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Dub Elements

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Since storming onto the spanish D&B music scene early 2009, Seville based duo Dub Elements has swiftly merited a reputable and solid name for themselves from the start thanks to their distinctly unique sound which boasts infectious bass hooks, compulsive beats and slices & bleeps. Shortly after releasing their debut Ep, Dub Elements started recruiting legions of fans across Europe with their formidable and energetic shows, securing them as one of the most sought after breakthrough acts in the scene. Since then, the Spanish duo has managed to create a series of dancefloor anthems released by some of the most interesting labels around. Also Dub Elements took on a DJ residency at Space Ibiza every Friday at the Beat & Raw session (2012), repeating in 2014 under the Mass Bass belt at Privilege Ibiza. Gaining support from some of the industry's biggest names including Noisia, Spor, Excision, Friction ... so they have enjoyed huge success after appearing on prestigious labels such as Shogun Audio, Viper Recordings, Eatbrain, Hospital Records and more.


  • Babylooon!!! If you are stuck looking for vocals for your next song, this package will help you for sure. The tracks are very well recorded and processed. Give a Jamaican touch to your next hit. Raggamuffin!!!

    This sample collection is a incredibly useful resource for any drum & bass producer out there. Drum samples just sound great. Basslines and music loops are so inspiring. Let´s create a Festival hit just in just a few minutes. Big up Grafix

    CARBON: Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Cutting-edge drum and bass sound design in this pack. Drums are super phat and tight. The racks are super useful, ready to drag and drop in your productions. I'm a big fan of ghost syndicate sample packs, and this one is another must have in your hd.


    Rating: 10/10

    This sample pack truly represents the current sound of drum and bass. High quality samples ready to drop in your productions, no matter your production level or skills. Meticulously crafted drums and basses that will blow up your mind.

    Everyone know that Rockwell is a master in sound design, and this pack proves it. Timeless vibes, heavy and punchy drums, phat and dirty basses in this awesome sample pack. I personally find the separated shots very useful.

    A source of inspiration for all the liquid dnb heads out there. Outstanding rolling drum loops and percussion ready to drop into your productions. Professional quality audio samples that are definitely worth buying.

    Great pack of very useful vocals. You can find different takes and vibes of each sample. Its a source of inspiration for all bass bass genres and styles. Monsters sounds is always bringing quality vocals ready to drop in your tracks.

    Drum And Bass Vol.6

    Rating: 10/10

    Dabro packs are always outstanding. Sound design as its best. They really know about the current dnb sound, and this pack contains a lot of punchy drums, and heavy basses ready to drop in your productions. Save time if you are struggling with a track.

    Future Soul Acapellas

    Rating: 10/10

    Great pack of vocals to spice up your productions. If you are struggling to add a human touch in your tune, this is the answer. Samples are professionally recorded and ready to drop. Its hard to find a pack like this in the market. Thanks

    Mei Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Great pack of vocals ready to drag and drop in you productions. Sweet, fresh and beautiful young voice by Mei. Add a positive vibe to your music instantly. Shouts and short samples are really useable.


    Rating: 10/10

    This is such a great sample pack for the Drum n Bass heads out there. Great selection of hard basses and crisp drums. Ghost Syndicate has always been one of my favourite sample producers, and this is another solid pack. Edgy sounds to help elevate your tracks to the next level.

    This is the best reggae/dub/dancehall library on the market right now. High quality basses, vocals and drums ready to spice up your productions and dj sets. Load them into your project and feel the warmth of Jamaica . blooodddklarrt !

    Add a fresh Jamaican vibe instantly with this huge collection of samples. If you struggle looking for vocals you don't have to waste your time anymore. Also FXs and one-shots are super-dope! Vadim is a master in the game and he has demonstrated it with this pack

    Great samplepack with a bunch of really nice "ready to use" drums and percussions, the ableton live stuff is also very nice to experiment with the loops. A must have for those that try to sound like the current dnb minimal-deep vibe.

    NAIS Neurofunk Serum

    Rating: 10/10

    I have been testing this pack and its just huge!. Basses already sound so phat and powerfull without any post processing. I love how Dabro always bring the current sound of dnb in their packs. Its so helpful to discover new techniques to apply to your own presets.

    The hype about this guy is real. He is definitely a name to follow in the drum&bass scene for the upcoming years. His tracks, as this samplepack are so futuristic,edgy and wonky. The sounds in this pack, specially the basses and synths prove that.

    These russinas are mad! I´m a big fan of his samplepack from their beginning. Always pushing to the limit the heaviest side of Dnb. This one is another must to have if you are looking to sound like the current neuro sound. You can find a bunch of very useful hard-hittin drums and heavy basslines.

    Enzyme II

    Rating: 10/10

    This soundpack is so fresh and inspiring! although the basses, atmos and fx are great what stand out for me most here are the drums. A big amount of very useful kicks, snares and hats, punchys as well not overly compressed. Perc loops are also perfect to add that pure dnb roller vibe to your tracks. All of them in clearly labeled folders. Ready to use !

    Emotive Pianos

    Rating: 9/10

    Nice collection of midi files that will help you in those "lack of inspiration" moments. Very useful for intros and breakdowns. Every partiture is written with care and wide knowledge of harmony and musicality.

    A great collection of meticulously crafted presets. I personally love the bass sounds, so edgy, powerful and energetic. They also show advanced sound design techniques that will absolutely help you to create your own presets. A must have if you want to take your drum&bass productions to the next level.


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