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Disphonia are a creative duo comprised of Kostas Nomikos & George Roubinis, two individuals who share an affinity for intricate and memorable Drum and Bass. Since 2010, Disphonia have made a name for themselves with their unmistakable attention to detail and the energy found in their productions. For this reason they stand out as one of the most consistent and uniquely powerful forces in Drum and bass. Their strong production values and uncompromising aesthetics are what have earned them releases on the scene’s most prolific labels such as Eatbrain, Red Light, Cause4Concern and Methlab. Their unorthodox productions are known for blurring the lines between new & old school, for combining simplicity with complexity so as to capture the audience’s attention. Disphonia are looking forward to setting the bar higher as they navigate from deeper musical forms to envelope-pushing dance-floor mayhem. With their remixes for artists such as IHR, TR.Tactics and their collaborations with Optiv & CZA, Smooth, L33 ,Dose, Mc Coppa and with a plethora of other names in the pipeline, Disphonia are now a permanent fixture of the Drum and bass circuit.


  • The strength of this pack lies in its variety and how it effectively covers a broad spectrum of styles. One can tell that a lot of thought has gone into these sounds, NOTHING is filler! The Plucks, Synths & Pads have a timeless and warm quality to them that immediately brings gravitas to a track. The Bass patches are great as starting points and can be twisted inside out with the 4 mod controls that come with every patch. The inclusion of the midi files always helps when stuck creatively!


    Rating: 8/10

    Ghost Syndicate has created another ace pack! Despite the pack being fairly small in size, the content is so well produced that it's guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing! These guys make the most sonically impressive sounds in the game and they have set the bar even higher now! The quality of the Drums & Percussion Loops and One-Shots are simply phenomenal! The other sections also deliver what they promise This pack is ideal for anyone making more technical and clean sounding D&B!

    A really great set of presets put together here by Revaux. Right off the bat, we were impressed at how meticulously well built and musical these sounds are. The majority of the sounds are crafted in such a way so that with a few tweaks on the mod controls you can get the desired sound and create movement.

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