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Petr Vicher aka Qo is an drum and bass dj and producer from Czech drum and bass scene. His first contact with mighty sound of drum and bass are dated somewhere around 2001/2002, a "golden era" of drum and bass - as he said. It was time of techstep duo Konflict, which was (and still is) one of his biggest influences. Workin on his own sound for years, building his name with releases on Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, and Disturbed, in 2011 he finally get a debut 12" release of tracks "Infected" and "War Stomp" on one of most iconic labels of drum and bass - netherlands Citrus Recordings. From this time, his sound is defined somewhere between techstep and neurofunk - hardhittin', full-of-bass-facerippin' techy drum and bass. He also gained succes with his next single "Distress Signal" (with vocals from Hostile MC) and "Total Control" on Disturbed. Then the „Armored Core“ released on wax on british label Close 2 Death with dj support from big names such as Optical, Ed Rush, BSE, Audio, Chris Renegade, Smooth, Optiv, Phace, Chris.Su and others. After that, four-tracker „Atari X“ EP were released on mighty Eatbrain in early 2015, two solo tracks on same label later that year. In 2017, another step in his drum and bass journey was made – his own record label called „Hoofbeats Music“ was established. Mainly as a platform for releasing his own music and the music he likes from up&coming producers like Holotrope and Symplex, but also established artist like Rido, Counterstrike.. In 2019, his most complex 4-tracker will be released on Hoofbeats Music, consists of 4 collaboratons with Julia Marks, The Clamps, Trilo, Computerartist and Merikan. Stay Tuned! Labels: Hoofbeats Music, Eatbrain, Citrus, Disturbed, Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, Overtech, Abducted, Mindtech, Austerity, Black Seeds, Dangerous New Age, Fatality


  • Joe Ford Drum & Bass

    Rating: 10/10

    Joe Ford always been a wonder kid who came up with new ways and sounds, so at the time i saw he did a sample pack for EST, i checked that immediately. The pack is full of ready-to-go sounds, superb clean and inspirative music loops but also one-shot samples. This guy rocks and this pack is just great.

    Ekselent Drum And Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    Dabro samplapacks are one of my very favourite ones for numerous reasons - these packs always contain high quality material, which always inspires me in best possible way. This one is no different. Full of high quality material ready to spice up your productions!

    Dabro Music brings, as usual, a professionally crafted pack full of ready-to-use one shots as well as loops and midi files. As a big fan of this brand, i can only recommend. I appreciate the added guitar one shots + loops, which is always good and add a spice to your mixes easily - just put on some crazy fx and you can even recognize that it was guitar originally.. One shot samples are super clean. Highly recommend!

    Dark Texture EFX Vol.2

    Rating: 9/10

    A pack full of perfectly crafted sounds ready for use. EFX section full of interesting sounds, a super fun to play with these and some hardcore-effect chains to create even crazier fxs! Highly recommend!

    Dark Textures & EFX

    Rating: 8/10

    Really useful sample pack full of high quality fx sounds for all kind of productions. For me personally, one of the most useful for the desired purpose - "Dark" stuff. I defy recommend this pakc to everyone looking to add a something special for your productions. The loops are quite inspirative, there can be a lot of ideas coming from these sounds on their own. Single shots / hits are cool for breakdowns of classic tunes or atmo for soundtrack works..

    Malux is one of the most innovative sound-designers in drum and bass at the moment, his tunes are always just so good, therefore i was really looking forward to hear this sample pack. And it is so good! Loops, Single hits, FXs, there is everything - in top quality. Love it!

    Massive X: Reese

    Rating: 8/10

    As a big fan of Industrilal Strength and Gancher & Ruin, i was really curious about the stuff they did with new Native Instruments synth. And what they did is a great job as always. Useful sounds with (almost) no need of additional processing. Really useful preset pack with great amount/value ratio. Great starting tool to dig deeper into endless possibilities, which Massive X offers! The real magic begins with automation of parameters in the presets. Big up IS and G&R!


    Rating: 9/10

    This is first pack i have tried from Ghost Syndicate, and defo not the last! The amount of sounds is amazing and the quality is really great. Pack is well organized and contains almost everything you need - from FX's to drum one shots and loops to bass and synths.. For example drums are sounding really great, tight and clean. But the same applies to other folders. I really dig the synth loop section, full of ideas. Highly recommended!

    Gancher & Ruin: Reese

    Rating: 9/10

    Another great preset pack from Gancher & Ruin on Industrial Strength. From my point of view: the best thing on this pack is, that you actually have presets for few of the best synths on the market - NI Massive, NI FM8, Serum, Sylenth + Spire. This fact makes the pack a great starting point to the beginner producer, as you can learn a lot from the presets! No doubt the presets sound really good even with additional processing. Great job, devil twins!

    Drum And Bass Vol.6

    Rating: 9/10

    The "Dabro Drum and Bass" samplepacks are always one of the best (maybe the very best) on the market, so it is always a pleasure to see the new release. #6 is full of perfectly polished samples which are extremely helpful and inspiring. From hard hitting full-on bass hits, loops, to uplifting music loops and ambient pads.. It is all in there. All sounds ready to be added to your project instantly without much of additional processing. And also, the pack contains also MIDI files, which is additional boost to your creativity.. Highly recommended!

    Mainly bass oriented pack witch some cool lead sounds. From talking bass to hard hitting impact stabs, everything is in here. The sounds are ready to be used in your project and can be easily tweaked via pre-made macros without additional processing, but if you additionally process the sound just a little bit, you can get some awesome results in minutes! This pack can be used for all types of bass music, not just neurofunk.

    Drum And Bass 5

    Rating: 9/10

    Dabro Drum and Bass packs are always one of the best on the market, sound design is just great, musical ideas are also there - if you are looking for something to spice up you project, you can easily find great ideas inside this pack. For me personally, the most useful are the absolutely excellent one shot drum samples.

    NAIS Neurofunk Serum

    Rating: 10/10

    The best thing about this pack is, that you don't really need to worry about the post processing at all, just put a little sidechain to the drums and there you go, play some notes, record it, and you have a modern sounding neurofunk instantly. All sounds are just huge, all killer, no filler. NAIS did an amazing job again!

    As a big fan of Dabro Music d'n'b samplepacks, I was curious how this neurofunk one sounds - as this "genre" is my all time favourite - and it sounds so good! All of the sounds are razor sharp and easily can fill up the space in your mix. The loops are sounding great and very inspiring, in the moment you feel the track needs some boost or extra element, you can be almost sure you will find something helpful for proper neurofunk banger here. Well organized, marked with key. The FX folder is superb - Ambiences, donwfilters, sweeps, glitches,.. Also vocal phrases are cool. The pack also has a project stems for a few demo tracks, which could be extremely useful for newbie producers!


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