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Corvad is a project of Russian music producer and Dj from Saint-Petersburg. His signature sound is a deep low tempo compositions with punchy beats, aggressive basslines and mystical dark atmosphere. Corvad has an LP, EP and many official remixes on his account, plus a lot is planned for 2020. His releases always have a big response in press. Also Corvad produces soundtracks for documentaries, movies and TV shows.


  • Halftime Drum & Bass

    Rating: 8/10

    High quality library for producers who want to add halftime pumping mood to their compositions. It also fits perfectly for others styles of music, especially if it has low tempo preference. Loopmasters did an excellent job of synthesizing of typical for the style, but at the same time original sounds.

    Broken Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Industrial Strength did it again! Really nice pack of strong kits and samples, perfect for adding hard industrial/ebm mood to your tracks. Fits well for different syles, not only broken techno for sure.


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