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After 4 years spent exclusively behinds the decks playing throughout France alongside the biggest D&B names, he started producing in 2006. And since then his aim stays the same: develop his own approach to Drum&Bass by blending genres influential to himself, mainly Reggae, Trance, Funk, Trip Hop, Rock, Hip Hop & Jazz. That's certainly why he's nowadays renowned as an eclectic artist, not limiting his skills to the boundaries of just one style.The upper level was reached in 2014, when he signed his first track on THE leading label in the Drum & Bass scene: Ram Records. On 2015, he came back to Ram (and its sister label ProgRam) and also entered another D&B superstar label: Technique. Then 2 years later happened the landmark event of his career so far: the release of his own single on Ram! This ability to reach the biggest imprints in the game proves that he's now a well established artist.


  • Reggae Rockers Vol 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Renegade Audio is definitely no stranger to Reggae and proves it with delivering another quality release! Basses, Drums, Instruments and Synths: ‘Reggae Rockers Vol 2’ contains all the musical elements for building a Reggae smash hit. Featuring a tremendous range of BPMs, this pack will certainly gain attention of numerous non-Reggae producers too.

    Horns In Motion

    Rating: 8/10

    ‘Horns In Motion’ is a sweet and comprehensive collection of horns inspired by the Jazz from the 50s-60s and the early Funk. As per usual with Loopmasters, you can expect to have separated layers not just the full horns sections. With over 800 Mb of material, this is definitely a strong release. However, I would have appreciated some minor mode within the loops in order to bring more diversity.

    Sacred Indian Heart

    Rating: 9/10

    Looking for bringing an Indian spirit to your productions? Then this brand-new release by IQ samples is what you need. Featuring loads of traditional instruments (Indian flute, sitar…) and typical vocals with this Indian unique touch, ‘Sacred Indian Heart’ also delivers quality basses and drums for a comprehensive release. With loops at 90-100 BPM, this pack is mainly designed for Pop, Hip Hop, Downtempo and Future Bass producers but can be easily extended to a myriad of genres.

    Singomakers is sending you good vibes through this new release which will certainly help you to bring some smoothness to your productions. With its 1,80 Go of material featuring a wide selection of sounds, this pack looks like a tough release. Not the best one from the label’s recent releases though.

    Ragga DnB & Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    ‘Ragga DnB & Vocals’ combinates old school and modern sounds, synths and real-sounding instruments. And this kind of stuff is definitely relevant if you want to give a Jungle touch to your productions! Bearing in mind that this pack also features some solid Ragga vocals (which now seems to be the extra touch which makes Singomakers stand out), this label delivers one more tough release which will meet with success for sure!

    With ‘Irievibrations 2’, Loopmasters delivers a comprehensive collection of nicely engineered sounds. Featuring quite a large range of BPMs and sonorities, this release give you the keys for producing as much anthemic tunes as more introspective stuff. Definitely a must have for any Reggae and Dub producers!

    Dread Hornz Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    As its name implies, ‘Dread Hornz’ is a collection of Horns especially crafted for Reggae & Dub. But it can be easily extended to a universe of other genres, for instance Jungle or Reggaeton. Renegade Audio releases here a pack of well recorded and engineered samples including all the horns (trumpet, sax, trombone…) as well through full sections as separated stems (and even effected versions) via a large spectrum of BPMs.

    Ultimate Vocals 3

    Rating: 10/10

    Loopmasters delivers another bundle dedicated to vocals which shouldn’t be missed! Delivering no less than 3 Go of top-engineered samples, this heavyweight release gathers a myriad of styles and a very wide range of BPM so any producer can find the vocal he needs. If you have money for only one vocal pack,, then opt for this one, you won’t be disappointed!

    Singomakers blends Neurofunk and Ragga for some unexpected but deadly combination! Fuelled with gritty distorted basses, heavy drums and toasting vocals, ‘Ragga Neurofunk & Vocals’ is hell of a pack and will be a best-seller without any doubt. However, this is a kind of pack that is a bit too much specific for being used in other genres than the one it is designed for.

