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Agressor Bunx

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Ukrainian duo AGRESSOR BUNX struck deep into the psyche of the drum & bass scene with a series of powerful releases on some of the most established labels of the genre including EATBRAIN, BAD TASTE RECORDINGS, PROGRAM, BLACKOUT and TRENDKILL... With the duo featuring heavily on the drum & bass club circuit, they’ve seared their aesthetic deep into the hearts and ears of ravers across Europe, quickly become embedded in the very core of drum & bass universe. The Ukrainian brothers have staked out a fierce and advanced sound field with their evolved and tech-driven funk, with their audio experimentation pulverising speaker cones in ever more unique ways.


  • Future Pop Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a nice sample pack! You can use cool vocal samples to make a nice commercial track. All vocals are chopped and processed, ready to be dropped in your DAW or samplers. Are you looking for Royalty Free Acapellas and inspirational loops and samples? Then this new samplepack is the right choice for you.

    Just loaded our Moog Subsequent 37 with those beast presets. Massive! They are 100% compatible with Sub37. Instant inspiration and beef on low and mid frequencies in your track. Don’t forget to use feedback knob

    Most of the loops are repeating patterns that could be used as building blocks for a track and are fairly simple. However, what it lacks in rhythmic and melodic complexity, it makes up for in the character and driving power of the production. The loops and hits are detailed enough in the sound design to be interesting.

    A good sample pack for techno music. There is everything you need to create nice tracks. All drum loops are divided into layers, which makes it easy to use. There are a small number of synthesizer loops & MIDI in the pack.

    This is a really good sample pack that can very quickly speed up your work flow with a high quality sound. Especially for those producers who value their time. There are a lot of high-quality sounds and one-shots in the pack.

    Drum And Bass 5

    Rating: 10/10

    This pack takes a loop heavy approach to presenting Neurofunk sounds. Solid drum grooves, swung out tops loops, fill loops as well as the really inspiring full groove loops that instantly inspire full track ideas. Grooving bass lines with loads of quality variations of each idea. Mind bending effects loops, an interesting palette of synth loops, Music loops and glitched processed vocal loops all give you ammunition for your latest floor filler.


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