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"One of the key contributors to the Hardcore/Drum & Bass & Crossbreed sound, Deathmachine has been a part of the scene for over 2 decades. With releases on genre-defining labels like Genosha Recordings, Genosha One Seven Five and PRSPCT Recordings, plus many collaborations with The Outside Agency, The Dj Producer, Dolphin, Switch Technique etc. he has passionately pursued a vision for high tech Industrial Hardcore. An active Dj since the 90's, he has played across most of the world at many major events and festivals. Additionally, in recent years, he has performed mastering duties for high profile labels and artists in the scene."


  • Industrial Bass Music

    Rating: 8/10

    Some super heavy sounds in this pack! A decent range of textures in the basses and synths, plus a full compliment of percussion ranging from metallic hats and snares, through to glitched hits and big kicks. Most of the content is distorted/saturated so this is great all round pack for those genres like Hardcore, Dubstep, Industrial Techno etc. that need a gritty edge.


    Rating: 9/10

    Another great sample pack from Ghost Syndicate showing their consistency across multiple genres. Breaks are crisp with lots of energy, percussion is snappy, bass is heavy with lots of movement...everything you need to build Drum & Bass (or Drum & Bass influenced tracks). All samples are labelled well, and precisely edited so can be easily dropped into your DAW and used instantly. Would definitely recommend.

    Some real gems in this preset pack that you can use "as is" or build on top of to create your own unique sounds. The kicks are varied and respond nicely to the automation controls, bringing different possibilities for textures, especially when pushed though some more distortion and compression. All major components are covered, making this pack a great choice for hardcore producers in particular, although other hard dance styles will also find lots of inspiration in this pack.

    A nice array of textures in the bass section make this a very usable track for different genres. All the sounds in the pack are balanced well with good stereo content and dynamic definition. I found good inspiration in the music section too, even using small snippets of the loops yielded nice stabs that I used in some of my recent productions. This pack is worth getting for all these reasons.

    Enzyme II

    Rating: 9/10

    An excellent pack for any genre that requires heavy hitting percussion and/or futuristic sounds. A very consistent selection of samples with high quality and interesting sound design, every sound is usable. I found myself taking elements of the percussive loops first, which have a nice airy top end whilst still retaining clean transients. The bass sounds have lots of movement and width, plus solid low end. The pads/atmos/fx are well thought out, and provide a range of moods and intensity. The synths have good energy and fit the vibe of the rest of the pack well. Overall, would highly recommend to producers looking for inspiration in any of the harder genres.


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