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Corvad is a project of Russian music producer and Dj from Saint-Petersburg. His signature sound is a deep low tempo compositions with punchy beats, aggressive basslines and mystical dark atmosphere. Corvad has an LP, EP and many official remixes on his account, plus a lot is planned for 2020. His releases always have a big response in press. Also Corvad produces soundtracks for documentaries, movies and TV shows.


  • Cinematic Drums: Industrial provides a selection of industrial drum sounds tailored for cinematic projects. It includes pulsating machinery, metallic clangs, and unique percussive elements. Suitable for dystopian thrillers, cyberpunk atmospheres, and dark dramas, it also fits electronic tracks, ambient compositions, and experimental soundscapes.

    It is a versatile sample pack designed for creating dark, industrial atmospheres. It features cinematic drums, aggressive pulses, spine-chilling impacts, and more. Pre-mixed combi loops help you build compositions quickly. Suitable for trailers, sci-fi soundtracks, horror scores, and video game sound design, Pandemonium effectively adds suspense and tension to your projects.

    Earth Cinema

    Rating: 9/10

    Earth Cinema is a captivating blend of Romanian and Iranian music, offering a rich source of inspiration for cinematic compositions. With its versatile BPM range, it encourages exploration and creativity. From lively village dances to haunting melodies, each loop immerses listeners in a world of cultural richness. Authentic instruments and meticulously crafted drums provide a solid foundation for crafting immersive soundscapes. As a producer, this pack has been a valuable addition to my toolkit, fueling my creativity and allowing me to create evocative musical narratives.

    This pack is a relentless force of dark, tech-infused energy. It's packed with their signature sounds, perfect for crafting uncompromising D&B tracks, especially in the Skullstep subgenre. With loops ranging from 173-175 BPM, it offers distorted bass lines, heavy drums, and eerie atmospheres that capture the genre's essence. It's a must-have for producers looking to dive into the darker side of drum and bass.

    Modular Electronica

    Rating: 8/10

    Modular Electronica is a treasure for modular synth enthusiasts! The pack includes amazing bass and drum loops, synthesizer and orchestral phrases, as well as unique organ parts. All the sounds are warm and rich thanks to the analogue processing, making them perfect for creating unique compositions. Highly recommend!

    Dangerous Jungle Breaks is an exceptional sample pack that immerses you in the raw energy and vibrant atmosphere of jungle drum and bass. Packed with authentic and hard-hitting breakbeats, this collection captures the essence of the genre, providing a solid foundation for your tracks. The variety of breaks, ranging from fast-paced frenetic rhythms to intricate and syncopated patterns, allows for endless possibilities in crafting dynamic and intense drum arrangements. The attention to detail and the gritty character of the samples make it a go-to resource for producers looking to inject their music with the unmistakable spirit of jungle. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, Dangerous Jungle Breaks is an essential tool for creating powerful and captivating jungle drum and bass compositions.

    Vibes 19 - Nu Gaze

    Rating: 9/10

    Nu Gaze sample pack from Loopmasters is a game-changer for indie rock music. Its innovative approach combines classic rock influences with cutting-edge production techniques, delivering a sound reminiscent of 90s British indie rock. With a diverse range of tempos, a plethora of instruments including electric bass guitars, atmospheric guitar loops, and synth leads, and meticulous attention to detail, Nu Gaze offers a captivating and dreamlike ambiance. This pack is a must-have for artists seeking to infuse their creations with fresh energy and revive the indie rock genre.

    Emika Producers Sounds sample pack from Loopmasters label is a versatile and high-quality collection of sounds curated by the talented artist Emika. This pack offers a wide range of inspiring and innovative samples, ranging from atmospheric textures to intricate drum patterns. The attention to detail and the unique sonic character of the samples make it a valuable resource for producers across various genres. Whether you're working on electronic music or sound design projects, this pack provides a rich palette of sounds to elevate your productions to the next level.

    DABRO Music - Chill Pop vocal sample pack is an exciting collection of sounds that adds a special atmosphere and emotionality to tracks. The superb vocal samples presented in this pack allow for the creation of beautiful melodies and memorable choruses. The recording quality and expressive vocals are impressive, and experimenting with various effects and processing is a pleasure. This pack is an essential part of many producers' creative process in the chill pop genre and is highly recommended for anyone looking for quality vocal samples for their productions.

    The Michal Jablonski: Experimental Techno Experience sample pack is a unique collection of sounds that opens up new horizons in the world of experimental techno. This pack is filled with diverse and unexpected sound elements that add uniqueness and originality to my tracks. The quality of the samples is impeccable, and I found their usage to be straightforward and inspiring. This pack has become an integral part of my music production process in the techno genre and is highly recommended for anyone seeking experimentation and innovation.

    Industrial Bass Music

    Rating: 9/10

    Industrial Bass Music sample pack is an impressive and inspiring collection of sounds that is perfect for creating contemporary industrial bass music. The variety of basslines, percussion, and effects presented in the pack allows to easily bring musical ideas to life. The sound quality and professionally crafted samples are a true catalyst for creativity, making this pack one of have packs in the studio for this genre.

    Halftime Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    High quality library for producers who want to add halftime pumping mood to their compositions. It also fits perfectly for others styles of music, especially if it has low tempo preference. Loopmasters did an excellent job of synthesizing of typical for the style, but at the same time original sounds.

    Broken Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Industrial Strength did it again! Really nice pack of strong kits and samples, perfect for adding hard industrial/ebm mood to your tracks. Fits well for different syles, not only broken techno for sure.


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