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Trilo is a producer & dj from Slovakia, now residing in Poland's Cracow, who has issued music on labels like Bad Taste, Eatbrain, C4C as well as Renegade Hardware. Involved in music all his life, Trilo takes no prisoners, steadily evolving his sound which can be defined like heavy & aggressive neurofunk with focus on details & variations. Heavyweight remix of Zombie Cats tune “Abandoned”, neuro roller “The Pursuit” with Mizo, "Panic Room", "End Game", Metrolab”, "Punk Funk" feat. Nuklear MC or "Closing Chapter" with Zombie Cats - that's just a fraction of what is hidden in his arsenal. Get ready for high octane vibes on the dancefloor, leaving no one stand firm.


  • Good bunch of loops and samples to get you going. Sounds in this sample pack are top notch quality and can easily get you in a productive mood. My favourites on this pack are drum samples. Go for it without further thinking, 100% recommended!

    Very cool serum presets for multi-functional use not only for drum & bass. I love the percussive presets, you can easily achieve a completely new original sounds with just a minor tweak of these presets. Nice one!


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