    With this brand-new pack, Singomakers intents to represent the most ethereal part of Liquid Drum&Bass. And they do it well! Whereas these samples are definitely fit D&B standards, they are obviously influenced by Jazz but also Hip Hop and Downtempo. Featuring over 1Gb of material, ‘Atmospheric DnB Sensation’ is definitely a great product for any Liquid D&B producer.

    Sacred Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Brand new label in the game, Aim Audio delivers here a very nice Dub release. And we wouldn’t expect nothing less as one of the owners of this imprint is no one else than the Canadian Reggae-Dub champion Dubmatix! Featuring everything mandatory for producing a Dub track, from basses to vocals but also drums, instruments and fxs, this pack shouldn’t be missed by the producers of this genre, but also Reggae, Dancehall and Jungle.

    Downtempo Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    New release from newcomer Aim Audio, this pack focuses this time on Downtempo. Offering gorgeous female vocals and its delicate Jazz timbre, ‘Downtempo Vocals also delivers multiple versions of these samples (e.g. wet, lo-fi and even scratched!) which may appear relevant in such a genre. Featuring BPMs from 70 to 90, these vocals could be easily used in Deep Dubstep, Liquid Drum&Bass, Hip Hop or Trap productions.

    Deep House Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Still big in the vocal packs industry, Vital Vocals releases this time a pack for your Deep House productions. Delivering a big bunch of vocal stems taken from 5 different tracks, this label offers once again a valuable collection of samples. Offering quite a big range of BPMs (from 120 to 130), ‘Deep House Vocals’ sticks however to House but these vocals could be easily used in other genres.

    Chillwave Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Vital Vocals makes quickly a name by itself in the sample pack industry and this new releases proves once again why. Delivering high-quality vocal samples as per usual, this time this brand focuses on Chillwave and makes it definitely properly. Featuring loads of files, it however offers only 5 different tunes, which is a bit low for a sample pack in my opinion.

    Despite it’s not an electronic instrument, guitar always had a special place in Electronic Music, especially in its chill side. That’s why this new pack by Apollo Sound exclusively dedicated to the acoustic guitar designed for Chillout Music is definitely relevant. Offering meticulously crafted samples, ‘Chill Tempo Acoustic Guitar’ is a great collection of sounds massively influenced by Soul and R&B. Featuring BPMs from 75 to 140, this pack fits a large spectrum of genres: Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, House and beyond. A must have for any Chill producer!

    Soul House Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    From its very roots when it was still close to Disco, House has always been a land of opportunity for Soul singers. And this new release shows it’s still the same nowadays. Delivering soulful energetic vocals from 109-128BPM, Vital Vocals offers here another brilliant vocal pack which will help House producers (and beyond) to tinge their tracks with some Soul and Funk. However there’s a lot of this kind of releases these past few years so it will be maybe hard to stand out from the competition.

    Quite a newcomer to the sample pack industry, Vocal Roads offers here a pack that definitely deserves attention. Powered by the soulful voice of Nomeli (who I didn’t know but will surely keep an eye on), ‘Love Me More’ offers 5 lovely songs in any format you’ll need (loops, hits, separated layers... and lyric sheets!). This release is a top-notch work for sure but I would love to have a bit more content, especially something not at 135BPM.

    RnB Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    RnB is a laid-back musical genre which always attaches importance to the bass section. Going back the 40-50’s roots of the Rhythm&Blues, Frontline Producer offers through this pack a gorgeous collection of natural-sounding bass with this particular groove proper to the genre. Featuring an impressive wide range of BPMs, there’s absolutely no doubt that ‘RnB Bass’ will be helpful for a legion of producers, from Trip Hop to Drum&Bass, who are looking to add some soul to their music.

    Hip Hop Lunar Cycles 2

    Rating: 10/10

    After an amazing volume 1, I’m definitely pleased to have this sequel in my hands! One more time, this episode of ‘Hip Hop Lunar Cycle’ immerses you in an ethereal space in between the worlds of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Soul and Jazz. Offering both real instruments and synthesized sounds, both crafted with cutting edge FXs, this pack will give a unique touch to your productions which will surely make them stand out from the competition.

