Sinister Souls

Sinister Souls

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Sinister Souls is a musical project that was started by Fred Meijer and Adriaan de Koning in 2009. They've invested in different genres ranging from Dubstep, to Hardcore and eventually Drum and Bass. Spanning the past years, they've released an amazing amount of original material including 3 full length albums on their main label PRSPCT. All the while traveling the world releasing their sound on public events. In 2018 Adriaan left the reign in Fred's hands and has been continuing the Sinister Souls legacy ever since.


  • An organic pack of drum loops and one shots that give life to otherwise electronic and riget beats. While you're either going for a more lively vibe in your tune or you just want to layer your existing drumloop with some more spirit, this is the pack to go for. High quality, great mid/side info and clean cut breaks; this is one you can't live without.

    An excellent collection of high grade loops, samples and fillers. The initial processing of the samples already gives that edge, while still leaving you room to experiment. Ranging from that Neuro/Techy sound to more mellow features, definitely makes a great start for any DnB project!

    Drum And Bass 5

    Rating: 8/10

    An excellent pack to draw inspiration from! The one hits in particular are great for layering or single use. If you're looking to start producing, check out the stems kit section to learn about arrangement and edits. Looking forward to checking out the rest of the packs \m/


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