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Mario Malke is what we can call a music geek. Born in 1987 at Campo Grande, Brazil; Malke started his musical adventure playing drums in local metal bands. After coming across techno and having his mind blown, his creative focus changed. By the time he reached his early 20's, Malke had established himself as one of the biggest rising stars of the Hard Techno scene. Clubs and stages the world over welcomed his 'live drums' enhanced sets offering a unique take on the genre and recently on Hardcore music as well . Rocking dance floors from South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Malke's tracks have been signed and released by some of the most respected labels in the industry (Industrial Strength Records, Entertainment One, Cannibal Society, Masters of Hardcore, to name a few) and his release slate is as prolific as ever. Having already played some of the biggest Hard Techno and Hardcore events in the world (Dominator, Awakenings, Dour, Monegros, Thunderdome, FABRIK, Bangface, Astropolis, etc…), Malke continues to unleash his full potential to the world both live and in the studio.


  • It's hard to find some good organic Brazilian percussion samples out there and this pack delivers it. It was really inspiring to use the loops playing along some patterns on top using their One-Shots triggered with my e-drum. I could not believe when I saw they added chocalho loops. The "surdo" sounds deep and has a great pitch decay. I just missed a "cuica" sample. Other than that, it's 10 out of 10.


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