Saint Punk

Saint Punk

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Utilizing his rock background, Saint Punk creates the perfect blend of his grunge roots with today’s evolving electronic scene, producing a new style of enticing dance music that has been coined as “Grunge House”.


  • Love all of these one shot vocals. There's so many unique and different samples for all kinds of uses. Lots of different textural vibes. The screams are epic and lots of good female samples that are hard to find.

    Sometimes when I need a short vocal stab I dig into this pack and go through all of the different loops. There's a lot of different sounds in one loop so there's a lot of different useful things, melodic and otherwise.

    London Grime Bars

    Rating: 8/10

    Love using this pack to try out possible vocal sections in my beats. Sometimes it inspires other vocal phrase ideas because there's so many words he uses. The vocalist has a good tone so it works well for me to hear how someone else could sound on it.


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