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Zombie Cats

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Zombie Cats are veterans on Eatbrain recordings, one of Europe’s biggest DnB labels. Their debut EP “Must Eat” in 2014 was welcomed by fans and Dj’s alike, teaming up with long time friend Mefjus for the DnB chart topping title track. Two more EP’s & single tracks on Eatbrain followed, including the “Worlds End” EP, and releases on other respected labels such as Blackout and Drum & BassArena solidify Zombie Cats as constant deliverers of quality tech Drum and Bass. Diverse in their output of DnB, furthered still with collaboration’s with artists such as Abis and Redpill, Zombie Cats will continue to deliver.


  • Mythica

    Rating: 9/10

    Just brilliant. This pack includes amazing sounds. You can choose between Atmospheres, Basses, Creatures, Downers, Drums, Hits, Melodics, Pings, Risers, Stingers, Vocals and many more sounds. The quality is outstanding. You can hear that the producer put a lot of work into this package. Our personal favourite is the Organic Whoosh sounds. This small organic touch makes your music more alive.

    Liquid Drum and Bass often needs these special-soulful vocals with the little "it-factor". If you are going to grab this sample-pack you will make the right choice. This package is full of Phrases and Adlips - everything you need and more. All vocals are recorded in the most professional way as possible. It is just fun to play around with them and you will get great results instantly. If you want to sound like the leading liquid dnb artists - well, this is the one for you!

    Omar Vocals

    Rating: 9/10

    Omars vocals are sounding amazing. You can see that the creator puts a lot of effort in this pack and you as a producer can benefit from it now. When you are going through the samples you will get a lot of ideas instantly. A big "plus" are the adlib and chorus hooks. Usually vocal-packs forget to add adlibs. This fact shows again that the creator knew exactly what a quality-product needs. Well done!

    Vocal Collection

    Rating: 9/10

    A big vocal-pack with a lot of quality sounds! You can use these vocals in a variety of styles. If you are looking for 2-Step, Garage, Deep House, Bass, Dance, Tech or Drum & Bass vocals - this one is for you! Its great that the pack contains different singers, so you can check out which singer fits most to your idea. Recommended!

    A wonderful selection of Ambient Sounds! These pads and drones are amazing. The full-package could be described as "sci-fi influenced" and we are feeling it a lot. Once we'd messed around with the sounds in the studio, we had a great basis for an intro after a short time. Quality presets!

    NAIS Neurofunk Serum

    Rating: 10/10

    NAIS did it again! Its impressive to see how many quality sample-packages and sounds NAIS, aka Dabro, is putting on the market. And even more impressive is that you can buy them all instantly. All of them are top-notch and so is this newest Neurofunk preset pack for Serum. It is simple: All sounds are great from the start. Recommended!

    Drum And Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    DABRO never disappoints! Also this time DABRO shows his excellence in sounddesign. The Bass is powerfull and is well ballanced. It is close to be impossible not being creative with these samples. Also the drums are just great! DARBRO is one of greatest sources if you are looking for quality Drum and Bass music samples. To put it in a nutshell: This pack is a MUST-HAVE!

    Drum And Bass 2

    Rating: 9/10

    DARBO Music is making one of the best sample-packs for Drum & Bass Music. You can not make any mistake to check this one out. The Drums are tight and the basslines have got all the textures you need to produce a modern Drum & Bass track. Grab it and have fun!

    Drum And Bass 3

    Rating: 9/10

    The basslines are way too sick! Seriously, if you are looking for basslines which instantly give you many ideas for Drum and Bass or Dubstep tracks, then this is your choice. Big-bad-basslines! DARBRO is showing once again that he knows how to produce one of the best sample-packs in the game!

    Drum And Bass 4

    Rating: 10/10

    Another pack filled with quality sounds. It is incredible how much inspriration you get from just listening to the basslines. Once you thought "Ok, this bassline is sick", then wait for the next, because they are all stunning. Besides the basslines this package contains quality drums as well. You can´t go wrong with this samplepack. Get it and also check out Dabro Music´s other samplepacks. Highly recommented.

    Drum And Bass 5

    Rating: 9/10

    Like the previous Drum and Bass samplepacks by DABRO Music this Drum and Bass package is also a MUST-HAVE. Besides brilliant basslines and rolling drums, you also get quality music-samples. Once you hear these music-sounds you are already picturing your tune in your head. Get it and have lots of fun in the studio!

    Bass Music Lockdown

    Rating: 8/10

    Stunning! You can hear the love for details. Especially the drums and bonus-drums are top notch. I definitely will use these drums to get the right vibe for an epic intro. Besides intro-grooves you can also use the drums as your main-drum-element for many genres. No matter if Bass Music, Drum & Bass or Dubstep, you can´t go wrong with these samples.

    It is no surprise that Fourward produced a high-quality sample pack which can be used in a variety of Drum and Bass styles. The drums and bass lines are our favourites. The drum loops can be used as an addition, but also as your main-drums. These loops will give your beats the professional "it-factor", which are not always easy to achieve. The bass-sounds are extremely well-produced. Put the bass in your sampler of choice and create quickly a professional sounding core-sound of your track. It is close to impossible not being inspired by this package. Among all packages we tested, it is one of the best. It is a sure-shot.


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