Joe ET

Joe ET

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Joe ET is the boss at Oblivion Underground. With 20 years in the scene, he has promoted over 45 parties and has performed at hundreds of events across the UK and around the world. His unwavering commitment to the hardcore scene and talent as a DJ have seen him play at huge European festivals like Dominator, PRSPCT, Q-Base, Fuckparade, Heresy, Footworxx, MuSick and as far afield as Japan. He is one of the most dedicated, accomplished and experienced hardcore DJ's from the UK and, more recently, in Europe.


  • Incredible pack featuring an arsenal of sublime and intricate sounding Drum and Bass elements. The sound design is very very high and I have been happy to use many of the elements to great effect,l both by changing them, and even some directly out of the box! Highly recommend!

    Bass Hop

    Rating: 7/10

    A really great pack for creating all thing slow and bassy. Have been able to use this in many different projects at both its native speed as well as slightly more uptempo. Would recommend to anyone wanting to make glitch-hop and even dubstep and grime.

    One of the absolute masters of hard drum and bass, Maztek really nailed this one! A great collection of samples from the deepest darkest depths of the underground. I highly recommend this pack to anyone wanting to make high impact Neuro, Crossbreed or Hard Drum and Bass

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