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Originally from the north of France, Ratus discovered the MAO on Fruity Loops in 2006 (16 years old) to create rhythms that would accompany him on the guitar. But it was in 2007 that he began to create a melodic, psychedelic and full of crazy sounds Hardtek, inspired by the artists of the scenes Hardtek, Trance, and Krautrock. In 2009 he decided to live in Toulouse to create a sound system with his friends, then in 2012, he created Sonik'Art Records, an association organizing legal parties in the south of France. After 3 years of nights with Sonik'Art Records, he stops the association and creates his own independent label, "The Dirty Factory", on which he produces 15 artists on 24 EP and organizes dozens of evenings in Toulouse. At the same time, he was a teacher of MAO and DJing. After ending this activity, he created a YouTube channel currently followed by more than 14,000 people, in which he shares his passion for music and the underground through stories, tutorials and musical experiences. In addition, since this year, Ratus has partnered with Hercules, a great DJing brand. Released on 11 LPs, 2 CDs, produced 4 albums, and a dozen EPs and singles on various digital platforms, all with many labels such as Winprod, FreeStyleListen, Astrofonik and Undergroundtekno, he has gradually become a regular of the Techno scene in France.


  • It's a friendly, no-frills pack. The samples are clean and well mixed, very few sounds are off topic, and it's varied enough to be used in productions of styles different from what this pack is made for. I will definitely buy packs from this brand again!

    Diabolic Hardcore

    Rating: 9/10

    It's really a very good pack, I've been using it for many months now and I don't part with it anymore, it's totally a must have of its kind! It is very complete, the samples are varied and of high quality. The kicks, the screech games, as well as the drums are very good.

    Hardcore Ultra Pack

    Rating: 10/10

    Wow! Just Wow! This pack is exceptional, it is the first of such quality that I find for this style of music. Clearly it is faultless because everything is there! The quality, diversity, sounds, etc etc ... For kicks lovers there are ready-made ones, but above all decomposed ones (top + tails) in order to give you almost endless possibilities in terms of kicks! There is also a small pack of Serum presets (and Massive but not tested) which are of very good quality and easily adjustable and that's great! Clearly, I've rarely been disappointed with Singomakers packs, but it's definitely a 10/10!

    IQ Scratches

    Rating: 8/10

    And quite frankly, it does the job! I use them in electronic music to add little grooves at the end of the sequence, or even reworked thoroughly to make quite psychedelic layers and clearly it is effective! The scratches are diverse and rather clean. To use as is or not, that's for you to decide (I prefer to rework them anyway because they can seem rough at first). I think I will continue to watch the samples of this team more ready!

    Radium Frenchcore

    Rating: 10/10

    The boss has finally released his pack! After years of wild sampling of his kicks (and those of his micropoint duo) directly on his songs by hundreds of producers (including me eh, we're not going to lie) Radium finally offers us the possibility of using its sounds of quite legit way haha This pack is clearly THE pack to have if you want to do hardcore. All the sounds are there, and all are usable in a raw way or to rework thoroughly! The samples are flawlessly clean but we will still note a nice difference in volume on some (surprising). Probably linked to the age of certain sounds. A big thank you to Radium for this pack, which we were all really waiting for!

    It's a really nice pack! The kicks are pretty good but it is true that the use as it will not necessarily be possible! A pack not to put in all hands so. It is pretty well supplied, with a little bit of all the necessary tools! We will quickly integrate it with any type of hardcore composition, whether slow or fast is ok for everything! the presets are quality, sound good, and are diverse. This is rare enough to be highlighted (especially given the year the pack was released). I love it!

    But how could I miss this pack! It's superbly supplied! Samples are quality, be it kicks and drum sets, synths, bass lines, fxs, etc... It's all good! A must have! This also is a pack that will adapt to any type of trance if you know how to go about it and use it properly. Clearly, I will return to visit the packs of this brand without hesitation for a second!

    This pack is very, very good! The presets are very interesting and very easily changeable in order to get precisely the desired sound. A lot of quick editing options, clean sound from the beginning, it's rare! Usually I'm rather disappointed with the pack of samples from ISR, but on the presets they type very fair! You can go for it with your eyes closed:)

    What a joy these presets! They are very well executed and eclectic, there is everything: screechs, synths, etc... All embellished with a lot of good loops and one shots. Once again here ISR shows us its superiority by offering us a quality pack, with samples that leave us a lot of freedoms to be exploited as we wish and presets clean and flexible to wish (with a clear synthesis if at all we know how to use the associated plugin). A pack that will certainly delight you if you are a lover of the genre.

    A nice pack, between Hardtek and Frenchcore, which will delight all techno guys who want fast and tough beats! Here again ISR gives us good working bases and with the Italian Braindrillerz at the controls it can only hit the bull's eye! The samples are of rather good quality and do not hesitate to cut the samples in all directions in order to fully exploit them.

    Rawstyle Massacre

    Rating: 8/10

    Wow, just wow! This pack is crazy, as are all packs Singomakers. All the samples are of incredible quality and integrate perfectly in any type of composition in hard music. Clearly a must-have for all producers

    Rawstyle Destructor

    Rating: 8/10

    Yet again, Singomakers deliver a pack of quality. The samples can be used in any style of hard music and that's what I look for. The cleanliness of the samples is unmatched, the synths used are very good and in the desired style. I will clearly use these packs on future compositions!

    Sound FX

    Rating: 8/10

    It's a cool little pack for all kind of music. Many patch for plugins Halion, Kontakt... and lot of ambient, breakdown, buildup, and general fxs loops and one shot. I use this pack a lot of time, and I love that. The quality is really good, and you have lot of choice in the sounds!

    Cinematic Drums

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a really really cool pack! If you want a cool drums to have huge ambiance, THIS IS! Maybe we want little bit more stems next time but this is ok. Loops, one shots, battery kits, all what you want for big drums!


    Rating: 7/10

    This bank is rather nice. The loops inside are well made and well equalized, and they are adaptable to a lot of styles if you bother to work well. I do not think I will use this pack for a long time because it is not exactly what I intended to do, but I sincerely recommend it. The rhythmic loops are, by cons, not for my taste because they sound too "rough" for me. A good pack for all the people who try to make travel their listeners!


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