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Born in Slough, Berkshire, James was first introduced to dance music at the age of seven by his foster brother, and after moving to London as a teen, he became enamoured with the city's jungle scene. He produced a critically acclaimed remix of Nasty Habits' "Here Come the Drums," released a series of EPs through the influential Reinforced label, and dropped his debut album, This Too Shall Pass, in 2006. A year later, he signed to inspiration Shy FX's Digital Soundboy imprint and changed his signature sound to the minimal rhythms and heavy basslines of the emerging dubstep genre. He appeared on Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe's "Hottest Record in the World Today" slot five times in a row, while he became an in-demand remixer for the likes of Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, and Massive Attack. In 2010, he released his second LP, Foundation and his third in 2015, When the Night Comes, before starting his own label, Index at the start of 2017.


  • Live Dub Horns

    Rating: 8/10

    There is a great variety and flexibility to these horns which is great. Really well recorded and treated, which means there's not much work required for it to sit neatly in a track. I also really like that you have the choice of the full horn track, or if you want more control, the individual parts... With or without FX too! Brilliant job!

    As a guy that LOVES drums, this is fantastic! Really like having the option of getting the loops or multitracks. They sound really nice while still having a vintage feel. Most packs seem to fail at finding the vintage but modern sound balance, but Drum Drops seem to prevail every time and this is no exception!

    SFX Collection Vol 1

    Rating: 10/10

    Absolute essential here! This library (along with the other two volumes) should be in every music makers arsenal in my humble opinion! Loads of quality sounds to choose from, for all genres and well organised for ease of use... Cant go wrong with this one!


    Rating: 8/10

    All the sounds are really well put together with a surprising amount of variety for a library consisting of just laser effects. I particularly like the fact that it comes with the NI Massive presets, which is great for tailoring them, or even using them as a starting point for changes, or even a good tutorial how to make your own from scratch. If you're like me and love laser sounds all over the place in your productions, this is for you!

    Ultimate Dub

    Rating: 9/10

    Huge library and great selection of sounds from all over the reggae spectrum. From drum hits & loops, to delayed effects & music hits, vocals and more! Can absolutely see myself going through this a fair few times for little bits & pieces to add to tracks. Well worth it for anyone who's looking to add a dub or reggae angle to their productions.

    Loads of little nuggets to found in this pack and I can definitely see myself coming back to it again & again to have a browse through for them for a long time to come! I really liked the drum hits, fx and some of the musical elements and find it really usable. Although hard to navigate at points, it kind of strangely adds to the fun, sometimes coming across sounds you didn't quite expect!

    Latin Afro

    Rating: 8/10

    I initially wanted this for some production work I was doing, but quickly found a wealth of elements that could be used in my day to day, non Latin influenced work. I really like the musical sections, especially the keys & synth folders. Lots of interesting chord progressions. All in all, it nails what I needed it for and is a great source for unexpected inspiration!

    Quantum Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Nice! Probably one of the best D&B libraries I've come across in a good while! I really liked the drum loops, you could pretty much drag & drop into your project and get going instantly. I also enjoyed the the bass one shots, as you can never get enough and these are great quality. I think its definitely a must for anyone wanting to make drum & bass, especially on the techy roller side of things


    Rating: 10/10

    I'm not going to lie: with it being such a massive library, I've not actually made my way completely through all of it, but what I've heard so far is sublime! It's packed with loads of great textures, drones, raw field recordings & more and is a must for anyone in film, or that likes to set a scene, detail, or sense of movement in their productions. It's been a while since I've had something quite as usable as this, and earlier times they have lasted me for years. Definite buy on sight!

    SFX Collection 03

    Rating: 9/10

    Just what I've been looking for, a solid FX library! You pretty much cannot go wrong with this, regardless of mood or genre, there's something to fit all types of modern music. The files are sorted into useful folders and labeled with the key & when needed, which saves a lot of time when doing the fine details of a track. Very impressed with this collection and can imagine the previous two volumes are equally as favourable

    Ultimate Vocals 2

    Rating: 8/10

    With a bit of creativity, this can be an excellent tool that you will keep coming back to. I like that there's so many different parts within each folder and venturing into genres you wouldn't usually gravitate towards can yield some really interesting results. Worth checking out for anyone that likes to vibe around a vocal, or wants to avoid the less legal approach to sampling!


    Rating: 9/10

    Cinetools always seem to nail it, and this is no exception! As usual, the attention to detail is flawless and would be totally at home in your work whether it be for music, games or films. With nearly 9GB of sounds, theres more than enough to keep you stocked up for a while, especially with the Designer Tools folder, for you to be able to take a more DIY aproach.


    Rating: 9/10

    I don't think Cinetools can do any wrong if I'm honest! Obviously great for work to picture etc, but can also easily be used to add great detailed elements and atmosphere to your tracks. I liked every folder to be honest as the sound design is impeccable start to finish, but the raw sources really caught me as it highlights just how much effort it must take to craft each sound. Excellent work as ever!

    Complete Drums

    Rating: 10/10

    This is pretty much everything you need as far as synthesised drums go. A hefty array of impeccably well tailored drum hits. This will be the automatic default drum hit source for anyone who has it for a long time to come, there's more than enough to keep you satisfied for years! I would fully recommend this to anyone who makes any genre of electronic music. Essential!


    Rating: 8/10

    With nearly 8GB of ready to go movie quality SFX... Can't go wrong really! I still haven't been through all of this pack, as theres a lot there, but what I have been through is incredibly detailed and well thought out. I really like that there's options on most of the samples too, which has already come in handy. It's mostly for film & gaming, but early can be translated to music, especially tracks on the more sci-fi influenced side of the fence.

    Lots of variation in here, so great if you like mixing style or are still figuring out what your sound is. I really like the bass sounds especially, as well as some of the fx and percussion. Sappo has a rich history in the jungle and Drum & Bass scenes and that knowledge of drum breaks, bass & synth sounds really shows. It's simplicity & rawness are key here, and in the right hands will be a highly effective and regular tool!

    Chords & Stabs

    Rating: 9/10

    This is exactly what it says on the tin and no more, but it's the only folder of chords & stabs you'll need for a good while! Wave Alchemy are probably one of the most consistent companies for me personally and although simple, this does not let the side down at all. An instant mainstay in my samples folder.


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