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Lover of techno since the age of 10 thanks to the compilations "Thunderdoom", Flavien aka "Darktek" chose his pseudo only in 2007 when he started composing. After starting with essentially Hardcore Indu tracks, he is today a 30 year-old artist who mixes Tribecore and Dubstep sounds, mainly based on entrancing melodies and crazy humour!! The aim is to favour efficacy rather than complexity! Lover of vibrations since the age of 7 (when he ran his first pieces in public next to his father). This young DJ surfs on all styles! Hardtek, Tribecore, Hardcore Electro, Drum'nBass ... But let's stop talking, it's time to listen now!


  • Rawstyle Destructor

    Rating: 8/10

    I must say, I am a little disappointed with this pack. I find it really too similar to other Rawstyle singomakers packs. However, as always, the audio quality is there. I would like sounds a little more original like the artists "Malice" or "Luminite". A lot of sound different from what you usually hear. I still put the score of 8 because Singomakers are the only ones to offer such a quality and to make tools for this style.

    woaw! Another great pack from Dabro! I often search for good neurofunk pack, and the quality is often random. That is not the case here! Each sample is working well, and allows for immediate inspiration. Always at the top for the sound quality, and the very aggressive sound design! I highly recommend for fans of the genre! I just regret that there are not some presets.


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