    London Grime Bars

    Rating: 9/10

    Vital Vocals has definitely made his mark thanks to quality vocals packs and this new release is not an exception. Focusing on the typically British genre known as Grime, this label teamed up with the North Londoner Razor in order to provide dirty charismatic vocals. No doubt that these vocals will pour into loads of productions and not only Grime ones but also Bassline, UK Garage and certainly beyond.

  • Dabro |Music is now renowned for the quality of its releases and this new pack from this brand is not an exception. Providing top-engineered samples of the beautiful voice of Neoncastle, this release features anything you can expect from a great vocal pack: loops (wet and dry – stacked and separated stems), shots, adlibs and even lyric sheets! With tunes from 85 to 126BPM, ‘Neoncastle Vocal Acapellas’ offers a wide array of tempos in order to fit a multitude of genres.

    As its name implies, this new pack from Sample Diggers is fully dedicated to Liquid Drum&Bass with a touch of vocals. And it’s definitely this part which makes this release stand out cause these ethereal soulful vocals are definitely wonderful! It’s just too bad that ‘Liquid DnB Vocals’ consists in just 5 tracks split in stems and shots, it would have deserved more for sure.

    Lack Of Afro has been a great provider of samples over the past decade and seems to be in a good way to keep on like this thanks to this new pack. As usual with this UK artist, you can expect laid-back instruments, groovy drums, warm keys and eclectic percussions. However if you’re rather into hits than loops, you can pass on this pack cause it only contains loops.

    Dub & Reggae Horns

    Rating: 9/10

    What would Dub & Reggae be without a great horns section? Probably not that good. That’s why Loopmasters provides here a really good-sounding pack 100% dedicated to the horns taken from these genres. Offering a big range of BPMs and an impressive collection of separated parts, ‘Dub & Reggae Horns’ goes beyond the borders and will easily find a place in your Jazz, Soul and Funk productions, and even more!

    The world of Downtempo Music is wide and stark. That’s why Loopmasters focus here on one of its subgenre: the combination between modern sounds and real instruments. ‘Future Soul & Downtempo’ offers a comprehensive collection of laid-back samples: electric guitar, rhodes, moogs and ethereal synths. Everything in this pack is definitely crafted to tinge your production with a touch of Soul.

    Hip Hop Elements

    Rating: 10/10

    Now it’s time for old school! Singomakers drop right here a great pack representing the golden era of Hip Hop. And there’s nothing missing in this pack! Vocals, instruments, beats, basses, mixed elements, synths and even scratches! If you’re looking for a Hip Hop pack, there’s no time to lose. Grab this one!

    Volume One was a killer and this sequel has nothing to envy to its predecessor. If you’re looking for old school real drum elements; no need to search elsewhere, just grab this pack! I just hope Loopmasters has got enough old school material for releasing a third episode!

    With its 3.5 Gb of samples, Industrial Strength Records delivers an overweight pack. Including mainly license free material taken from movies of the 50s, 60s and 70s, this collection’s got some original and catchy elements to embellish your tracks. But not only Hip Hop! Even if all the loops are exclusively produced at 80BPM, a little timestretch will just open the doors to any other genres!

    Bedroom Chill Hop

    Rating: 8/10

    As a big fan of Chillout Music and Hip Hop, I’m consequently fond of Chill Hop and it’s always a pleasure to get my hands on a new pack of this genre. With ‘Bedroom Chill Hop’, Singomakers offers a subtle selection of Jazz-infused musical elements blended with Hip Hop drums and basses. This pack is an immersive journey through Chill Hop which is definitely worth attention.

    Serotonin Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    ‘Serotonin Drum & Bass’ is a comprehensive selection of expressive samples in order to produce the liveliest 172 BPM music. Heavy drums, vivid basses and catchy synths : almost everything lays here to help you create the most highly charged Drum & Bass bangers!

    Funk Horn Sessions

    Rating: 7/10

    What would be the Funk without a horn section? Probably pretty lame. Fortunately Organic Loops delivers here a nice pack full of real-sounding horns to bring the Funk to the dancefloor! The particularity of this release is to feature both full horn sections and its separated parts. Browsing BPM from 88 to 120, ‘Funk Horn Sessions’ definitely covers any styles that can be related to Funk. Therefore 400 Mo is a bit small, even for such a specialized pack. So I hope the volume 2 will be bigger!

