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Remi Jorquera "Redpill" balance between divergent styles joined together through a prism of aggression, musicality and absolute immersion. His unique and inventive flawless cutting-edge sound is steering waves in the Drum and Bass scene. "While Redpill can push out music at a rate that leaves fans and press as whiplashed as his beats, what’s really astonishing is the quality in every track. From sound design to creativity and even down to some really beautiful melodies, his new EP on Blackout, Flesh & Blood, is yet another example of how this French juggernaut has not only hit his stride but continues to impress with no signs of slowing down." - Bassrush


  • Sci-Fi Braams

    Rating: 8/10

    A great release from SFXtools, full of intimidating and expertly designed braam sounds! A must have in the genre! Perfect for building tension in any cinematic production, trailers, commercials and for sure bass music tunes! I would definitely use these ones in my productions.

    Cinematic Piano Grace

    Rating: 8/10

    A great release from Singomakers HQ, expertly played and emotion rich piano samples. Kind of samples I would love to be playing myself! I would definitely enjoy using these samples as a start to create a melodic theme on a bassmusic track.


    Rating: 9/10

    Cinetools show us once again that they are staunchly determined to stay at the top with this masterpiece! An amazing work as always from these guys. If you are looking for high-end dark sci-fi cinematic sounds don't go further!

    Deep Melodic Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    An amazing release by Samplestate, with the remarkable vocals of Keiran Fowkes. The pack is built around 5 complete songs with verse, chorus, backing vocals and adlibs... there's also an additional folder full of single phrases and glitched vocals which could be pretty useful. Truly a must have for male vocals!

    A great release by Samplestate, full of well crafted industrial Techno samples. Contains a lot of hard hitting drum loops, bass Loops, synths and more...Sounds have that dark, "Warehouse" underground club vibes I was looking for! Well done!

    An outstanding hip hop acapellas collection by Monster Sounds. Featuring UK rap legend Scor-Zay Zee! This oversized 2Gb pack is built around 10 songs and additional useful content such as phrases which I often find useful in my own productions. I would definitely recommend this pack!

    Another quality release from DABRO Music, this sample collection offers a generous amount of well recorded emotional vocals designed by talented musician, singer and songwriter Neoncastle. The pack is built around a ton of songs with verses, chorus and backing vocal stems. There is also a lot of useful content, such as adlibs, one-shots and phrases. And even the song lyrics sheets, well done!

    TD Audio - Pop Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This quality acapella pack offers a complete toolbox for anyone who want to make modern pop music! Its inspired by legendary artists such as Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga... Its built around 10 complete song kits including wav loops, MIDIs, one shots, Serum presets, everything is here!


    Rating: 8/10

    As a metal fan I am always happy to find a good metal versus bass music sample pack! This sound library is full of angry guitars, brutal screaming vocals and filthy dubstep basses. Samples are modern sounding and well crafted. I would definitely use these, and especially the vocals, in my own productions! Pure fire \m/


    Rating: 9/10

    This brand new quality release from Cinetools transports you to the Middle Ages, it has a true and authentic medieval feeling! From epic battle sounds to inspiring and enchanting fantasy vocals and atmospheres, these samples will shine into cinematics, intros and musical themes. Once again, Cinetools has given us with a very useful “Designer Tools” folder with top notch raw sounding material. I would definitely recommend this pack!

    This Berlin Techno presets pack from the Patchworx series is stunning. The drums are expertly crafted and would be useful for not only techno but any electronic music genre production. The bass sounds are warm and insanely deep. Overall the pack atmosphere is dark, moody and hypnotic. I would definitely use these presets as a start for my tunes!


    Rating: 9/10

    This modern and powerful trailer sounds collection by Cinetools is a must-have. It contains almost 10GB of ready to use visceral, dark thrilling, nerve-racking and heart-stopping samples of the finest in sound design. From movie trailers to bass music, they will fit into any projects that need energy, dark atmospheres, suspense... There is an extra folder "Designer Tools" with pre-processed sounds. These sound a bit more raw which is great to be able to modify them to taste. They are very useful. The library is also packed with amazingly recorded sounds from various legendary analogue synthesizers and machines. Would definitely use these in my productions. Probably one of my favourites from Cinetools!

    I discovered Adam Betts for his work with several of my favourite electronic music producers such as Goldie or Squarepusher. I am a bass guitar player myself and I immediately liked his style. This second instalment of the Live Beats and Breaks series is packed with tons of well recorded drum loops and one shots from the groove master. Each loop is long enough to offer variations and is played with useful fills. I would definitely use these jungle loops in my tunes. The one shots are great too, especially the brass snare sounds which would work really nicely as layers combined to a synthesised snare!

