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Hailing from Wolverhampton UK P0gman is well known for his wonky yet heavy hitting dubstep. His name has been cemented into the Dubstep world for years with his unique style combining the nostalgia of the UK Dubstep sound with a hard and heavy bounce to bring any dancefloor to life. Starting his career as a DJ no one P0gman set will ever be the same, he reads the room and makes sure he curates his playlist on the spot to hit the sweet spot every time.  His release list is filled with prestigious labels such as Never Say Die, Disciple, Circus Records, Uplink Audio and his very own IAMAudio. He has been releasing none stop since 2011 and has an arsenal of well-known songs that have been supported by the biggest and the best.  His touring has seen him hit all corners of the earth including Europe, America, Canada and Australia. His sets are filled with energy and a vibe to make people move. His bouncy live sets have seen him play some of the worlds biggest stages including EDC Las Vegas, Origin NYE and USC’s Paradiso.  Always releasing and touring be sure to check out P0gman in a city near you for an experience like no other. 


  • Absolutely love this pack. If you have a nice sound but aren't sure what notes will sound good then this pack is perfect for you. Simply drop the midi in and be ready to go. Spoiled for choice with over 150 midi files. This one if perfect for cinematic and epic intros.

    This pack does exactly what it says on the tin. Vintage sounding movie vocals easily used in all genres. Perfect for setting the tone in the intro of a track with many of the samples being just what you would need to that suspenseful gap before a big drop. I would 100% recommend this be added to your sample collection

    Old Movie Clips

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack was amazing. I needed an old style horror vocal i was working on and within seconds i had found the perfect one in this pack. The fact the pack is made from scratch to is very impressive. Would hugely recommend this pack for anyone needing movie speech in their tracks. I will be using a lot more of this pack moving forward.

    UK House Essentials

    Rating: 10/10

    Such a classic sound from this pack. Perfect for what i was looking for and great that it isn't just your standard Splice sounding generic house pack. Used a lot of the samples already and will most definitely continue using them

    This pack was exactly what it says. A lovely mixture of samples that work in the more left field electronic world. Amazing for producers who are exploring this style and want a foundation and starting point.

    Lenny Dee - Rewind

    Rating: 10/10

    Perfect and does exactly what it says on the tin. If its rewinds and tape stops you are looking for then this is the pack for you. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for samples of this kind.

    Perfect for what i needed. Massive selection and the Apple Loops helped massively with just dropping the samples right in and going ahead. I like the wide range of flows in the vocals which makes it super easy to work in different tempos and genres with these. Great pack and will be using alot

    Emo Vocals

    Rating: 10/10

    LOVE this pack. The vocals are so on point and theres a nice array of different BPM's which is cool for writing different genres. The quality is very high and perfectly in key. I am very impressed with this pack as its exactly what it says it is and i have never come across something similar and of such a high standard,

    MIDI Collection 2

    Rating: 8/10

    Love this pack. Straight away i found melodies and top lines to work in my songs. The melodies i particularly like as they seem to work 9 times out of 10. Will be using this alot to speed up the process of writing melodies from scratch. All in all its a great pack and i would highy recommend

    Amazing pack. Was looking for some nice Spanish guitar samples for a Hip Hop project and found exactly what i needed. High quality samples at multiple bpms perfect for any genre. There is also a big selection of different styles and tempos to make this pack complete. I would massively recommend this pack to anyone looking for Spanish guitars as it was the first i found and the only one i needed.

    License Free Movie Clips

    Rating: 10/10

    The motherload of movie samples. This pack is full of everything you need from aliens to horror to sound effects of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for pre drops, intros and everything you could possibly imagine. Would highly recommend this pack for producers looking to add some cinematic samples to their collection.

    Amazing pack. High quality samples and presets from one of the best names in DnB. It contained exactly what i was looking for. Tight drums and insane Serum presets to build and make your own DnB smasher. If its tech DnB you are looking to make then this pack is made for you.

    This is a great pack overall. Lots of awesome textures and leads to be used across all genres of music. If you are looking for an all round pack of Serum presets to use in a wide range of production i would highly recommend this. I found the reeses to be some of the best sounds in here.


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