    TD Audio – Vocal Pop

    Rating: 7/10

    This pack called ‘Vocal Pop’ has no hidden agenda and offers exactly what it promises: all you need to fit the standard of the current sound of electronic Pop music. Featuring only 5 construction kits, it delivers nevertheless a big bunch of stems which will allow you to completely rearrange the ‘original’ tracks and give your own touch.

    Boom Bap Archives 2

    Rating: 7/10

    Featuring either funky or soulful elements blended with fat beats tinged with a touch of nastiness, ‘Boom Bap Archives’ has the power to warm loads of productions up. Featuring BPMs from 80 to 94, this collection is clearly designed for classic Hip Hop producers but can be easily extended to RnB, House, Garage, Trap, Dubstep and Drum & Bass.

    Loopmasters teams up with Neuro champions Fourward and delivers a high voltage pack! With nearly 1Gb of dirty granular samples, the Austrian quartet offers a collection without any compromise which will thrill any Neuro producer and beyond. As it’s a Neuro pack, the best part are obviously the basses but the drums sounds terrific too. Unfortunately the rest of the pack is quite on a lower level but remains top quality.

    Dabro Vocal Acapellas

    Rating: 8/10

    Dabro is a very prolific label at the moment and he’s coming back with another vocal sample pack. This collection of expressive and melodic female vocal samples will fit a lot of genres and reveals itself to be a useful tool. Browsing BPMs from 90 to 140 and both dry and processed samples, ‘Dabro Vocal Acapellas’ offers a lot of possibilities and can warm any productions up.

    RnB Piano

    Rating: 10/10

    Looking for soulful keys to enhance your productions? Don’t waste your time and grab this awesome pack immediately! Great work from Organic Loops. Featuring samples from 75 to 110 BPM, ‘RnB Piano’ is definitely not restricted to RnB and can easily fit Dubstep, Drum & Bass, House, Hip Hop and more.

    Loopmasters teams up once again with another nice Drum & Bass name. Almost everyone in the D&B scene knows that Nu Elementz is a synonym of big Jump Up. And don’t expect something different in this pack as he shows his abilities in twisting beats and basses in a nasty way. This sample pack definitely offers something different among the Drum&Bass sample packs released lately.

    Vocals With Attitude

    Rating: 7/10

    Another vocal sample pack has just landed and this time it aims to add some attitude to your productions. Spanning BPMs from 80 to 160, ‘Vocals with Attitude’ delivers some catchy vocals designed for a big range of production: Hip Hop, Trap, House, Techno, Garage... Charismatic for sure, some of these samples have however a lack of energy. Anyway this sample pack will be a useful tool for most of producers.

    Original Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 9/10

    Almost all the producers used at least one time some old school funky breaks to build up their drums. Even more because it’s quite easy nowadays to find those breaks on the internet. But this sample pack offers a high quality rework of these classics without changing the original groove and taste, which is definitely priceless! Jungle producers will of course fall in love with this pack, but I’m quite sure they won’t be the only ones.

    If you’re looking for producing laid-back music giving room for acoustic instruments, drums and percussions, you will find some very useful tools in this pack. With this ‘Chilled Hip Hop Instrumentals’, RV adds another nice release to its catalogue but I would have appreciated that it would be a little bigger than just 500Mb.

  • Loopmasters is definitely one of the best brands when it comes to team up with worldwide-known masterminds. And it proves it once again! Hard-kicking drums, swaying saturated basses and industrial techy synths: the Italian Drum&Bass maestro known as Maztek open the gates of the Neurofunk realm for anyone who dares to step through it. Neuro releases have been legion throughout the past couple of years but if you’ve got just one to buy, it should be probably this one.

    Neurotoxin Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    This new pack from Loopmasters is definitely dedicated to the most furious part of Drum&Bass, not only restricted to Neuro but also Jump Up and what we call “Mainstage”. Delivering a high quality of samples, it’s probably the synths that will hook you thanks to punchy melodies and expressive sounds. If you want to play with fire, try this!

