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Chimpo is the UK's music legacy personified. His legendary DJ sets take in all the genres created within the UK and all of the influences that inform them. Hailing from Manchester, he comes from a long line of musical innovators and you can hear this in his output. He works as a triple threat; production, DJing and vocalist. Unlimited by genres means you can find his work in drum & bass, Grime, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Dubstep and everything in between. In his productions, DJ sets and vocal excursion he has been acknowledged as influencing new artists from a variety of genres and is widely recognised as a pioneer and innovator in his field. His authenticity is further solidified by those he has worked with in those genres; Zed Bias, Calibre, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Big Narstie, Footsie & Trigga all count as collaborators. He has also released music with Exit Records, Metalheadz, Critical, Sidestepper & Soul;r, all hugely respected and influential labels in underground dance music. He is also regarded as an integral member of the genre defying crew Levelz and drum & bass supergroup Richie Brains.


  • yes breakage! some heavy sounds here mi brejrin! all the drums are mixed super nice. there's some bad boy one-shots as well. im gonna use some stuff off this for defo. drums are just the right balance between raw breaky and processed and tuff. its a beauty pal. The pads are lovely and bright n still got loads of body.The fx are nice and dubby and whatnot. kicks are tuff and not too digitally like in most dnb packs. all round a belter of a pack mate!


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