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360-degree Junglist Dj and Producer/Remixer. Official remixer of Horace Andy/ John Holt/Hybrid Minds +++ V Recordings/ Natty Dub/ Liondub remixer for Hospital Records


  • A massive pack filled with inspiration-triggering sound weapons, ready to fill out an intro or chop to pieces to make new other worldly grooves recommend this pack for sound track and atmospheric business! Nice work will look out for other packs from these guys

    Great pack -- with some of the classic beats - been using for layers to great effect! Solid pack and plenty of fun to be had in here - always been a fan of Total Science! Well organised and intuitive - I would recommend this pack for a fair few genres.

    Jazz Hop Dreams

    Rating: 8/10

    Really good pack, came here for some of the crusty strings I heard in the demo - didnt expect this to be Rankin Audio! Fantastic stuff - looking forward to having a proper play I'm excited to see what else I can find in this crispy and warm bumper vibe pack! Big up High Rankin

    The recording quality here is great and so many options You can resample these all day and make them your own! Cant wait to get using some of these beautifully recorded sounds Big Selection and the format options are all-encompassing!


    Rating: 9/10

    Quality over quantity here! But if you want to make a movie promo, this is A Grade for this purpose. Loads for tracks and some amazing sounding Arps and percussion. You get what you pay for and these are a killer selection and super well organised. Get on this one.


    Rating: 9/10

    Absolutely fantastic pack whether you are scoring a horror, a dark side tune or the filthiest neuro I can see this working for the lot! Well organised, intuitive and all of a very high quality! Cinetools have done it again with this one!

    Really heavyweight basses Grabbed this for when I was writing on the road and it has some wicked tones!! Will be my go to when on the move I can just tell! Big Stuff from Monster Sounds - will be looking out for more from them! Monster Monster!!

    One of my favourite strings packs! The quality is second to none and the organisation intuitive Love this pack to bring those feel good hits to your tune Doesnt need to be a disco track to take advantage of these great hits! Big up!

    Junglist Rave Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Very very decent pack- loads of sounds you were expecting to hear and plenty of surprises! some sick grooves to play with and a wide variety! Will be testing this pack out right away - plenty Im looking forward to playing with! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadclaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

    Original Jungle Breaks

    Rating: 8/10

    Even though these might not be the 'Original Jungle Breaks' youve already got, they are very much original and usable jungle breaks for your own working. Lots of lovely live break sounding beats in here.

    Jungle DNB

    Rating: 9/10

    There's a lot of good stuff here. Great drum hits, bass hits if you use them - a full one stop shop for a beginner looking to try making a jungle dnb track for the first time too. You could have a lot of fun with this.

    Introspective Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Love dipping into other genre style packs to bring it back into drum and bass music - and High Rankin's packs have often been a great source of inspiring sounds and regularly tough and interesting drums. This pack has plenty of ear candy to make your lobes obese.

    Some brilliant and interesting drums can be found in this well rounded sample pack! I've put a couple of the grooves to work in some new tracks and they really helped kick off the flow I stuck with. Recommended. Will be looking out for more packs from these guys!


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