    “Signals” will lead you into the ethereal world of Downtempo Music with this impressive 2,5 Gb collection of samples. Oscillating between synthetic and organic sounds, this pack will give you the key to build spellbinding soundscapes for your chilled productions. Another nice Trip Hop release from Loopmasters!

    The darkness has taken over again and now, braises yourself for the apocalypse! As the title says, this new sample pack is designed for the boldest ones. Tough basslines, hard hitting drums, gloomy atmos and techy synths: everything here will help you unleash the demons on the dancefloor! Another big D&B release from the Loopmasters camp, if you’re digging tracks from Mefjus, Black Sun Empire and Cause4Concern, then grabs this pack now!

    Avenax - Vocal Acapellas

    Rating: 10/10

    Even the most minimalist producer wouldn’t spit on vocal sample pack because it always humanizes a production and basically it can’t be synthesized by any computer (at least not for now!) And you can rely on this pack to bring some warmth straight to your speakers! Shamefully I haven’t heard about Avenax before but I don’t have any doubt that her ethereal voice influenced by Soul and Jazz will take you away.

    Vocal Bass Music

    Rating: 8/10

    If you like both Bass Music and vocals, well it seems you’re a lucky devil because there’s a brand new sample pack which is waiting for you! Mainly designed to produce what we call nowadays ‘Mainstage Bass Music’, this pack offers however loads of possibilities. For producers who’s looking for creating radio-friendly tracks ... but not only!

    Vadim is back with a new sample and once again it’s a murderation! With this mastodon of 2.6 Go, this veteran UK producer delivers anything you need to produce a big skanking Dub tune: drums, basses, horns, guitars, synths ... and even vocals!! And something tells me that I’ll hear some of these samples soon in other genres too, especially Jungle!

    Cassell The Beatmaker

    Rating: 8/10

    Sample packs exclusively dedicated to drums are numerous nowadays but when Loopmasters teams up with Cassel The Beatmaker, they’ve got something more to deliver. Combining some eclectic percussive elements such as human beatbox, electronic beats and of course the warmth of real drum sets, this sample pack offers a big diversity of drum sounds. Featuring loops from 80 to 175, this pack will please to any producer without any doubt!

    No one would contest that the Brazilian music of the 20th century had a phenomenal impact on the Electronic scene, especially thanks to its innovative rhythms. And most seemingly this influence still lives nowadays. So sample packs featuring typical Brazilian drums and percs are always useful when it comes to add some finesse to your drums sections. And if you chose this new sample pack from Organic Loops, you won’t be disappointed! However, although it offers a wide range of drum loops, a few drum hits would have been relevant.

    Nerve: Tech DnB

    Rating: 7/10

    The Tech/Neuro sample packs are numerous these days and it’s now time for Freaky Loops to show us their skills in the darkest side of Drum & Bass. ‘Nerve: Tech DnB’ is a tiny pack but definitely well crafted. The basses are nasty, the drums gritty and the synths epic so basically anything you need for creating a Neuro banger! I just wish they will come back with a bigger sample pack soon...

    We all know that any producer is always looking for drum beats to feed his soundbank. But when it comes to find some well-recorded live drum loops, it’s quite a hassle! Fortunately legendaries Mark Fletcher and The Jungle Drummer have teamed up to bring this impressive collection to your ears. And they have not restricted their work to just record their drum skills but have also apply some relevant FXs to enlarge the range of possibilities that this pack offers.

    Loopmasters brings the sun of Brazil to your studio thanks to the skills of the legendary Patife and his bro Vangeliez. Mainly acoustic, this sample pack offers bright and clean sounds, especially the guitar stems which are delightful!

    Hip-Hop Classics

    Rating: 7/10

    Singomakers is going back to the roots with a collection of sounds which recalls instantly the 90-00ish Hip Hop. No Trap or Dirty South, what we’ve got here is aimed to be used in ‘true’ Hip Hop tunes. And this “Hip Hop Classic” delivers everything needed to reach this goal, from drums to vocals, as well as instruments, synths and basses.

