vibes and a true taste of Rio, this sample pack is well worth checking out!

    F9 are really pushing boundaries with these packs! Not only do you get an amazing selection of highly tuned loops and expertly processed audio ready to go, they're also allowing access to the full logic files giving a real insight into how the content is created - i'm quite blown away by this and thoroughly looking forward to the next installment!

    Mainstage DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    A one stop shop for all you Drum & Bass needs! I love the huge selection of drums available here from the pre-made loops to the great stock of hits on offer allowing full control over how you can program your own. The synths and melodies are what really stand out for me in this pack and something i'd definately consider using across other genres too.

    An outstanding collection of retro and vintage samples! Theres a HUGE selection in this pack with phenomenal drums, great snares and hats and with keys and synths that are so true to that 80s era. This is an instant one stop shop for any production fans of that authentic retro sound! Highly recommended :)

    Cristoph is by far and away one of my favourite producers over the last 18 months and i'm delighted to hear this sample pack delivers everything you'd expect. An amazing selection of his signature beats & basslines, soaring synths and epic pads. Inspiring and fresh sounds to spice up any studio session - really impressed!

    Modern Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    Awesome selection of grooves with that current techy feel. I really like the variety available here with really strong drums, vox and basslines. All of which ill be sure to using alot of in future productions!


    Rating: 8/10

    A really fun and inspiring pack jammed full of sounds that really capture the UK scene right now! Loads of great bass and drum loops and also love the cool selection of pads and textures included too.

    Having been a big fan of Copyright's productions over the years this pack certainly does not disappoint - An endless amount of useful loops and hits in this and some great instant go to patches that really capture their classic house sound!! A great pack that ill be using a lot I'm sure :)

    Bass House

    Rating: 8/10

    Perfect for the sound of now - a great one stop shop for go to inspiration for that UK bass music sound thats pretty much dominating clubland at the moment! Strong selection of loops and particularly the bass sounds which are very well crafted in this pack. Nice inclusion of 90s inspired chords & stabs along with some great drums and percussion in there too.

    Turf Smoke

    Rating: 9/10

    Some seriously authentic jazzy vibes that lean back to that golden vintage era of hiphop! Great selection of loops and one shots that would be suited to a multitude of genres - I'm looking forward to using these a lot over the coming months :)

    A timeless selection of piano themes with potential use across a multitude of different musical projects. Aside from the great quality audio on offer here its nice also have the MIDI allowing use of the original composition to inspire a whole new direction when playing through another kind of instrument / synth.

  • After downloading part 2 of this series i was intrueged to come back and listen to the first pack and it does not disappoint. Offering another beautiful selection of piano scores that can easily be used across a plethora of projects. Outstanding quality audio along with MIDI files aswell allowing you full scope to develop and mould into your own creation. A great release!

    An amazing array of intricate soundscapes and layers in this pack! Love the processing on the drums and the huge selection of musical elements available here - i can see multiple use for pretty much everything within this pack across all sorts of different genres and music projects :) Very impressed!

    Future House Drums

    Rating: 9/10

    A really versatile selection of drums that can be used across a multitude of productions! Plenty of variants and kick free options available and I'll be utilising these a lot over the coming months I'm sure :)

    An inspiring and insightful selection of great quality sounds from a master of his craft! Fans of the underground will find this very useful with an intricate set of loops and one shots to encourage development of your productions at any stage of the game… highly recommended!


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