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Disphonia are a creative duo comprised of Kostas Nomikos & George Roubinis, two individuals who share an affinity for intricate and memorable Drum and Bass. Since 2010, Disphonia have made a name for themselves with their unmistakable attention to detail and the energy found in their productions. For this reason they stand out as one of the most consistent and uniquely powerful forces in Drum and bass. Their strong production values and uncompromising aesthetics are what have earned them releases on the scene’s most prolific labels such as Eatbrain, Red Light, Cause4Concern and Methlab. Their unorthodox productions are known for blurring the lines between new & old school, for combining simplicity with complexity so as to capture the audience’s attention. Disphonia are looking forward to setting the bar higher as they navigate from deeper musical forms to envelope-pushing dance-floor mayhem. With their remixes for artists such as IHR, TR.Tactics and their collaborations with Optiv & CZA, Smooth, L33 ,Dose, Mc Coppa and with a plethora of other names in the pipeline, Disphonia are now a permanent fixture of the Drum and bass circuit.


  • GLXY Drum & Bass

    Rating: 9/10

    Having been impressed with the Document One EST Studio pack we thought it would be worthwhile to check this pack also and we were happily surprised as we were not fully aware of GLXY’s output. Like the aforementioned pack, this one too is busting at the seams with musicality and interesting timbres that can enrich and get you out of a creative block. The Chords, Fx and Melodic Hits are superb, especially the ones inspired by Detroit Techno tradition and its great to see how they have adapted it to 174 BPM DnB. The attention to detail doesn’t end there, as the drums have been crafted meticulously in order to have the sonic strength of modern production and the loose organic top-end of a sampled breakbeat. The Bass Loops and Hits complement the other sections perfectly and veer away from the standard liquid-esque basslines into new minimal-tech territory! EST has created another musically invaluable power pack for the arsenal! We’d love to see a GLXY Part 2 pack in the future!


    Rating: 8/10

    The title conjures up imagery of sea-dwelling creatures and stylistically that could be a reason for the more quirky off-grid sounds. Ghost Syndicate have once again outdone themselves as far sound design is concerned. Even though this has been classified as halftime it can easily be used in a variety of bass music. The Bassline loops are expressive with crisp distortion and in a variety of keys making it easy to import in your project without abrasive pitching. The Drum loops are as funky and snappy as drums can be. What stands out for us however was the Synth, Fx & Atmo Loops that are quirky and atonally interesting but will command the attention of the listener! Big up GS for another killer pack!

    What a powerful inception to the sample pack market by EST Studios! This pack can boast plenty about its originality and fresh take on DnB. The greatness of this pack lies in Document One’s aesthetic coherence! What we were drawn into first was the Hybrid bass Loops which is a great homage to mid 90’s Jazzy-Dnb but sonically revamped for modern production! The second thing that we loved was the Music Loops! Besides it being stylistically expansive, all sounds have a very expressive quality to them making it very easy to drag into a project without much extra processing. The Drum, Percussion & Top Loops are punchy and clean and organised in such a way that the user has all options available. The added bonus of Midi files and Live Instrument Recordings makes this pack a godsend for all producers when inevitably reaching a creative block! Big up Document One and EST Studios!

    This is an amazing pack by Loopmasters containing allot of sought-after sounds at the minute. Allot of the sounds have a loose, off-grid swagger feeling compared to your standard Neurofunk pack. The Gritty bass Loops & Sounds alone are worth their weight in gold and we are awestruck with the sound design work gone into it. The Synth section is packed with uniquely quirky sounds capable of cutting through the mix and fit perfectly with the Bass. The Drum Loops are fat with very imaginative grooves and are in keeping with the rest of the pack sonically. 10/10

    You can tell from the demo track that this pack has a sound design ethos at its core. This one is for the producers who like getting sucked in an endless sonic manipulation Vortex. Like most producers, we flocked straight to the Drums and Bass sections first! The Bass Loops & One-shots are powerful and alien-sounding and the Drums are super-tight and balanced. The remaining sections perfectly matched the Dark Tech Neuro criteria. Definitely not the run of the mill sounds here, everything has a unique sound and all sections play nicely with each other. Superb job by the Famous Audio team!

    Future Rollers

    Rating: 8/10

    A great pack for the producers who like the more refined and stripped-down sounds within DnB. Right from the first audition, we could tell that the Percussion, Drums & Tops are very crafted and a cut above the rest in regards to sounding natural and having a more loose jungle feel to them. The Bass Loops and Hits are weighty and are guaranteed to fit most mixes. The Melodic and Fx sounds are great as well. To top things off there 5 Serum and 5 Massive patches to add to the palette. Big up Thick Sounds for this great pack!

    ‌Very cool pack containing vocal samples perfect for most Dance oriented genres, recorded at multiple tempos 124-140 BPM to build up hype on the drop. All the sort of snippets we would usually search for in old House and Rap acapellas are now at our disposal & Royalty Free. Sonically the vocals sound very polished without sibilance or plosives and have just the right amount of dynamics. What we found very useful was that some phases had been recorded several times with a different delivery style allowing us to pan them left, right and centre to create a wide thick vocal. We'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more vocal packs like this from Monster Sounds as this really exceeded our expectations!

    Rolling DnB

    Rating: 9/10

    Quality and quantity meet up for this pack! 1+ GB of pristine and super useful sounds that suit a wide range of sub-genres within DnB. Our favourite sections are the Drum Loops & One-Shots which are a good mix of synthetic and organic drum hits, an approach similar to our own. Bass and Melodics are also very cleverly sculpted to fit in a busy mix and are bound to get used. If all that wasn’t enough Singomakers added a bonus 30 Serum Bass patches. This pack carries more "bang for the buck" than almost anything we've heard so far!