    Vocal Bass Music

    Rating: 8/10

    This sounds collection is a great tool for anyone who want to make various styles of bassmusic, such as Dubstep, Futurebass or Drum and Bass! It offer a generous amount of really beautiful and well recorded vocals, also separated as loops, one shots and phrases which is exactly what I was looking for! Would definitly recommand!

    This vocal sample collection offer a generous amount of melodic and sensual vocals, built around a dozen of songs with verses, chorus and backing vocal stems. There are also a lot of useful bonus content, adlibs one-shots and phrases. I really like this pack, which is for me a must-have if you are looking for such tone of voice!

    Contemporary Ukulele

    Rating: 8/10

    This sample pack contains really nice Ukulele loops and hits. There are both Dry and Wet versions which is really handy to use! Sounds are well recorded and convaincing! This pack would definitly shine in a corporate/commercial soundtrack.


    Rating: 8/10

    This 13GB collection of quality sounds is build around 3 folders for differents stages of processing. Which is pretty convenient for user to rework and personalise textures. Sounds are well crafted and would shine in video games particularly. But it can also be used in bassmusic as layers for basses or intro elements!


    Rating: 9/10

    Cinetools did a great job on this pack, full of modern blockbuster trailer style SFX. Overall quality is impressive, each sounds has several variations to avoid monotony when use. We can definitly feel listening to these samples that the sounds designers are at the top of their art. Really liked the "Behind The Scenes - The Making Of OVERTONICS" video teaser too.


    Rating: 9/10

    Industry leader Cinetools created yet another phenomenal SFX library masterpiece. Overall quality and attention to detail is impressive! These intriguing sounds will help any electronic music producer to create intense climax moments, suspense, horror and sci-fi moods. And, for sure, this 7+GB pack is definitly a must have for today's cinematic production needs. Well done!

    Another great release from Cinetools, including a rich collection of high-quality, inspiring and ready-to-use specific cinematic and Blockbuster trailer style SFX. There are deep subs movements, menacing impacts and spine tingling stingers... Textures details are amazing overall and would push bassmusic atmospheres to a new level of design.

  • Apex 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Probably one of the bests of the genre, this tension builder sounds pack is full of high quality inspiring sound designs. It cover a wide range of emotions like horror, hope, action to name a few! It would shines in projects such as trailers, movies, video games or to build climactic tension in a modern menacing neurofunk tune, which exactly what I am looking for!

    The demo song of this Patchworx pack instantly grabbed my attention, sounded really dark and well designed, and I am not disapointed of the result! Presets are rich and expertly crafted, very useable to build intense, deep and intrigating atmospheres in any modern bassmusic production. The pack is excellent all around and I would just get in!


    Rating: 9/10

    This scary, Dark sound library is based on 5 perfectly crafted horror cinematic trailers, with lot of different versions to make it easier to integrate in your projects. Overall quality is amazing, as always from Cinetools! Textures fit perfectly as intro elements in a bassmusic tune, and make it sound like a hollywood blockbuster imediately... Highly recommanded!


    Rating: 9/10

    Another quality release from Cinetools! This collection of horrific and disturbing cinematic sound effects are pretty usefull as intro elements in a Drum and Bass tune or to layer basses and make them even more weird and futuristic! These sounds will definitly raise goosebumps! I would use them in my productions for sure!


    Rating: 10/10

    Real fan of this one! Sound quality is on point as expected from Cinetools. The textures are very emotional and inspirational. From tranquility to dramatic tragedy, these moody sounds really manage to evoke specific emotions to the listener. They inject life into any cold bass music tune which is exactly what I am looking for here!

    This collection of organic and synthetic sounds and textures would fit pefectly in a modern badass Drum and Bass tune for sure! Sounds are perfectly crafted, inspirings and versatiles. We can definitly feel that the sound designer who made this pack know his stuff. A must-have for making cinematic intros!

    TD Audio – Vocal Pop

    Rating: 8/10

    This collection of sounds offer a complete toolbox for anyone who want to make charts topper pop music! Lots of differents instruments, great melodic content and memorable catchy top-line hooks. There are midi files too and great sounding vocals (which I am always looking for). Clips are a bit low volume but overall quality is definitly convaincing. Well done!

    Emo Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    A very interesting and original pack, with great quality catchy vocal loops & vocal chops. Remind me that new rap trend flagshipped by Lil Peep but especially some rock/punk bands I have been listening a lot years ago such as Blink 182, Sum41... Autotune is very well dosed and both dry and wet files are available. Great work, can't wait to use these in my productions!


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