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Break is one of DnB's most prolific producers, having released music on many of scenes top labels. From his first release in 2003 with A Sides's Eastside Records he went on to sign tracks to Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz, Soul:r, Subtitles, Shogun Audio and Exit records. His close ties to DNAudio, Quarantine and DJ Die yielded some of the best releases on their lables. Starting his own imprint Symmetry Recordings in 2006 opened the door for full control of his musical output, with 3 solo albums under his belt and a stack of singles and E.P's. His remix skills have been regularly commissioned, leading to remixes of commercial artists such as Bloc Party, Miss Dynamite and Sigma & Rita Ora. Break was sought out for remixes of classic Jungle tracks such as Shy Fx's Bambaata, Krome & Times' The Licence and a still expanding list of many other top DnB tunes.


  • Climax

    Rating: 8/10

    Really well recorded sound fx split in two categories. The Designed sounds folder are very much Hollywood style movie FX, but really well processed and mixed. The different sub folders of movie genres helps to steer you in the right direction, but are somewhat interchangeable. These sounds have been useful in soundtrack work, but could easily be used in dance production too. I hadn't looked into the other raw field recordings folder until recently, but there is a great selection of various foley and studio sounds in here. Possibly more versatile as they aren't instantly associated with movie sounds.

    Compact Disco

    Rating: 8/10

    Cool to have a pack of instruments only. The recordings and playing are great quality, the electric bass samples are really warm and smooth. Good selection of keys and tempos. Drum Drops always supply the goods.

    Good pack just focusing on modern house beats. Worked well loading all midi files and sampler patches, the midi programing is done nicely. Useful to then chop or comp between different kits in the pack. Maybe overall a bit bright and digital sounding, but there are some interesting percussion hits in the pack.

    Cool pack to get a taste of Loopmasters selection from 2016. It's useful having a wide choice of categories and there's good stuff in each of them. If you don't have many packs and need a batch of essentials this would be a good first purchase.

    There's a really cool variation of sounds in this pack, a good bit of everything dubby, from horns to vocals and drum hits. A bit of a random layout but the files are well labelled, some nice surprises when flicking through. A few of the piano's and basses let it down for me, but maybe sound better in a song than on solo. A lot of the music loops seem really useable.

    Overloud Fx

    Rating: 7/10

    It's not that diverse a pack, but for the flavour of a horror movie in an empty warehouse it does it really well. The fuel and water tank sounds are cool and quite original. There's definitely stuff worth using for a dark and industrial tip. Liking the sound of the reverbs used.

    Ultimate FX

    Rating: 8/10

    A really nice fx pack. Great cross section of styles with a good selection of category folders. The sounds haven't been processed with earsplitting top end as sometimes is the case with fx sounds, which makes auditioning and using them more enjoyable. A useful pack when addding a last minute bit of seasoning to a track.


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