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Australian born Transforma is a rising star in the Drum & Bass world and is rapidly becoming a name to look out for. Now residing in The Netherlands he began cultivating his musical prowess at only 14 years old, and from there played guitar in metal bands for over a decade. A yearning for a new challenge led him to his greatest project to date. During the past 8 years Transforma has undeniably made his mark and cemented his place amongst the elite in the Australian bass music scene & most recently growing at fast pace in the worldwide Drum and Bass community. Fast becoming known for his intricate work and attention to detail on a global scale. His focus has been drawn by the immaculate and in-depth sound design that is the sonics and characteristic of neurofunk and tech drum & Bass. His non-stop hard work and dedication has respectively landed him recent releases, signings and label affiliation with well respected record labels such as: Cause4Concern Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, 0101 music, Red Light Records, Kill Tomorrow Recordings, Close 2 Death Recordings, Sinuous Records, Mindtech Recordings, Future Sickness Records, Ammunition Recordings, SubSine Records, Monarch Records, Kinetik Records, Fresh Recordings, Critical Bass Recordings And well known promotional channels such as: Blackout, Darkstep Warrior, Bass Rush, Districtbass, Terminal, Dnb Portal, Raving Panda, Neurofunkgrid,, The Glitch Shop,Thissongissick, Diggyland, & Glitch Hop Community. Over the years transforma has garnered worldwide support from some premiern ames including: Optiv, CZA, Cause4Concern, Vegas, Bad Company, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Maztek, Billain, Malux, Dose, Zombie Cats, Akov, Counterstrike, Barbarix, Binary, Mean Teeth, BlackOwlz, Volatile Cycle, Bytecode, Instinkt, ,Kursiva, Run DMT to name a few…. Transforma has performed all around Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada. And made appearances at festivals such as: Let it roll (CZ), Motion Notion (CA), Awakening (CA), Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Marble Mountain (NZ), Discombobulation Festival (NZ), Psyland, Connections, Bass Forest Music Festival, Bender On The Grass, Lucid Labyrinth, Soliton Drop, and more…. With a fresh start in a new country Transforma is going into 2020 with lots of big things ahead. And will continue showcasing his hard-hitting sound in 2020 and beyond…


  • NAIS Neurofunk Serum

    Rating: 9/10

    Crisp, clean and sonically amazing, Exactly what you'd expect from a great producer like NAIS. The bass sounds alone are well worth the purchase. I have been playing around with these sounds a lot since getting this pack and the possibilities are endless. This is a must-have for any Neurofunk producer out there wanting to take their sound to the next level.


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