    After the first episode released a few years ago, Reso strikes back with D&B Intelligence vol.2! And for this one you can expect a big bunch of incredibly well shaped samples of which this D&B mastermind holds the secret. It’s a 10/10 on this without any doubt!

    The title of this pack says it all but what it doesn’t say is that it’s big as f**k!! About 3 Gb exclusively dedicated to impacts, risers and drops ... which are basically the types of FXs the most useful! Soundbox already proved its skills in FX making throughout the first five volumes. So don’t worry, if you have money left for only one FX pack, head to this one and you won’t be disappointed.

    Bass Music Carousel

    Rating: 10/10

    Dabro is now a well-established brand in the Bass Music industry and it proves it once again with this sample pack. Always searching for offering the most heavyweight sounds, they strike back with 2Gb of extremely well crafted monster sounds meant to wreck the dance floor! Featuring tempo sync samples from 110 to 174 BPM, Bass Music Carrousel browses the full spectrum of Bass Music and does it very well!

    Loopmasters provides here a nice addition to its ‘Artists Series’ with this collaboration with Signal. This rising star in the Drum&Bass scene delivers highly well designed sounds tinged with a subtle technoid touch. This sample pack will definitely help anyone who’s searching for bringing the typical nowadays Neuro sounds in their studio!

    At last a nice sample pack dedicated to Deep Drum&Bass came along! Offering hi-quality samples (which the best part is definitely the eclectic collection of drum loops), Artisan Audio brings here everything requested for producing some big Deep Neuro bangers. The bass samples are also amazing. I just wish this pack was a bit bigger so it would have become a must-have, no doubt about that!

    Not just one more House vocals pack, this one brings some Soul to your speakers! I didn’t know about Mike Russell before but his gnarly voice is definitely on a higher level. Featuring tempo-synced samples between 120 to 126BPM, this sample pack is definitely dedicated to House and will fit easily any tracks from this genre. But just using a little timestretch on it would add a nice Soul touch to any genre.

    US House Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    US House Vocals is definitely not just one more House acappella pack. Including original songs with every separated layer, it delivers a beautiful collection of vocals, very catchy but not mainstream for all that. Quite a newbie in the world of sample packs, Vital Vocals hit the big time with this one!

  • House Hooks & Phrases

    Rating: 9/10

    Who never needed some vocals hooks for setting his productions on fire? No one I think. So here’s a sample pack you might use whether you’re involved in House or not. With this House Hooks & Phrases, Samplestate delivers a legion of short vocal samples which will bring a touch of House to your tunes.

    Smokers Blend 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Reggae and Dub producers, it’s time to come inna di dance!! (well, rather inna di Studio actually but anyway...) RV unveils here a big selection of high precision samples that will bring your productions to another level. Drums, guitars, live basses, pianos, rhodes, scratches, synths ... you’ve got here pretty everything needed to create the most iree music!

    Drum & Bass Shadows

    Rating: 7/10

    As the title says, Drum & Bass Shadows is intended for the producers from the dark side of this genre. And it does it well! Representing the high level standard from Loopmasters, this sample pack delivers warm beats, naughty basses and gloomy synths in order to unleash the darkness all over the world.

    Liquid Funk DnB Vol 2

    Rating: 6/10

    Famous audio comes back to Drum& Bass with the volume 2 of their Liquid-Funk DnB series. From the deepest tunes to the soulful rollers, this sample pack explores a pretty big range of typical sounds from the Liquid-Funk. This new release from Famous Audio should run over the likes of most fans of funky D&B.

    Live Downtempo

    Rating: 8/10

    With this colossal sample pack of nearly 3 GB, Loopmasters delivers a wide collection of cutting-edge samples specifically chiselled for Downtempo Music. As defined in its title, this sample pack features live sounds (especially some awesome drum loops and hits) but also synthesised samples, like for instance the classical but always useful 808 glitchy sonorities.

    Ghostek is back with (as per usual) some filthy neuro sounds for producing the darkest and nastiest Techno. And I’m pretty sure that this sample pack will charm loads of Neuro D&B producers as well! If only this pack was a bit bigger, it would have become a must-have for sure!