    Kercha Artist Pack

    Rating: 9/10

    We already loved Kercha’s beats before this pack and our expectations were not only met but exceeded greatly. This is a truly musically inspiring pack and with 1.28GB in size, it gives the user the maximum flexibility possible with Loops, One-shots, Construction Kits, and even a bonus Ableton Drum Rack. So regardless of tempo & genre, you can bring these sounds to your project. What got our attention, however, was the Music & Synth Loops being so conceptually strong and vibrant with a unique sonic character to them. Most of these sounds will stand out in a mix and can give endless character to a stripped-down minimal mix. Can't wait to use them!

    Drum And Bass Vol.6

    Rating: 9/10

    Most People involved in DnB production know that DABRO and their Sound designer Nais have a very edgy but clean sound. A combo that's highly sought after In modern production! This 800+ MB pack is stacked to the top with quality loops and single hits! Most sounds are built is such a way as to give you creative freedom. All sections are great but the ones that really raise the bar are the Bass Hits and the Drum Loops. Providing the Midi to Bass and Music Loops is great added bonus!

    Really nice pack covering a big range of styles within DnB! Even though the emphasis is on bass presets, the other sections are very impressive too! Every sound comes in the form of a rack with pre-existing macros mapped out which is ideal for automating and twisting the sound. The effects in the chain after Operator are always subtle and well thought out in regards to making the sound sit in the mix!. This pack comes to us at a perfect time since we are new to Ableton and by reverse engineering these masterful patches we are also getting a deeper understanding of Operator’s functionality! We're looking forward to using these in our new ideas!

    Some great Neuro artillery for your arsenal! The majority of these Serum Patches sound amazing right from the get-go without much additional processing. The 4 macros do a great job at completely transforming the sound, or in small dosages, add a bit of movement to your sound. It was also a bit of a learning experience for us as we discovered some Serum functionalities we hadn’t thought of implementing for Basslines. All the sections of this pack are top-notch.Highly recommended!

    Dabro is holding up its reputation to cater to the producers who want their sound unapologetically loud and edgy! In most cases with loud and edgy comes a sacrifice in the quality, but not in this case as all sounds are pristinely clean and ready to use! All of the loops and hits are of the highest calibre and no sound goes amiss! With over 1GB of content and sounds spread over many keys, the creative flexibility here is endless. This pack provides the best bang for your buck!

    This is a great Serum preset pack containing all the timeless Techno sounds needed to get your creativity going! The mod macro controls provide meaningful change to each preset and with the minimum amount of automation, you can bring the sound to the forefront of the mix or make it fade out into the background. The Leads, Arps, Bass and Stab sounds, are dark and industrial sounding, perfect for any genre that benefits from that aesthetic! Some of the drum presets get quite close to the TR-909 sound which provides a fascinating approach to drum synthesis. The Midi files work as a springboard for new ideas and provide insight as to how the sounds were intended to be used by design!


    Rating: 8/10

    Wow! This pack might be one of the most musically interesting Hip-Hop / Downtempo packs we’ve ever heard! The Melodic Loops and Instrument One-shots are laden with nostalgia and old-school jazzy swagger.It is very impressive how every sound has a matching low-res graininess that compliments the texture and adds to the overall allure! The stylistic concept throughout this pack has been followed to perfection! If ever musically stuck this pack is here to fill that void with an extensive array of quirky and unique sounds!


    Rating: 9/10

    This one is busting at the seams, with jaw-dropping cinematic bliss! Hats off to Cinetools for creating such a magnificent pack! The application of these larger-than-life sounds in music always creates a visceral reaction which is the perfect contrast to the formatted/repetitive nature of electronic music. This pack caters to a large range of emotions from ethereal to dark and everything in-between. Despite the size being 15GB, the sounds have been labeled with bpm and key info which is a real time-saver when dragging sounds into a project! The added "Bonus" folder with field recordings is very tasteful and useful for any post-production work!

    This pack is the embodiment of deep immersive DnB because all elements feel homogenous and play well with each other! The Drum Loops are what caught our attention, because they have the heavy saturated punch and snap you’d expect from synthesis, with an organic breakbeat sounding top-end. This hybrid of form and function is what we always try to achieve with our drums. The Bass Loops & Hits are fresh and easy to manipulate in your sampler. The Pads are luscious and evocative. Ideally, there could have been more rhythmic and arpeggio synth loops but this is overshadowed by the quality of all the other sections!

    The strength of this pack lies in its variety and how it effectively covers a broad spectrum of styles. One can tell that a lot of thought has gone into these sounds, NOTHING is filler! The Plucks, Synths & Pads have a timeless and warm quality to them that immediately brings gravitas to a track. The Bass patches are great as starting points and can be twisted inside out with the 4 mod controls that come with every patch. The inclusion of the midi files always helps when stuck creatively!


    Rating: 8/10

    Ghost Syndicate has created another ace pack! Despite the pack being fairly small in size, the content is so well produced that it's guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing! These guys make the most sonically impressive sounds in the game and they have set the bar even higher now! The quality of the Drums & Percussion Loops and One-Shots are simply phenomenal! The other sections also deliver what they promise This pack is ideal for anyone making more technical and clean sounding D&B!

    A really great set of presets put together here by Revaux. Right off the bat, we were impressed at how meticulously well built and musical these sounds are. The majority of the sounds are crafted in such a way so that with a few tweaks on the mod controls you can get the desired sound and create movement.


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