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"MASTERIA sets himself apart from other artists in this space with a sound that leans towards the darker side of House Music, while highlighting the heavy bassline grooves that he loves. “The Detroit native has made a name for himself engineering relentless tunes” – ThisSongSlaps MASTERIA had a breakout 2019 combining releases on Confession, Mau5trap, and Insomniac with DJ performances alongside some of the scenes biggest names such as Alesso, Tchami, Malaa and more. As he continues to build on his success from last year such as his #1 release on Beatport, MASTERIA’s trajectory is set to continue rising through competitive ranks of house music.


  • Very interesting vocal pack. Leanne Brown has an amazing voice that fits perfectly for house music. The pack contains quite a few great construction groups with awesome separation of the different vocal layers. Overall great pack I'd recommend to anyone making classic house music.

    House Acapellas Vol. 2

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome vocal pack. This one contains tons of great vocal construction kits, nicely separated with all the different layers. Also some great words and phrases from the vocalists as well which is great.

    Nightclub Vocals

    Rating: 8/10

    This is a pretty cool pack. Some cool and unique phases in here with pretty good processing. Overall a good pack for anyone looking for female vocals to use in electronic tracks. I think the pack could have possibly used more variation in pitch, bpm, etc. But solid pack nonetheless.

    Bassified Tech House

    Rating: 8/10

    Awesome sample pack. Great selection of drum hits and loops to set the foundation for a track. Some really interesting basses and synths as well with unique sound design. The FX and vocals in this pack are pretty unique as well.

    Bass Music MCs

    Rating: 9/10

    Awesome vocal pack with tons of variety in terms of phrases, tonality, and content. Def a great starting point for vocals needs in just about any style. Only thing I think it could possibly use is more shouts or one shots.

    Dark Acid Techno

    Rating: 8/10

    Very nice acid techno pack with some great sounds. They did a great job of maintaining the gritty analog feel, while also providing some variety in terms of melody, as well as tone and resonance of the various loops and samples.

    Amazing vocals in this one. Extremely useful words and phrases for anyone trying to make an electronic genre using the dancehall vocal style. Excellent processing and structure as well to make drag-and-drop easy as possible. Would recommend!

    Really dope pack! Tons of useful tech house elements including some classic techy kicks, claps and hats. Lot's of useful synths and FX for breakdowns, and of course some amazing basses to really get the club thumping and people moving. Would definitely recommend this one!

    Bass Confession

    Rating: 8/10

    Awesome pack that Tchami would be proud of. Tons of useful basses and synths in the Confession style. Dark, gritty basses. Punchy, booming drums. This pack has just about everything you would need to make a track Malaa would play on main stage of Ultra.

    Techno Insomnia

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack will have you raving in an abandoned warehouse until 3:30am. The awesome drums in here will help you lay the foundation for any techno track. On top of that, the amazing effects in here can help you build that tension and really create a space for your music. All the other sounds included are produced and processed amazingly, helping you make a techno banger in no time.

    This pack features a ton of amazing vocals. Everything was recorded extremely well and processed with precision. This pack is great for anyone who is looking to add some awesome vocal flair into their productions and add some word/phrases that take their music to the next level.


    Rating: 9/10

    This is an awesome pack for anyone looking to produce bass music or dubstep. Included are some phenomenal and crispy drums, excellent and useful FX, but most importantly are the sound design pieces in here. Some truly gritty synths and basses that are sure to make your tracks stand out. Would definitely recommend this one to any electronic producer.

    Acid Techno 2020

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is phenomenal for anyone looking to add a little analog acid flavour to their productions. Some truly gritty acid basses and synths give this pack a particularly unique sound, perfect for anyone looking to produce deeper and darker styles of music, for example techno or dark house.

    Electro Future

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is truly cutting edge for anyone looking to produce an electro-style track, similar to those heard on Martin Garrix or Don Diablo's labels. Some fantastic boomy drums are in here, great for making a full, crisp beat. Amazing synths and basses as well, perfect for those crazy electro drops.

    This pack is awesome. Tons of great vintage clips and audio pieces to use in your music, or in your film productions. Also processed well so the vocals are nearly completely isolated. Definitely would recommend this pack to anyone looking to add some spoken-vocal flare into their productions.

    Future Of House

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack by SHARP is really a great one. Tons of great synth and effects loops to really add some ear candy to productions. There were also a few vocal loops but all were really useful and processed well. The bass loops were also extremely useful and processed very nicely too. Overall this pack has just about everything you could want to create your next electro or bass house banger! Only feedback is the pack could have used a bit more vocal content but I'm not complaining.

    This pack was pretty unique. A lot of great low end sounds and some very interesting drums. Overall a pretty useful pack to techno producers. The atmospheres were also very interesting and had some very dynamic character. Some vocal elements could have been great and added some value to the pack but still a great collection of sounds without it.!

    Bassline Axiom

    Rating: 9/10

    This pack is a great one from Singomakers and has some amazing basses. They seem to have really focused on capturing a wide variety of basses in this one i.e. some with FM, some without, lots of different wave tables, etc. Not only that, but they've also included a ton of really great drum loops, percussion loops, and even some great FX to put a full track together. This pack is great for anyone ready to dip their toes in the bass house world and take their sound design to that next level.

    This is a very interesting techno pack. Lots of very distorted, processed low end techno bass elements. Really captured that dark, techno warehouse sound and vibe that I think they were going for. My favorite part though has to be some of the drones and atmospheres they used. All are very complex and transform in very interesting ways over time. The drum samples used were great too, but I feel could have been a bit more interested or polished. Overall I think this is a great pack to start with for any upcoming producers looking to make their productions a bit techier and dive deeper into the techno world or production.


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