    If you’re a Trap producer lusting for some fresh new ideas, this little sample pack from Sample Diggers should feature anything you’ll need and even more. Mainly digitally orientated (like Trap itself), Chill Trap & Future RnB offers some great organic musical elements too.

    Soulful Gospel Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    Here are some vibrant soulful vocals including both male and female stems in separated layers (either dry or wet) which mean loads of ways to play with it! Featuring a big range of BPM this sample pack offers the possibility to add its vocals in numerous genres, from Hip Hop to Drum & Bass including Techno, House and more!

    Brace yourself; the mighty Epica from Freaky Loops is back! Featuring splendid accapellas, emotional piano lines, ethereal synths, captivating vocal beds and loads of other fantasy elements, you have here anything you’ll need for breathing life into your compositions. This sample pack is definitely raising the bar and I could easily bet that I’ll hear some of these elements in the intros of some killer tunes soon!

    A sublime sample pack which features sounds crafted with high precision by the hands of the worldwide-renowned duo (now solo) called Commix. Whether rhodes, drums, basses, atmos or synths are incredibly well designed. The only bad point is I’d love to have a little more! Anyway, it’s a must have, especially for Liquid producers.

    Drum & Bass Fx 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Providing more than just FXs, Drum & Bass FX 2 delivers anything you need to pad your 174-ish productions, from drones to synths. Modulation is definitely the keywork of this new sample pack by RV and it does it successfully, offering wavy soundscapes and twisted signals with a touch of Science-Fiction.

    Quantum Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Thin but sick! Just about 400MB but strictly nothing to waste! Each sample of this pack is sculpted with a high precision, especially the basses which will drive you mad. Mainly intended to Neuro and Deep producers, I’m pretty sure that any Drum&Bass composers would be happy to play with sounds taken from Quantum Drum& Bass. Definitely a must have.

    Call to Trap producers! If you’ve got money for just one sample pack, this would be the one! 1.4 Gb of hi-fi samples especially designed for your favourite music. Actually anyone in search for analog top-notch samples for his compositions will happily find what he’s looking for. Or if you rather want some warm drum loops and hits, just check what this sample pack has in store!

    What would be Trip Hop and Hip Hop without some scratches? Probably not that good. That’s why it’s always good to have scratch samples in your folders and especially this pack which is very good!! The distinctive characteristic of this one is that he features both scratched and unscrathed versions of each sounds so that you may go behind the decks and record your own routine then use it in your productions.

    A thick collection of samples for your Downtempo compositions. These sounds are also perfect if you’re looking for adding an organic touch to your productions. The drum parts are incredibly good as well as the gritty basses and beautiful key loops. And if you tweak the BPM, you’ll be happy to notice that these sounds may be useful on Dance Music as well, from Glitch-Hop to Drum&Bass.

    Melodic Drum And Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Until then Dabro has used to deliver tough samples for heavyweight productions. For this time, this imprint explores the melodic side of Drum&Bass with this marvellous collection of clean ethereal sounds. Offering acoustic, organic and synthetic samples, this sample pack will certainly help you to reach higher musical fields.

    Bass Circus: DnB

    Rating: 8/10

    If you’re looking for well designed samples in order to produce the hardest and nastiest Drum&Bass, here’s a must-have. Including good inspiration kits, it can be also a good way for the newbies to start their first Neuro tracks. But this sample pack is not restricted to the dark side of D&B so that a lot of producers may find some unexpected sounds that will make their compositions sound thicker.

    Drum And Bass 3

    Rating: 8/10

    Probably the best volume from the Dabro’s D&B Collection so far. It contains either kits for starting a tune or separated sounds to embellish your productions. The drum parts are really good and on a higher level that what I'm expected to find in other sample packs. However don’t expect to produce some Deep Liquid with it, this pack is definitely designed for harder stuff.

    Slo-Mo Electronica

    Rating: 7/10

    De-structured drums, grimy basses, ethereal pianos reverberating synths and gloomy atmos & fxs, here's a complete collection for your chill-out compositions. Even if all these samples are set to 140 BPM, they may easily fit any genres thanks to a little time stretch, from Glitch-Hop to Drum&Bass.


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