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Since the eruption of PYTHIUS into the drum and bass sphere with his ABANDON EP on BLACKOUT MUSIC NL and performances such as his now legendary breakout decimation of the Blackout label stage at Let It Roll festival, his rise to dizzy heights in the scene’s community of creators has been exemplary. Now, following the release of his debut DESCEND LP on Blackout, he has cemented his place in the history of the genre whilst demonstrating his adaptive abilities in unleashing the diverse forms of heavy genres that the LP holds. With live shows at some of the biggest drum & bass events in the world behind him, including Let It Roll, Sziget, Pirate Station and Animalz, as well as ongoing support from some of the scene’s biggest names such as Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Ed Rush, Audio, The Prototypes, The Upbeats and Dirtyphonics – PYTHIUS is a creator and performer with deep support in the areas that matter, matched with an array of profoundly impactful releases. Expect a future with his name starkly embedded in its history.


  • Brilliant sample pack with a wide array of samples that will raise your tune to the next level. The samples in this pack are usable for not only liquid but for a lot of other styles of Drum and Bass as well, as they have a techy edge to them that sets it apart from other liquid packs

    CESTRA: Serum Presets

    Rating: 9/10

    Great drum and bass preset pack that gives a solid starting point for sounds and tracks. Be it you trying to reverse engineer the presets or using them as basis to sound design further from you will definitely take a lot of value out of this pack!

    Urbandawn shows his excellent skills as a producer with this great sample pack, featuring a variety of out of the box usable sounds to quickly get a song sketch going, without compromising on fast made sounds. A great pack for both beginners and advanced producers that will surely help along greatly.

    A very solid collection of gnarly deep basses built for one of the hottest new vst's at the moment! The added Macro controls make for quick customization of the sounds which is great too. This pack is for beginners and for advanced producers alike as both can always learn from someone else their sound design as it gives new insights of creating a sound!

    The prototypes bring their signature sound within reach! A wonderful look inside the production style of this duo, it's always very educational to see how someone else approaches sound design as they will always do things a tad different than you would have done, thus giving your own process a fresh boost!

    Yes! Messy MC delivers something that there is way too little of: a great quality MC vocal sample pack. there are some of those out there but this one is quality, I love that he recorded things for different bpm's and styles and still keeping the quality constant! Great work!

    Rockwell is hitting the ball out of the park with this pack! Great quality samples no matter if you're a beginner or an advanced producer! A brilliant selection of very usable samples in any project. Whilst also retaining that typical Rockwell suave that he brings to his productions! I would definitely recommend this pack!

    A great sounding sample pack for both newcomers to the genre and veterans alike. Compromising of some of the gnarliest kicks i have heard in a while and those synth hits are not taking any prisoners as well! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to give frenchcore producing a try, or looking for additional sounds to expand their library!

    Future Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    Quality Samplepack, a surefire way to get you started on making some big sounding Drum & Bass rollers. Featuring a wealth of hits and loops that are ready to use in any project to get those creative juices flowing without restraint!

    AZS Altitude - Spire

    Rating: 9/10

    AZS coming through with the goods once again! A solid pack of Trance minded presets for a great VST. it really shows the versatility of Spire. usable for both beginning producers and more advanced ones that want to keep their workflow going with these great starting bases for sounds. Also fun to reverse engineer and learn about other people their design choices when creating sounds!

    Lost In Bassline

    Rating: 8/10

    A great pack of sounds for Bassline house AND other genres as well! great to get your creative juices flowing and hearing how some sounds are done up close. There is a wide array of well crafted sounds to choose from and they are bound to take your track up to the next level!

    Maximum FX

    Rating: 10/10

    You can never have too much ready to use FX hits, and this pack is a fine addition to your collection! Risers, Sweeps, Hits and more. Everything you need to give your track just that extra spice and energy it needs and without spending too much time trying to make it all yourself and keeping that workflow going! Must have!

    Some mean techno loops that are also usable in any other genre that needs that rolling but still aggressive touch. Nice to use even when not making Techno but seeking inspiration from other genres to combine with what you're working on! The sounds have a dense atmosphere that will surely take you to a dark dimly lit warehouse rave.

    Quality addition to your Sylenth toolbox, a strong collection of epic trance sounds sure to bring a lot of new energy to your productions! From big plucks to warm lush pads to rolling basses, it's all in there. With all the sounds included as wav so you can get a quick and good idea of how it sounds, saving time endlessly scrolling through presets!

    A formidable and diverse collection of presets bound to get your creative juices flowing fast. Using serum's full array of power to create some breathtaking sounds like leads, plucks, pads and more ready to use and play around with. Doesn't matter if you're either a beginner or a pro, this is a pack you should definitely give a chance to.

    Some really solid sounds in here, Both to use out of the box or as I like to do, to give you a good insight in the sometime mazelike way of working with FM8. Really nice to see how other people approach sound design in this brilliant fm synth. From pads to leads, from fx to basses, this pas got it all covered

    A solid pack with great sounds, a lot of variation and some nice unexpected bits too! Great to get ideas and to play around with the sounds that are there to inspire your own sounds. I'm really into the bass section of this one as some of these sounds are amazing! Definitely a perfect pack for both just starting producers and those who are further down the line!


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