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James Marvel

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The self-proclaimed great scientist from the year 3987 James Marvel is a drum&bass household name. Stranded in a space-time vacuum on one of his intergalactic travels, J James got stuck on planet Earth in the year 2010 and decided to leave great scientism and galactic travel behind to pursue a career in drum&bass DJ'ing, which according to Marvel "is pretty much the same thing anyway". James Marvel first appeared on the American neurofunk label Ammunition Recordings, later to be picked up by RAM Trilogy's 'Shimon's label Audioporn Records, where he left more marks on the scene with remixes of Xilent's "Boss Wave" Dub FX's "Back To Basics". Hits like "Way Of The Warrior" and "Dominator" have affirmed his status as a top tier writer and producer and steadily recurring appearances at great festivals like Tomorrowland, Let it Roll, Hospitality and more continuously show Marvel's feel for the dancefloor while portraying highly technical skill and great variety in taste of that fast breakbeat music. Starting his own imprint Space Pirate Recordings then again serves as Marvel's way of providing a creative haven for himself and others in the scene."


  • Experimental Vocal Pop

    Rating: 7/10

    The title of this samplepack seems to be somewhat misleading since the majority of its content is instrumental and the vocal chops found in here seem rather generic. That being said however this pack contains some of the better sounding drum & percussion hits for modern pop productions, glitch, urban, etc. The FX bank is rather extensive and contains a bunch of interesting sounds as well. All in all a good addition to your collection if you're looking for warm crisp percussion, warm and heavy sub hits and for extending your fx bank. Would however change the name of this pack for maximum effect.

    Now this is one exemplary sound collection. Focused, varied, useful, crisp sounding recordings and played by a higly skilled and talented musician. The vast amount of different patterns throughout a wide set of tempo's make for a drum library that will be useful in a bunch of different settings. Grabbing half a bar of a drumroll to finish off a drum&bass loop, spicing up your drumpart with one of the cymbal-heavier patterns, or simply finding the right basic drumloop to record a song demo onto. Lookin for more acoustic and organic sounding drums for your hip hop beats? Pretty sure there's some useful stuff for you in here as well. This pack contains not a single 'filler' sound, it's 100% what it says on the tin and does a great job at that too.

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